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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Follow-Up: Crypto Four Corners - Ultraterrestrial Assault / Investigation

This is a bit of a follow-up to Crypto Four Corners: Ultraterrestrial Assault / Investigation. The incident has attracted a fair amount of attention, namely The Anomalist, ATS Forum, OVNIHoje.com, Reddit UFOs, The Object Report, etc.

I want to go through some of the questions I have received since the initial post...and offer some opinion and facts.

The witnesses stated that state police responded to the location. Some people have asked that if this incident occurred on a native reservation, then the state police would have no jurisdiction. I'm not positive that this property was on a native reservation. The location was stated as being in the area of Gallup, NM....this was a very general disclosure since the family and investigators don't want people snooping around. Because the individual referred to as the 'universal soldier' was present and these 'state police' cooperated with him...I tend to believe that these were NOT state police. That is my opinion only...but that part of the incident is curious to me.

I find it interesting that some people believe that physical evidence was not collected when, in fact, it was. Just because every facet of this case has yet to be disclosed causes people to react by crying fake or cover-up. First and foremost, you need to understand the situation and the culture.

Navajo Criminal Investigations initially looks into incidents and will interview witnesses, but NCI needs to reserve their funds and time for actual criminal investigations. Most 'unexplained cases' are referred to private investigators if no crime was committed. As well, the Dine Navajo are a private people and reserved when it comes to talking with outsiders. JC and many of his team are tribal members and / or native people. There are no intentions of releasing information and evidence that will compromise their position with the tribal community or foul the integrity of those involved in the incident.

There has also been some mention of other individuals or groups making inquiries into this case. Anyone who is naive enough to believe that an outside group can simply go into the area and investigate needs to think again. I have been allowed to exclusively present the information because of the mutual respect with JC, his group and those people they represent.

This incident could very well be an important chapter in ufology. Please allow the people involved to conduct their investigation. Lon

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