Monday, May 18, 2015

Is Abandoned Pathology Lab Connected to Recent Roswell Alien Body Claim?

This story has been brewing for several weeks...but as a result of the recent 'Roswell alien body' hoax, could there be a connection?

Tobolsk police and other authorities may have unraveled the mystery of the mummified remains of babies found in a lab reported by citizens. In the neglected Western Siberia facility, there have been human organs and bones left scattered about, and officers have probed into its hideous discovery. On the bodies of the babies, they were visible scars. According to Siberian Times, the scars show that surgical procedures were carried.

There were 'withered corpses' of babies, according to local news website On one example, the head is like a tiny-onion-shaped, slanting huge catlike eyes occupying a huge part on its face. Is it possible that this lab was attempting to create some type of hybrid being?

Slides used for blood tests, files and surgical books were also among the debris of the rundown building, while one plastic bottle on a shelf was dated January 2012.

As the student Georgy Grigorchuk wandered around the building he also found an empty morgue and documents outlining the medical histories and post-mortem procedures of all the patients, including family names and personal details. It is known that the premises were abandoned when the pathology facility was moved to a new building at the region's hospital, but it is of concern that so much was left behind.

'I learned about this place from other students of my medical college', he said. 'I heard that in this laboratory were a lot of abandoned things - books lying around, organs in glass jars, all sorts of documents. It was very interesting for a medical student'.

Since the student's discovery, the door to the lab has been vandalised but nothing has been taken away. Graffiti also covers part of the front of the building. But later the door was nailed shut, even though the macabre contents of the old laboratory were not removed.

It is not known if they have contacted the parents of dead children identified in the medical records.

Could this lab, or similar facility, be the source of the baby mummy 'alien'...used in the recent Roswell alien body claim? I believe it is worthy of an investigation. Lon

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Against Their Will: The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America

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1 comment :

  1. The greater likelihood is that the Roswell slide is from an eclectic 50's desert museum like the Million Dollar Museum in
    White's City in Carlsbad,NM.

    You have probably already seen most of the material on this,
    but links such as this one go into
    greater detail for those that have not:

    if I never hear of Roswell again,
    that's fine by me.

    It is a gigantic distraction-
    it was basically ignored and forgotten for decades until Stanton Friedman initiated it's rather sudden re-discovery and subsequent over-popularization.

    How did it suddenly become the quintessential E.T. case?

    Not without approval from government/media power brokers,
    I am sure.

    it brought attention to the overall issue but that attention was already coming on strong,

    My concern is that it has all been shaped and shuffled into a crackpot fringe entertainment subject-
    this is just the latest addition to the
    freak show.

    Without going into all that,
    I will say that your interest in DNA and biochemistry labs in the world is
    of more importance to me but its potential connection to the Roswell debacle is really rather irrelevant.

    Whatever did (or did not) happen
    there is long gone-
    unethical biochemical/genetic research,
    be it by the PTB or renegade groups looking for money,power and/or vengeance should be a much greater concern to us.

    The number of biochemical warfare experts and authorities
    (mostly Doctors and Professors)
    such as David Kelly that have died under bizarre circumstances is astounding-

    "Aliens" are not the only potential threat to humanity...
    man is arguably the greatest threat to his own survival.

    survival at any price is likely to come at too high of a price if the details of that survival are dictated by those who have engineered the power and profit$ that have come from the tyranny of war and poverty.

    What would then ensue is perpetuation of existence and not the triumph of Life.

    All war is ultimately Civil War....
    yet no war is civil.

    If those that engineered war had to fight on the forefront of combat-
    there would be no war.

    It would be much better if they would be MUCH better if they would just eradicate each other in hand-to-hand combat and leave the rest of us alone!

    As for poverty,
    Debt slavery is the oldest and still the most popular form of slavery.

    Debt,war and "prosperity" have always been cyclically linked together-
    war does not increase prosperity,
    it builds debt.

    It is a horrid thing.

    The cycle is now at the point where humanity is large enough and powerful enough to destroy itself and its world
    many times over-
    elements such as phosphorous and oil are being recklessly processed and depleted while geopolitical and financial pressures&stress are escalating.

    The only three ways that global population can be effectively reduced are:
    1. Famines
    2. Wars
    3. Plagues.

    Plagues that also result in sterility would be especially effective.

    a biochemical war that results in famines and plagues
    (that also leave the survivors mostly sterile)
    is essentially the ideal choice for those that care only for the consolidation and perpetuation of power...
    and their own survival,
    of course.

    That is why strange lab discoveries like this are so important.

    Where'd they go?

    Why was the lab not even covered or "cleaned" up?

    I hope it was just viral marketing of some sort
    (no pun intended)
    but I doubt it.

    David Kelly's murder surely was not.


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