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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Subterranean Dreams

I received the following email from a reader:

Dear Lon,

First of all, thank you. For the work you do, your publication and the opportunity to add my experience. I'm retired and living in the Midwest.

I haven't shared this info with anyone, so please do not use my name or identity. However, it's true. And there are others like me. This info is for them to gain strength and learn to protect themselves from fear.

From an early age I frequently had vivid dreams of three brownish rock-like creatures coming from deep underground after me. During the night I would see them coming up a spiral staircase cut into the rocky earth. I would become increasingly afraid in the dream as they approached. This is a large staircase with emptiness in the middle, dropping into a deep darkness below.

Frozen with fear, when they did reach me, I would black out. However, curiously, I don't recall being hurt. Just intense fear. Sometimes as I dreamed I could watch them carry me down into the earth. Normally though I would wake up underneath my bed! Didn't remember anything at first, but when I would see I'm under the bed, it would all come back. Probably 2-3 years old.

The creatures themselves that would carry me away: devoid of emotion, no real facial features, slit mouth, possibly no eyes or ears, no communication at all with me that I can recall.

Looked like brown rock for skin but remember I'm not usually observing in these incidents but rather screaming, crying and using all efforts to get away -- until I pass out. Then nothing.

These incidents recurred for years, at odd times and at unpredictable intervals until they gradually faded away. Really I had forgotten about them until I started to attend college. There I learned to meditate, which I continue today, twice a day.

The good news: after learning to meditate, the dreams stopped!

They stopped coming for me since then.

And the fear stopped as well.

TM freed me from fear. J

NOTE: The scenario that the reader has described it similar to a reoccurring vision that I'd experience when I was young. Each night before I'd fall asleep I'd sense, then envision, a dark 'blob' bearing down on me as I lay in bed. It would envelope me, then disappear. This continued between age 3-10. My parents never understood me when I'd tried to describe it to them. I have no idea what it was, but the memory has never left me. BTW...many of my clients have also experienced lucid / vivid dreams. It's truly a phenomenon that needs to be given more attention...Lon

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