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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Hubbardsville Encounter (Part 2)

July 24, 1991 – Hubbardsville, New York, USA

This is a 2-part testimonial account of an event that took place on July 24, 1991. Part 1 can be found at this link. Two men, who were night fishing, saw something that challenges conventional explanations. From the video description, this is the 2nd part of this account:


After the figurines had ducked back in to hide, this object, on top of the machine I'll call it, it made a complete 180 and turned around, nice and slow, and shined right at us which appeared to me to be a typical spotlight, a floodlight of some sort. Only problem was, it was shining right at us. This round white light source but there is no light shining on our canoe, our bodies, on the water. I don't know how but we were not lit up despite this light shining on us. This did raise a few hackles on our neck, I guess. This is not natural for this type of thing to happen. I'm curious but I'm also respectful not to, you know, butt in where I don't belong. I'm assuming whatever's going on maybe I don't need to know. Maybe it's none of my business. Am I seeing something beyond my comprehension, what's on this earth? Is this entity not human? This machine is nothing like I've ever seen in my life. What is it? No clue. Yet it's there. It is in front of me big as day. It's silent. No communication. As we drift closer now, we can't be more than 30 yards from this machine in the woods. The canoe makes its way through the current and finally lands on top of the washed-out beaver dam.


At that point in time, you know, we actually literally have to get out of the canoe, just kind of drag it over a little bit, so we could carry on. At that point in time, before we did this, now I'm standing there, you know, we're just stuck there for a while, just looking at it and, standing right there, just came out of nowhere, standing right there, about 15 feet across for me, to where the water is, to where the bank is, is now standing there, one of those entities that we saw earlier, standing right there 15 feet from me. It looks like a figurine. No identifiable clothes. No identifiable anything. It looks like a figurine. I can only describe it as an artist's model doll that they use, where they are posed to draw with, this smooth normal shape figurine. This is exactly what it looked like. At 15 feet I should have been able to make out great detail of clothes, of what it was, unfortunately, we're in pitch-black darkness, the light source of the machine, the glowing light, is 30 yards back, the figurine is half that distance. It's 15 feet right in front of me yet it's facing me and what all I'm seeing is the dark side of it much like you would at a campfire sitting around with your friend; you two could all see each other's faces, but if you were to get up and turn and face away from the fire to talk to an incoming incoming friend, they probably wouldn't see your face or be able to make out who you were because you are now black. There's no light shining on you. This unfortunately was the situation for me. It was right there 15 feet away yet I’m looking at just its outline against the light backdrop and it's just this figurine shape; no identifiable clothes, no hats, no shorts, sleeve shirt, sleeves, no pants that I could tell. He's smooth, very defined figurine. The figurine made an attempt to communicate with us at this time.

Okay, so, during this peculiarity, as I’ll call it, I'm a mechanic by trade, I'm the tradesman, worked on all types of equipment. I can't tell you I've ever seen anything that quite looked like this object, this machine, nothing that I know of in the world. Never seen anything like it what it could possibly be used for? It was a conical shaped machine of some sort. Back to our friends, our figurine entities who were hiding and that from us, who showed apprehension, I would say, I would call it, didn't reply to us like a human being would. Who wouldn't shout, who wouldn't shout back if you're only 30 yards away as I’m yelling out to you. I’m just a fisherman in a canoe with a friend, fishing, you could be anybody in the woods at a campsite or whatever it is you're doing. Perhaps you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing. I couldn't tell you if anything like that was going on. My story is, I think, it has much more going on than that, but at that point time we had reached that Beaver Dam. We were stuck there. We had to get out and leave. I'm looking at an angle. I'm standing here in a canoe and I’m looking back at an angle, this figurine is standing right there not 15 feet from me. So all that's separating me is the water. To them, I'm on 15 feet of water to that bank. It's looking right at me, of course, like I told you, it is pitch black out and so I could see its perfect figurine outline against the lit background of the machine that it's, it's behind it. Well, this is what the figurine did to me and my friend and I take this as a form of communication, I would say. You could see its arm, I'll call it an arm. It's appendage. You can clearly tell it had a flat sleek hand, probably had a thumb, you see the V here, it didn't wave but it's arm was perpendicular to its torso, very square, like perpendicular, just like this, and this is what it did, in this very slow motion form of a wave, I guess, and its wrist was very articulated, just like, you see what I'm doing with mine, just like this.

Fred Arcuri demonstrating the entity wave

That was too much at that point time for my friend to handle. I think he got nervous. This was a very odd experience as you could tell by this story. At that point in time, he had already jumped out of the canoe, yanked it from out from underneath me, I was literally, almost fell into the water, I had the paddle to stop me from going face-first into the into the creek. I grabbed the canoe and yelled some choice words to stop and wait a damn minute and at that time, I had looked back at my figurine friend here, who was now no longer waving. He was just standing there in a very statuesque pose, doing nothing. I never felt I was in any kind of danger. I never felt that I was in trouble. My curiosity overcame all these things but yet something told me to get the hell out of Dodge with my friend and leave which is what we did.


We jumped in the canoe, took off, made a quick 200 yard run down the rest of the creek, pulled the canoe out fast through the back of the pickup, tied it up, beat feet, just short drive down a country road, go across a railroad track, you get up to the highway. I kinda felt silly, really, at that point in time. I was like. What do you think we saw? You know, you second-guess everything you're seeing. I said, Well, what are we, like little children? What do we think we saw? Do we really think we saw what we think we saw? I mean, was it, was that really what it was that we saw? Did we really see whatever an unidentified object on the ground with maybe alien entities along with it? Is this what we really saw? I had no clue. No clue. So I know, as my friend was very nervous, shook up, first thing that came out his mouth, Dude, you gotta call somebody. We got to call the authorities. We gotta call whoever. I said I'm not gonna call anybody because if this phenomena is taking place on this planet we're not the first ones who have seen it obviously and the authorities would certainly know what's going on. Who am I to ruffle anybody's fathers? Who am I to come out and say this fantastic story? I think I will just leave it alone. I said, Shut up, we're not going to tell anybody. Another mile or two down the road, I changed my mind. In fact, I pleaded with him to turn around and let's go back. Let's go back! Let's turn around and go back right now. Let's go, let's go see what this was. Let's park the truck and walk right back in the woods. Let's take our chances. If we're butting in where we don't belong, what's the worst that can happen? We get to confront somebody? We get yelled at? Let's go get it off our chest. Let's go see what this was. It didn't happen. I wasn't driving that night, my friend was. He was shook up. We're going home and home we went.

Well the ride home was probably interesting. It's been a long time. I'm sure that's all we did was rehash everything we saw. You know what happened to the paddle, you know, why didn't the light shine on us. What the hell were these figurines? What was this machine? Why was this earth, this foggy glowing aura coming up from the earth? I mean it didn't look like the light was shining down, it looked like there was lights on the ground shining up in the pitch-black darkness, stuck amongst a set of trees, fully grown trees, in the third week of July in a forest in full bloom? I have no clue.


We went home. We went to bed. We slept on it. We went to work the next day. I went to work the following day. The third day was a Saturday. We normally worked on Saturday at least half a day. I didn't that day. My friend and I put the canoe back in the pickup truck and we went back to the creek. Hell, we'll go fishing again, right? Why not? Let's go take a look! Let's go over in the morning, let's go fishing, and let's go take a look in the woods, you know, where this happened. Try and make sense of all this in our head, you know what, why not? So that's what we did.

It was not particularly early, whatever, 9 o'clock in the morning, doesn't matter, here we go and this was another beautiful July, sunny July morning. It was great. Perfect summer weather, nice day to be outside and we headed on, got our canoe. I had another paddle to use that day and we paddled up, hit the Beaver Dam, got out. Naturally, we needle off, so what we had to do is just go another 20 feet, beach the canoe, get out, walk in the woods. We did just that. I don't think we walked 30 feet, perhaps. Now keep in mind here, this is July 27th, I believe. If I’m right, its peak of summer. Vegetation is growing everywhere. Grass is tall in the forest. What are you seeing in the forest? You see whatever is growing there, you know, whether it's a native weed species, sapling trees standing amongst fully mature 18 to 20 inch diameter maples or ash birch, whatever, these trees are standing that month. This is a section of nine miles swamp this area in central New York. You get the picture? We're in full bloom. Most plants, ground plants are growing up at least the three quarters of the mature height before they go to seed in late summer and fall, so vegetation is everywhere like it should be, so you understand that? Word, we're in lush green forest, everything's green, everything's growing, it's beautiful. Well, we're 35 feet from the water's edge, into where we we had saw this machine, and our entity friends and what I saw next astonished me because in this area where this took place and I'm going to estimate it was at least a 30 foot diameter area, I could not tell you if it was perfectly round, I'd have to be up in the sky looking down at the ground to tell you that, but I can tell you there were several mature 20 inch diameter trees, fully grown trees, 40 to 50 feet in the sky, they were in in this area, and what we saw was unexplained. What we saw was the earth was stripped bare. It was stripped bare of everything! There wasn't a single leaf. There wasn't a single blade of grass. We put our hands in the dirt... we could pick it up and was almost like pollard. It was if it was sifted through a screen 10,000 times. There wasn't a single stone. Not a single chip of gravel. Not a tiniest piece... if you were to pull up a weed out of the ground and look at the roots, you'll see a little fine hair roots that are attached to the main roots. There was nothing. Not a single piece of organic material left in this earth, in this whole entire area. All the major trees were standing there, they were precision, the bark of the tree, where the bark of the tree met the ground, all the way around its circumference, was surgical: bark - dirt – bark – dirt. Not a piece of lichen mold. Not a piece of moss. There was not a single animal track. Not a bird track. Not a rabbit track. Not a deer track. Not a raccoon track. There are no tracks. There were no prints of whatever was standing there three nights earlier. There was no indentation in the ground of where this machine was standing. They were stripped bare. There were three tiny lumps in the ground, in a straight line, that didn't come up off the forest floor 10 inches, I would say. I dug down my hands into one of them. What I was looking for, I don't know? I dug and I dug into the ground. The ground was so loose. I'm a gardener. One of my hobbies I have, I have a rare time tiller. When I till my garden, it's usually three passes until I get that earth so deep below me to where you can stick your hands right into it. This is what a good gardener does with a good tiller. This was exactly like that. I could stick my hands right into the forest floor, stick it right into the dirt, deep loose dirt. We walked around the perimeter. We checked everything once again. There were no tracks. No animals had stepped onto this pure forest floor. We were the first ones stepping on it. I walked all the way around the perimeter and everywhere around this tall grass, I'm 6'1, this grass is up to my chest, there was not a footpath. There was not a deer trail, any animal paths, nothing leading to this. There were no wheel marks. There was no drag marks. On the far corner from water to the bare dirt, to the far corner, deeper into the woods, I walked through the high grass until I came to the corner of a farmer's cornfield with standing corn. Once again, there could have been access from that cornfield to this water's edge to bring this piece of equipment in. All the grasses, all the weeds and all the vegetation were standing tall. Nothing has been disturbed. Once again, nothing has been disturbed. This 8 to 9 foot tall conical shape machine was standing there just three nights earlier. How did it get there? There is no evidence whatsoever that indicates that this machine was on wheels or dragged in, carried in, nothing. We're on a pristine part of a summertime forest undisturbed except for this area that we're standing in where the earth is completely stripped bare. I can't emphasize enough, it is completely stripped bare. Once again, all that, everywhere we're looking in this whole area, you could put your hand anywhere and pick it up it is like nothing, clean-sifted beautiful brown organic dirt where not a single stone, not a single root, nothing, stripped bare. And in amongst this area is at least a half a dozen full-size, fully grown trees standing there with bark that meets bare dirt. What did we see? What machine could have done this? I don't know.

I'm not sharing his story to tell you that I saw aliens or I saw an alien craft. I might of. It might have been exactly what I saw. All I know is whatever it was they removed, what was once there. They took the earth, they took the vegetation, they removed it because all that is left now is bare earth. I don't know anybody that could do this and in three days, I mean, certainly, it would take a team of people to go in there, dig up dirt, dig up the dirt, put it through screens, get every last little piece of stone out of there, and piece of vegetation, it was so sterile, it's beyond description to see that with your own eyes. I'm probably not doing you justice telling you how sterile it was. I'm trying to articulate as much as I can to put yourself there. Once again, there was no evidence of this machine being brought into this site. I wish I didn't let my friend scare us off and leave that evening. I wish we did stick our nose in where it didn't belong. I wish we did go talk to and see the entity friend who was waving as I would like to know, to this day, exactly what it was I saw that night and have an answer.”

Source: From FavaFilms, quoting Fred Arcuri, from a video titled “The Hubbardsville NY Encounter (Testimonial 1), published on 25 Jan 2014

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