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Monday, May 11, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls' -- Manned Mission to Mars -- 'It couldn't be human'

'I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls'

I have kept this inside of me for 44 years, and I think it's time that I disclose a UFO event, which took place in 1965.

My Brother (who I will refer to as Colorado) and I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls, who lived in the trailer next door. We never told a soul about this encounter, and now that he has passed. I am the only person left to recount the events of that fateful night, which changed our lives forever.

We were living near Bossier City Louisiana, as our Father was deep underground in the Air Force missile silos, and he worked for days
at a time, in these bunkers. He had just come home on a three day leave, and we were so happy to be able to spend time with him.
Colorado and I played rough with our dad all day and we were bushed, come bed time. I slept in the upper bunk, and my Brother in the lower.

Suddenly, around 3:00 or 4:00 am we were both awakened by a low thundering sound, and the most brilliantly colored light display,
just outside our window, at the foot of our bunk bed. I moved to the window and looked down to see Colorado looking out as well. We both watched.

a flying saucer land in the field, close to our neighbor's trailer. Our family was very close to these neighbors, and the two young girls living there, were best friends to my Brother and myself. I can't recall their names. But, they were approximately seven and ten years old.

We debated about waking our parents. But were so frightened, and thought if we wake them, and they start turning on outside lights, or walk outside with any weapons. There would be bloodshed, and sheer panic in the trailer park. So, we sat very quietly and simply observed.

This flying saucer was about 50 feet in diameter, and had multi colored lights around the perimeter. Everything beneath the craft was distorted.

and wavy, as it was gently settling down in the dirt field. There were four metal legs that slid down from the craft, with round pads on each. All of the lights on the craft went out, within about 30 seconds, after it landed. But, a light blue glow started to envelope the craft, and it made the area around it glow as well. Then, a ramp slid down from the craft, and a door opened up, and we could partially see inside the ship. There were dull red and orange lights on the walls, and an electrical crackling sound, emanating from the interior. Then the interior lights went out, and the weird sound stopped. Suddenly, a figure started to walk down the ramp, and was followed by another.

Now, I think I should mention. Colorado and I were never allowed to watch any science fiction shows or movies, with aliens or spaceships. I had never even seen a drawing or picture of a saucer, before this. We were allowed to watch cartoons like Scooby Doo, and Bugs Bunny. Along with shows like The Wonderful World of Disney and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. So, this was truly an adventurous night for us, and definitely something very new.

The first two beings walking down the ramp, made their way into the light of our neighbors yard. There was a light on the back of their trailer and their porch. When they got closer to the brighter light, on their porch. We could see that they were dressed in the same color of suits. But the weird thing was, that their skin appeared to be the same color as well. They looked human in shape and size. But moved in a way, that made them function more like robots. Every movement was very smooth and effortless...as though they were moving about in water. They now remind me of the "Blue Man Group", from Vegas. Because, they were completely blue all over. Then, another two beings exited the craft, and they were green. Another two, that were red. Until there were six of them in all. They walked in line, up to the door of the trailer. They all passed right through the door, without opening it!...and that scared the heck out of us. More so, than the landing of the craft. We were asking each other... "Did you see that? What are they going to do with our friends?"

Minutes later, they passed through the door again, and they were leading the two girls, all the way back to their ship. The girls appeared as though they were sleep walking, and even had their eyes closed. But walked just fine, without any help from these strange beings. Now, if you are wondering....yes, the girls passed right through the door, without it being opened too.

Only about five minutes later, they exited the ship and lead the girls back into the trailer. But, when the beings passed through the door, for the last time...as they were coming out. They all crouched down slightly, turned and looked directly at our window. Each one did this in succession, and they smiled....and waved at us! Now at this point, my Brother and myself were in complete shock, and we could have let a dozen flies in our mouths, as our jaws dropped and we were also completely mesmerized! I looked at Colorado and he looked at me. But, we were unable to say a word.

They entered the ship, and as the last one went inside, the interior lights came back on. The strange noise started up again, and the door closed. The ramp slid back up inside the craft, and as it slowly lifted off the ground, the four legs retracted up as well. The amazingly colorful lights came back on, around the perimeter of the ship, and it slowly lifted skyward. Until it was about 25 feet in the air. Then, it shot straight up and out of sight in less than a second.

The last being standing at the door of the ship, waved at Colorado and I, before it closed. I thought I should point that out as well. Because, that is the lasting image burned into my memory, every since that strange night. My Brother and I talked about that night, possibly thousands of times, before he passed away in 2009. But, we never discussed it with any one else....ever!

We tried so hard to see if their was anything different about our neighbor's daughters, after that night. But, we didn't notice anything unusual.

The Louisiana UFO event troubles me to this day. More so, than any other event. I have often wondered, if Colorado and I were the actual abductees, and the memory of the girls abduction was planted. But, in any case......... two or possibly even four people were contacted/abducted that night. Of that I am sure! I NEED to find answers to this event some how. Even if it means going to a qualified hypnotist, experienced in the abduction phenomena. I HAVE to know exactly what happened in 1965!

Possibly on a hundred different occasions, I considered filing an official report of this incident, with some organization like MUFON. I wonder if those two young girls are now going through abduction therapy, as adults. So many unanswered questions, and I think about that night, every single day of my life. I need to get this monkey off of my back, somehow...and this helps to finally tell the world about that strange night - MUFON CMS


Early human skin found on 2 million-year-old fossils

Anthropologists say they have discovered human skin belonging to 2 million year-old fossils in the remains of six ancient skeletons found in South Africa.

The tissue is thought to be from the species Australopithecus sediba, thought to be an early human ancestor that has a mix of primitive and more advanced features.

It is a transitional species between Australopithecus species – the first species to walk upright – and early Homo species, of which humankind is the latest form.

The discovery may be the oldest skin ever found, and could even hold the key to valuable details about early humans' lives. Organic materials including the remains of their last meals were found between their teeth, potentially giving an insight into their diet.

Experts made the discovery in a cave near Johannesburg, which has been excavated since a 4' 2" male skeleton was found in 2008.

Professor Lee Berger, an anthropologist at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, told the Naked Scientists radio show: "We found out this wasn't just a normal type of rock that they were contained in – it was a rock that was preserving organic material.

"Plant remains are captured in it – seeds, things like that – even food particulates that are captured in the teeth, so we can see what they were eating.

"Maybe more remarkably, we think we've found fossil skin here too."

The investigation started after the professor's then 9-year-old son spotted a fossilised bone at the Malapa Nature Reserve site in 2008 – the first discovery of the new species.

They later excavated more bones, as well as an almost complete skull, before making the discovery public in 2010.

Scientists decided to build a laboratory on the spot in order to protect the "remarkable" fossils, including a platform that allows them to take off large pieces of the site to work on them in the laboratory.

Professor Berger says he has no idea how many more human fossils he may find.

"Every time we open up a little bit of rock here and move a little bit of dirt, we see someone new," he said. "We're introduced to another one of these people that died 2 million years ago."

The site will now be turned into a live laboratory, where members of the public can look down into the cave and see excavations in process.

According to research, the former "people" would have walked on two legs, but been "strikingly" short.

"Until they got closer, you probably wouldn't realise what's bothering you but something would bother you," Berger said. "They would probably only be standing about 1.3 metres tall. They also been more lightly built… They had longer arms than we do, more curved fingers. So, they're clearly climbing something. They also would've moved a little different.

"Their hips were slightly different than ours and their feet are slightly different. So, their gait would've probably been a more rolling type gait, slightly different from the more comfortable long distance stride we had.

"As they got closer to you, you'd be struck by for the most obvious thing which would be, their heads are tiny. If you imagine, you take a man's fist and curled it up, that's about the size of their brain and that would strike you. There'd be almost this pinhead on top of this small body. And that would immediately make you recognise that this is not a human." - Early human skin found on 2 million-year-old fossils


Manned Mars Plan: Phobos by 2033, Martian Surface by 2039?

Astronauts on a manned mission to Mars could first use its moon Phobos as a staging area.

Getting humans to Mars will be one of the greatest technological challenges that mankind has ever faced, a task that will rely on the combined efforts of thousands of experts across dozens of fields.

During the Humans to Mars Summit in Washington this week, NASA's Firouz Naderi suggested that 2039 could be a realistic estimate for a manned mission to the Red Planet if its moon Phobos, a rocky world around 11km across, was to be used as a stepping stone that the astronauts could head to first.

During his talk Naderi expressed an interest in seeing such a mission go ahead sooner rather than later and to do it despite NASA's relatively low budget compared to what had been available during the development of the Apollo program in the 1960s.

By targeting Phobos first, he contended, it would be possible to reach Mars using the technologies currently in development such as NASA's Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System (SLS).

'Barges' containing supplies and materials could be placed in orbit around Mars to help support future landings while the astronauts would also try to utilize the resources already present on Mars as much as possible to maintain life support and to keep the whole operation running.

Whether NASA will ultimately decide to do things this way however remains to be seen. Read more at Manned Mars Plan: Phobos by 2033, Martian Surface by 2039?


"It couldn't be human"

It's 1965 and on Rhondda Street in Swansea one family has been forced to flee their home in terror as a poltergeist has been throwing the furniture around.

This is not a plot from a horror film - it's a HTV Wales News report.

Mum Marcia Howells tells reporter John Doyle about the ghostly activity...Click for video - Poltergeist, Rhondda St, Swansea - December 1965

Source: Poltergeist forces family to flee haunted home



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