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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Roswell Slides Revealed -- Uh...We're Sorry -- 'Alien Sounds' Recorded from the Edge of Space

Roswell Slides Revealed

Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the U.S. government found a crashed alien vehicle at the site in 1947.

The slides – on Kodachrome film – were revealed by a team headed by Dr Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who walked on the moon.

No images have been released in advance of the event – but the slides supposedly show the remains of a dead alien.

The slides were supposedly taken by Bernerd A. Ray, an oil exploration geologist who worked near Roswell in the 1940s.

UFO sites such as Inquisitr describe the ‘Roswell Slides’ images as a ‘smoking gun’ which proves that aliens exist – but others suggest they are a hoax.

The pictures were supposedly found in an envelope in an attic.

Researcher Anthony Baraglia said: ‘What is depicted is really there, accurately reflected in the emulsion as an actual moment in time in 1947. Science has weighed in and has determined that these are real slides that are really from 1947.’

‘The Only Conclusion: This humanoid is not a deformed person, mummy, dummy, simian or dead serviceman.’

‘It is not a creature that finds its origin on Earth.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, concluded: ‘In the case of the Roswell slides the anonymous discoverers of it only assumed it was of the Roswell alien, plus the pictures are poor quality and look as if they were taken of a mummy in a museum.’

NOTE: Thanks to Chris Kneedler for forwarding the images.


Uh...We're Sorry

The town of Vardø, known as ‘the witch capital of Norway,’ has built a monument dedicated to the memory of the men and women who were burnt or tortured to death, accused of sorcery.

The site of one of Europe’s most brutal witch hunts has been transformed into a modernist memorial monument, perched above the Arctic Circle on the rugged coast of Norway’s most northeastern tip.

As Europe killed more than 40,000 people accused of sorcery in the 17th and 18th centuries, there were vicious witch trials taking place at the edge of the earth, in Norway’s tiny fishing villages.

Right off the crashing waves of the Barents Sea is the remote town of Vardø, known as the “witch capital of Norway.”

Four hundred years ago, Vardø embarked on a crusade to rid itself of witchcraft. For more than a century—between 1593 and 1692—there were more than 140 witch trials in the small village.

At least 91 people, both men and women, were found guilty of sorcery and burned at the stake or tortured to death.

The number may not be as large as elsewhere in Europe, but in northern Norway’s sparsely populated landscape it touched a disproportionately large chunk of the population.

About a third of these trials were specifically targeting Norway’s indigenous Sami population who arose suspicion by practicing traditional healing rituals.

The killings came in spates—one in the 1620s and another in the early 1660s, when 20 of the 30 people were put on trial were killed.

The proceedings were meticulously recorded, giving modern historians insight into the accusations and reasonings that fueled the witch hunt.

Testimony from the time revealed that witchcraft was believed to be something one consumed—it came in the form of magically tainted milk, bread, or beer. Read more at Norway’s ‘We’re Sorry’ Monument to 91 Dead Witches


Unexplained Light in Lycoming Co. PA

I received the following report from Butch Witkowski of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. If you can offer further information on this sighting or other UFO / unexplained encounters, please go to UFORCOP Sighting Report:

WHERE: Jersey Shore PA
DATE: July ?? 1956
TIME: Around 11:00 PM
DESCRIPTION: I was manning the Ground Observer Core station just across Locust St. from the Jersey Shore Cemetery, with a friend. We were both 17 years old at the time. The station chief was Ms. Alma Britton. The weather was clear and cloudless and there was little or no background noise. I had hundreds of hours of observation time and had learned to recognize aircraft by engine sound, number of engines, silhouettes, and tail and wing shapes. Around 11 PM on this evening, we stepped outside to look at the sky, and noticed a blinking white light to the northeast at a relatively low altitude, moving slowly south. We waited for engine sound, but heard none. The light traveled kept moving till it was in a position slightly east and south of the observation post. It then stopped, ceased blinking and hung there for several minutes. The light began blinking again and moved a short distance further south, then made a ninety-degree turn to the west. It was now traveling west a a distance of no more than half a mile south of the observation post. We had no binoculars, but as it got closer to our vantage point, we could see that the blinking light was a globe at the end of a larger structure that had an oval shape like a cigar or a disc seen edge on. At no time was there any sound of a propulsion system. We got on the phone to the reporting station (Olmstead Air Force Base I believe) in Harrisburg PA and gave a description of the object. While still speaking with the person on the other end of the line, the object passed to the west of the observation post, the globe changed from pulsating to a continuous incandescent flash and the object shot up at a steep angle and was gone. I recall asking the operator at the other end whether they had gotten a radar reflection off the object and I remember his answer being yes. We were not asked anything further about the sighting, except our age. In the 59 years since this incident, I have never seen anything like this again, not have I ever reported it. I came across this site because I was curious about recent UFO sightings. Let me be clear--I don't know what we saw, except that it was not a plane, helicopter, balloon, blimp, glider, dirigible, bird or planet. But perhaps someone else in that general area also saw this object and even though it was a long time ago, the observation could be of some value. I would like to know what records the Air Force kept of such sightings in Pennsylvania and whether they could be accessed.


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'Alien Sounds' Recorded from the Edge of Space

A NASA balloon experiment has picked up sounds that wouldn't seem out of place in an X-Files episode.

The eerie sounds were recorded using infrasound microphones attached to a helium balloon that was launched to a height of 22 miles above the Earth's surface.

The audio, which consists of a series of hisses and crackles, could have originated from a number of sources with possibilities including wind turbulence, gravity waves or cable vibrations.

Many of the sounds had never been heard or recorded before.

"There haven't been acoustic recordings in the stratosphere for 50 years," said graduate student Daniel Bowman who designed and constructed the equipment. "Surely, if we place instruments up there, we will find things we haven't seen before."

Infrasound is something that travels very long distances with natural phenomena such as lightning storms, earthquakes, avalanches and volcanoes all producing infrasound sound waves.

There have even been talks of sending infrasound recording equipment to other planets such as Mars in an effort to pick up anomalous weather events or geological disturbances. Listen to the recording at Eerie 'X-Files' Sounds Recorded from the Edge of Space



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