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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alien Entity in the Old Apple Tree

I received the following email Monday afternoon from a witness who was referred to me by a colleague in Idaho. I contacted the witness last evening and gathered a few more details which I added to the narrative:

In June 1995 I was living on a large property near Spokane, WA. One afternoon, I was mowing our large front lawn with old apple trees all about. While on my path around a corner apple tree I felt the presence of something. Second time around in the same spot I feel a presence again, so I am looking around but see nothing. Third time approaching the corner I was looking at everything in front of me and saw nothing, but walking under and around the tree I feel a presence again. Continuing on and looking back, still I see nothing.

By this time I'm somewhat disturbed and a bit pissed off. I know I am being watched but I don’t see anything. It is my fourth pass I am determined to see what is looking at me. I come up on the corner I feel the presence as I pass under the tree and as I look back, up in the apple tree I see a small being with dark almond shaped eyes, opaque color and thin limbs looking back at. I damn near tripped over the mower. I looked up again as it was kind of scrunched up in the tree, about 8 ft. from the ground, just watching me. When I first noitced the being it was invisible, I mean I was looking thru it. There was a wavy outline, but it's form would fill in, then dissipate. I just didn't grasp what I was seeing. I was scared. I did not finish mowing the lawn. I did not tell anyone as I thought certain they think me crazy.

Three days later around 12:30 AM I was laying in bed reading when I felt a strong tingling sensation all over my body. My girlfriend was sound asleep, so I didn't bother her. I got out of bed slowly and walked over to large window that looked out over the adjacent field. About 200 yards or so there was a dimly lit oval craft hovering a few feet above the field. There were 8 acres or so that separated us and our neighbor, but I'm positive this craft was large enough for them to notice. Even though it was 200 yards away, I could see movement across the wide windows on the side of the craft. Then a few white lights started blinking underneath the craft. I called out to my girlfriend, but she didn't budge. I started to feel pressure in my ears, then instantly the craft was gone.

I believe that the being in the tree may have been lost or just waiting to be picked-up. I have always been of the opinion that we are not alone and well, now I know that to be true.

In 2009 I purchased a farm in southeast Washington and soon moved there. The first week, we started to notice extensive UFO activity that seemed to originate from the mountains east of us. There was a young woman living near us who claimed that she was abducted and taken to an underground base in the mountains. One evening her and her Mother came over and had dinner with us. She reluctantly detailed her experience. It was the scariest story I have ever heard. We felt terribly bad for her.

Maybe one day she'll be able to come forward. I have given her your contact information, if that was okay. Please let me know if she contacts you, it's an amazing story. Thanks for reading. Gerald

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