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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Misplaced Night

I received the following narrative in response to The Night at the Cabin:

Hello Mr. Strickler,

I read your hunting cabin story and wanted to comment.

My son had a similar incident in 1998 while he and his wife were camping in a Montana state park.

While they were asleep in the camper, my son heard a high-pitched whipping sound that he described was similar to a helicopter. He looked out the window and noticed a bright white oval light skimming across the ground. He said it was shaped like a watermelon and moved all-around their campsite. After a minute it simply disappeared. His wife never woke. He watched for it to return for another few minutes, then went back to bed.

He woke about 7:30AM and noticed that his wife was not in bed. He got up and began to look for her. He figured that she went for a walk or run and decided to let him sleep.

Several hours later, about noon, he noticed her walking towards the campsite. She was dressed in her robe and barefoot. She was crying and so emotional that she could hardly talk. They went into the camper. She sat on the lounger crying and shaking. After she had drunk some hot tea, she finally calmed down and started to talk.

She said that she heard him get up during the night, open the camper door and walk outside. She got up and put on her robe to see what he was doing. She opened the door and stood there calling for him. She heard him yell 'NO' and ran in the direction of the voice. She then said that was all that she remembered. She woke in the woods not far from the camper scared and cold. She got to her feet and walked back.

My son never remembered getting up and leaving the camper - or what happened beyond that. They both realized something unusual happened to both of them.

After that incident, they became distant from each other. They eventually divorced and moved to separate states. Both had very severe mental & physical issues afterwards and ran afoul of the law.

I believe that their experience caused mental and physical strife. Neither of them every told me anything further about that night. My son is in court-ordered mental care as part of his criminal sentence. I just worry that he'll never recover to stay out of trouble. Sara

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