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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 9

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey - December 28, 2003 - night

Enrique Rodriguez and a group of friends were outdoors in their hometown located just across Newark Bay from the New York City borough of Staten Island when they spotted something very strange. "An alien ran to the left behind some trees and disappeared", Enrique reported. He described the entity as a tall grayish figure with long, large black-brownish eyes, long arms and fingers. It had no mouth, either, just the eyes. Rodriguez was at his friend's backyard when he saw it. The others became frightened and ran, but he just stood there looking and the creature was looking back at him until it disappeared from sight. Enrique said the entity had gray colored skin resembling that of a dinosaur, very shiny and was 6 to 8 ft tall. He called the police who scoffed at him but did check the yards. Apparently nothing was found.

Source: UFO Roundup



Location: East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - November 17, 1996 - 7:30am

At the same time that the area had suffered a blackout, the main witness was leaving the Skytrain Station when she noticed a large black square shaped object moving low over nearby Slocan Park. Arriving at her daughter's residence she heard a "whoo" type sound outside. The two women investigated and saw a tennis ball size blue light maneuvering over the area. At one point it dropped close to the ground near the trees. The witnesses felt a warm sensation during the sighting. Later the main witness felt compelled to go to the nearby park and found some strange marks on the ground. Upon leaving the park she saw two short old "people" wearing jeans with rolled cuffs. They had pointy ears, glassy eyes and were smiling as they stared at the witness. Apparently she then received a telepathic message related to her sighting, when she turned around to look at them the strange pair had disappeared.

Source: UFO BC



Location: Pahang, Malaysia - June 2008 - night

This happened about 3 yrs ago. I was in Pahang at that time, celebrating my sister’s wedding. All my family, relatives were present to celebrate this occasion. The band played traditional songs and kompangs, though it’s still a blast.

During the wedding night, when the ceremony or “sanding” was over, there was still some singing and feasting. It was held at a grass field not far from the bridegroom’s house. It was then when my mum told me to accompany one of my aunts, to the toilet. I had always admired this aunt, only 25 at the time, so tall and pretty. I had noticed almost all the guys (including the bridegroom, and me) feast their eyes on her. So obviously I was happy to accompany her. You know, in kampungs, the toilet is always at the back of the house, and it’s real scary at night. While my aunt was doing her “business”, I secretly started to smoke, looking at the surroundings. It is quite far from the crowd, but I can still hear the faint sound of music. It was very peaceful here, until I heard my aunt scream from the toilet. I thought she saw me smoking, and I threw the butt immediately, cursing myself.

She then ran out of the toilet, her baju kurung rolled up to the waist. What I saw behind the toilet wasn’t a beauty though. It looks like a man, but his whole body was black and shiny. It seems his whole body was covered in oil. It darted away in an strange manner among the bushes, and in a split second, was out of sight. Before it ran out of view, though, I noticed it’s face, which I will never forget. It had red eyes, and they were staring at me, just before it took off. This thing certainly wasn’t human, as no human moves like that. It reminded me of a spider, but with two legs.

My aunt ran to me, catching her breath. I myself was scared, but still I consoled her. We then went back to the crowd, and I told my mother about it. She too was shocked, but one of the ladies on the bridegroom side who overhead the conversation, said it was an Orang Minyak, the 'oily man'.

The Orang Minyak is a ghost story and this was no ghost....

Source: Witness statement

NOTE: You may want to look at this as well --> Orang Minyak: The Perverse 'Oily Man' Strikes Again



Location: Near East Driefontein Mines, South Africa - 1953 - afternoon

The young witness remembered seeing an object land on the farm. The object was metallic and was shaped like two shells stuck together, it was about 10 meters in diameter and it was standing on three metallic legs. A human like figure came out of the object and approached the witness, apparently communicating with him, telling him that he was going to be taken for a ride in the object.

The man was described as thin, with long black hair, fairly dark skin, a young face, white teeth, and dark angular eyebrows. He accompanied the witness to the house to get a basket of food and on the way there one of the dogs apparently attacked and bit the strange visitor. According to the witness the man then made a strange “crowing” noise, resembling that of roosters, he made that noise continuously after the bite.

Inside the object he saw small windows all around, little lights around the window frames. It had light brown upholstery on motor car seats. The object took off silently. Apparently the witness does not recall what happened next. He later found himself in his bed.

Source: UFO Afrinews / Albert Rosales

NOTE: There are at least two versions of this encounter and the being is very similar to descriptions from the Zimbabwe school episode in 1994. One aspect that is consistent with both versions is the odd 'crowing' sound made by the being. Truly weird.



Location: Manchester, Indiana - January 24, 2004 - 7:30 pm

A 17-year old motorist traveling almost 10 miles north of Aurora, Indiana on a Saturday night claims to have encountered an unusual figure on the road. While driving his black Chevrolet Cavalier southbound along North Hogan Road a "figure" was spotted in the headlights of the automobile as it was crouched down near a puddle of water. From the driver's perspective the figure was spotted out the windshield on the right of the car. After passing the frail-looking figure, the driver looked into his rear view mirror and again observed, illuminated by the taillights of his car, what he described as a tall, abnormal figure that moved strangely with pointed joints that "buckled out". He estimated the figure stood around 6 feet, seven inches. "It had protruding joints and moved very strangely." The driver said he was able to ascertain the figure, alleged to be dark gray or black and "pencil thin" stand up and take several steps toward the woods along the roadside. The figure definitely walked on two legs and was thought somehow, to be a male, although no clothing was noted. No face or eyes could be seen, but the witness had the impression that the figure was looking straight at him. The figure was immediately thought to be something out of the ordinary, not a human being. The duration of the sighting was "hurried" and possibly within the 3 to 4 second range.

The driver continued on for a small distance after passing the figure and finally put on his brakes, coming to a stop at an estimated 2 minute walking distance on the road from the location of the sighting. He looked back to further observe the entity. At that point, a second car came into view and approached from the opposite direction, passed and then reached the spot on the road where the figure was thought to be. The 17-year old motorist reportedly watched closely and observed the second car undertake what he thought to be an evasive maneuver near the vicinity of where he thought the figure would be situated, and then the car turned around at that spot and shortly pulled up behind him, somewhat in the grass. There was an elderly couple in the car, both in their late 60s or early 70s and both with gray hair. The driver, who wore glasses said, "Boy, did you see something back there? I'll tell you right now, that was no person." The passenger, an elderly female said, "It was no human being. It was no man."

The elderly couple was reportedly "spooked" but offered to follow the first witness the remainder of the trip down North Hogan Road, clearly in the opposite direction of their intended destination route. It was thought that the elderly couple observed this same figure on the opposite side of the road, and possibly had observed it more closely. Later, the 17-year old witness was said to have become hysterical, and within an hour was describing the figure as an "alien".

Source: Kenny Young - Florence, Kentucky - UFO Researcher



Location: RT 68 between East Liverpool Ohio and Midland Pa. along the Ohio River - July 2010 - 3:00 am

I was on my way home from Chester WV. with my girlfriend. We were on RT 68 between East Liverpool Ohio and Midland Pa. along the Ohio River. The time was around 3 am and a thing that looked like a black angel flew in front of my truck, it was about 6 ft tall and was so close we both ducked. What ever it was came from the river side of the road. I wanted to go to the Midland Pa. Police but my girlfriend said they would think we were crazy, we often talk about this but that was as far as it went.

Source: witness report

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