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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel -- What Did I Encounter? -- 'Haunted House'...Really Haunted

Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was the 1982 feel-good film about an unlikely friendship between a boy and an alien. It touched almost everyone who saw it. Not only that, but it also held the position of highest-grossing film of all time for a decade. So, why was there never a sequel? It's because the sequel's story treatment (the several-page outline that serves as a springboard for a rough draft) was terrible ... perhaps deliberately so.

According to Genius.com, Steven Spielberg once said, "Sequels can be very dangerous because they compromise your truth as an artist. I think a sequel to E.T. would do nothing but rob the original of its virginity." This might explain why the treatment to the sequel to E.T. is so appallingly bad: Spielberg didn't actually want it produced.

So, how bad is it?

You can read the treatment in its entirety here. But for a taste, check out this:

The aliens onboard are EVIL. They have landed on Earth in response to distress signals designating its present coordinates. These aliens are searching for a stranded extraterrestrial named Zrek, who is sending a call for "Help."

The evil creatures are carnivorous. Their leader, Korel, commands his crew to disperse into the forest to acquire food. As the squat aliens leave the gangplank, each one emits a hypnotic hum which has a paralyzing effect on the surrounding wildlife. These creatures are an albino faction (mutation) of the same civilization E.T. belongs to. The two separate groups have been at war for decades!

There have been numerous reports of unexplained cattle mutilations in the surrounding countryside.

In awe, everyone gazes upon the dark contours of the massive space machine. Suddenly the figure of Korel appears in an illuminated porthole. Telepathically Korel speaks to the children asking the whereabouts of the fugitive alien, Zrek. The children reply honestly that… "He's gone home!" Korel becomes angry, believing that they are lying.

When the children regain their senses, they are surrounded by the evil alien creatures who were hiding in the forest. The creatures are carrying some kind of dagger. Elliott advances in a friendly gesture but barely escapes being bitten, or even killed, by the alien's razor-sharp teeth! Several of the aliens bare their fangs from time to time to show they mean business.

In the hours that follow, Elliott and his companions are questioned extensively. But the aliens will not accept the truth in their responses. While one child is interrogated, another is being examined.

There you have it: Cattle mutilations. Child torture. Mutated aliens at war. And it all wraps up with a happy ending. - A look at the E.T. sequel we mercifully never saw


What Did I Encounter?

Bridgeport, CT - 5/5/1975: I was 5 years old. My mom had just put me to bed for the night. I was laying in my bed, facing the wall when I had felt a sensation of being watched. I rolled over onto my back to see a "being" standing at the foot of my bed just watching me. It was standing there unmoving. It was very tall, about 7 feet. When I saw it, I didn't feel fear. I laid there staring back at it and studying it. To me it was massive but emanated no reason for me to fear it. It felt like forever that we were watching each other. Then I heard a "voice" say "roll onto your side and sleep". I followed the orders the voice had said to me. I laid that way for only about 1 minute. I then looked over to where I had seen the creature. It was gone. I got out of my bed to see where it had gone. All my windows were closed and locked. I walked out into the living room where my parents were watching TV. They asked me what I was doing up, I had stated I was thirsty. While my mom walked me back to my room and gave me a drink, I was looking for this creature and found nothing. For many years after this sighting I thought it was the Boogeyman. Until I was 15 years old and was watching a show about alien encounters and it was showing different aliens that had been seen throughout the world. On this program, I saw, for the first time since my encounter, this alien being that I had seen that night. I was in complete shock and excited that I had finally discovered what I had seen that night when I was 5 years old. I have been searching for this picture since that day I saw it on TV and I can't find it yet again. I REALLY want to find out more about this being I had seen. - MUFON CMS


Henry May Documents the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Click for video - HBM's Crypto Corner Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015 SPECIAL or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRkzby6JvFE


'Haunted House'...Really Haunted

The haunted house business is filled with ghost stories. Tales of the supernatural are as easy to come by as spider webs, fake blood, skulls, squeaky doors and blood curdling screams. But the 13th Floor Haunted House in San Antonio admits they've been keeping a secret about their property: It's really haunted.

"We own locations around the whole country but this is the only one that we'll acknowledge that the building is haunted," said Greg Saylers.

Saylers is the the general manager for the 13th Floor. He says this is not a publicity stunt to drum up business.

"We've had multiple paranormal investigators come through the building and they said the same thing," he said. "There's definitely a presence in the building."

According to Saylers, the spirit isn't mean or one that tries harm. Trece, as she is now called, is a little girl that roams in the basement of the 13th Floor. She has been seen wearing a white dress and has long curly hair pulled to the back. In Spanish, Trece is the number 13.

13th Floor employee Niko Barrett recalls seeing Trece on a slow night during the haunted house's Halloween season. In fact, he thought his co-workers were playing a joke on him when he saw the silhouette of a little girl standing in the fog generated from their terror layered performance to scare customers.

"I think to myself 'naw Nikoyou're going crazy,'" says Barrett. "'You're fine. No big deal.'"

Saylers says some of his horror house actors say the ghost girl pops up as they incite fear in customers. The customers, however, receive Trece as a part of the show.

"I have customers who will come out and say the best actor in the whole play is the little girl who jumped out at me," he says. "She like participates with the actors in

Not all employees have been able to handle co-starring with Trece. Saylers says he had six actors quit in one season because the ghostly encounters were too much.scaring customers sometimes."

""These are actors who scare people for a living that were so scared that they quit their job and left," he said.

Other employees remain even as unsettling things spook them on the job. Employee Isa Rubio hasn't seen Trece but the spirit has made herself known.

"It's creepy. It's like a little girl laughing loud," she says. "It's very clear too."

Joden Lumbreras says he's heard the same playful laughter. Even more spine tingling for him was turning around to see the ghost girl standing in his work area. He, too, thought it was a co-worker prank until one of his peers walked into the room.

"The actor from the other scene comes in..it (she) disappears," says Lumbreras."I'm like was that a human or a ghost?"

Saylers says they've even had a reality show crew that used their production facility that ran into Trece. The crew wrapped shooting, took a tour of the haunted house's basement and thanked him for the little actress in the white dress.

So much had been spoken of the apparition, of pictures flying off walls, the frolicsome laughter of a ghost child and the little girl who likes to engage actors as well as customers that KENS 5 took its own tour.

We walked in the dark hot basement of the 13th floor in search of Trece. In fact, employees took us to several spots where the ghost girl reportedly materializes. After walking from room-to-room calling out "Trece" something interesting happened.

In a dark corridor in the bowels of the haunted house, two pieces of crime tape hanging from the ceiling started to move. The spaghetti of other moss like materials stood still. The room became slightly cool. It's a 110 year-old building built in 1905. Surely, this place gets a draft. Again, nothing but the tape moved.

Suddenly, a can hanging from the ceiling started to spin back and forth. It was the only object hanging from the ceiling moving. We checked the ceiling to see if this was a haunted house gimmick. We found no one. The subtle movement of the can continued. We moved closer. It was hanging from fish line on a hook in the ceiling. There was no explanation for what we saw.

We left with no physical sighting of Trece. Her existence is based on employee and customer accounts. Surveillance video from the 13th Floor has not captured her energy.

A public record search of San Antonio Police records show no murders, fatalities or death investigations involving a child at 1203 E. Commerce, the 13th Floor. So, the ghost girl Trece remains a spirit that haunts our fact checklist. - San Antonio haunted house discloses 'Trece' haunting



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