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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Tall Humanoid Walking Through House -- Great-Grandfather's Ghost -- Humans on Mars by 2035

Tall Humanoid Walking Through House

Lubbock, TX - 5/22/2014 - unedited: I was sitting in a dark room looking out into the kitchen area. It was early morning. I suddenly saw something very tall and white move across the kitchen almost in an stroll through the house like it owned the house. It went past the door so I didn't get a good look but I knew automatically it wasn't human. I froze scared to death. My husband and my young daughter were in the living room just about 10 steps behind this creature. It was invisible. Not only invisible but you couldn't hear it moving around, which without some sort of help would be impossible. The creature was at least a little over 6 ft tall if not taller because my first thought when it went by was to make myself believe it was my husband walking over to the kitchen area. It was a wonderful wish but when I finally got my nerve to get up and walk I realized I was right.

The only reason I know it was invisible was because its been here. You could almost feel it knew the house and us more then anything, which is very very disturbing. I could tell from the quick look I barely got that the creature didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on it's body, very very strong looking, muscles, but thin. Lith like. Its body looks like it was covered by some sort of body suit it looked like pale skin. I believe it did not know I saw it and I strongly believe the only reason I saw it was the way the light was shining in the house. I think all the different windows, time of day and the suddenly reflection and the fact I was sitting in a dark room looking out into the dinning room that caused me to be able to see through the cloak it was using. It was headed to the window as if to look out through it in to the outside. I had a since that it was bored and waiting for something.

My feelings. I'm freakin scared to death. I can't tell you how for the first two months I screamed in the car and cried. I had a since that if or when this or these things wanted to kill us there's nothing..nothing we can do. No gun, no knife, no bomb, no weapon...their faster, stronger, smarter..we are nothing. I felt we were cattle to be harvested for food later and as a mother I had a horrible since of hopelessness. I've never in my life had such hopelessness. There's no place to go, no place to hide..nothing..nothing you can do. I hate the feeling. When it happened I swallowed my pride, walked into the kitchen, even though I knew that being was around there, got some coffee and walked into the living room. Looked at my husband and daughter and told them I loved them and watched TV.

I tried contacting a scientist shortly after it happened. I even got out the measuring tape and measured. I figured with his brains maybe the measurements might help our scientist figure out how to cloak or break cloaks or invisible technology. I remember I labeled his e-mail "code black" in hopes to get his attention..but didn't. I erased mine feeling like there's no one else I can go to.

I have not told anyone, not even my husband. I can't. I feel if I utter the words out loud whom ever I tell the story to will die. The since of this is utterly powerful...horribly powerful at least at first. After about a month or so I had two more strange things happen. I never saw the creature again but I did see on two seperate occassions silver balloon like objects in the bed room.

The main one I remember was I woke up, as I always do, around 3:30am and I thought I heard something. Still worried about being slaughtered like a cow for food or killed I stayed still and glanced around the room. I didn't want anything to know I was awake yet. I could feel myself sweat and I had to tell myself to take slow steady breaths to make it look like I was still asleep. I suddenly heard something sliding against the ceiling of the room. I remember my heart was pounding and I could still hearing the steady breathing of my husband next to me sound asleep. The ceiling fan was going and I had the covers pulled up around me still. The sliding was approaching me, then suddenly I caught sight of a silver balloon sliding across the ceiling with it's tail hanging down. I almost laughed outloud. I watched it as it slide around the room and over me slowely thinking how annoying it was and how I'm so glad it was just a balloon. I closed my eyes laughing at myself thinking I'm so silly I'm just being paranoid. I remember thinking I need to tell my daughter not to put her balloon in the room, it could get the tail hung up in the ceiling fan. Suddenly my heart stopped. My daughter doesn't have a balloon, she hadn't had one in months...and never a silverish one..and this one looked metalic though it was hard to see in the darkness. My eyes flew open...and yes it was still there..I could still hear it slide against the ceiling as it tail hung down. "make it a balloon, make it a balloon..it's your kids balloon" I wanted to believe it..so bad! I wanted to cry to scream..I stayed very still. "breath normal, don't move, don't open your eyes to far, don't freak out, don't let it know your awake.." I should have know..any balloon would have been caught up into the ceiling fan, at least the string. this one went over us and to the side of the wall as if it was moved by remote. Suddenly it just slowly started disappearing..and then it was gone. I saw it one other time in the room while we were asleep...this time with a longer string...and it disappeared even faster. The metallic like balloon shaped thing didn't make since to me, because if the creature could keep sound from happening on him, why wouldn't he make his gadgets sound proof also?

So I went into a depression. Didn't know what life was. Couldn't tell anyone anything verbally without giving them some type of death wish....then one day I'm fine. It's strange. I don't mind if the creatures here or if he's not. I feel like I should protect him or them. I feel like if they want to communicate they can, if not I'm fine. I feel like I want to help them. I'm confused about these feelings because I feel like I could love them, protect them..but I still feel if I utter a word verbally and they find out that person will die.

I've searched everywhere for someone else to have the same type of experience. But it seems most everyone else is little gray people or short creatures. Mine are at least 6 feet tall but I'm going to go out on a limb and say 6'5 at least. Pale suits, have no idea if that was skin or not..never got to see the face..heck he might have had a dog face or no face...but I feel from the legs I saw and torso for the few seconds I saw it was human like.

I don't mind protecting something but I want to make sure it's not a false since of protection because my first feelings for the first couple of months was "we are all going to die". I just don't know...but since I can't utter a word to have someone talk to me...thank you for letting me write it down. If you investigators ever call me to talk to me about this..I don't know if I can. I'll answer any questions you have in writing, even let you come measure stuff, but talking...If I say something outloud and suddenly one of you dies...I'd feel like I did it. Because I've been warned. - MUFON CMS


Great-Grandfather's Ghost

I've always been an “interested skeptic” when it comes to ghosts and other paranormal things. And to be honest I always thought my parents felt the same way. Back when I was younger my siblings and I liked to watch Ghost Hunters or similar shows after dinner and every once in a while my parents would join us. Yes I’m sure a lot of that stuff is fake but it was still entertaining. Well one day after an episode we were all watching together asked my dad if he ever had a paranormal experience or seen a ghost. My parents looked at each other and my dad said, “Yeah I have, a little after you were born.” You can normally tell when my dad is messing around but this was different. His tone was much more serious than when we were talking before. Naturally I needed to know more so I prodded and eventually he told us his story.

When my Great Grandfather immigrated to the US before World War II, he started lumber business and my family has owned this business for three generations. By the time my dad became a co-owner with my Grandpa, my Great Grandmother passed away and my Great Grandfather decided to retire because it became too hard to cope with work and the loss especially at his age. About a year after his retirement while my mother was pregnant with me, my Great Grandfather’s health began deteriorating drastically. He didn't want to leave his house while he was sick so he stayed home and hired people to look after him. I should also mention that he did very well financially throughout his life and he had a large family of 9 children, so he owned a big house. I've never seen the house myself but my parents described it as a big beautiful old-style home that was almost like a mini-mansion.

My Great Grandfather was very close with dad and during his last weeks my dad visited him almost every day and sometimes with my mom. These were sad visits but he was a nice man and the company really made him happy. He passed away during the last week of February and I was born almost a week later in March. Shortly after I was born it was decided by my family that his house would be sold and my parents volunteered to be caretakers until someone bought it. They were house hunting anyway and no one else wanted to take the time to move in so they figured why not? After 2 or 3 months my parents moved out of their small apartment with me and moved into the mini-mansion.

The first days were very eerie and surreal just because of the sheer emptiness of the house. The vastness and of it would often make them feel uneasy and they would find themselves looking over their shoulders in the bigger rooms and hallways. After a couple days exploring and settling in my parents decided to stay in a guest room next to the master bedroom. They didn't feel comfortable sleeping in my great grandparent’s bed. However, because the master bedroom was closest to their room they moved my crib into the master bedroom and outfitted it with a baby monitor and my toys.

The first night in this orientation was surprisingly calm. I was quiet, which was strange because I would usually make more noise throughout the night. On the second night things changed. A little after midnight my dad awoke to the sound of me laughing on the baby monitor which was strange because I was very young and haven’t laughed many times before. So my dad got up and crossed the hallway to check up on me, but the second he opened the door I stopped. I was still awake and moving around but after a few minutes I fell back asleep and my dad went back to his room and nothing else happened.

The next night I started to laugh again around the same time and like before my dad went to check on me and I stopped like before. He really didn't think too much of it, after all he was a first time dad so he wasn't sure if this was really something abnormal so after I fell asleep he left and went back to bed. A couple hours later he woke up of his own accord and was instantly restless. For whatever reason he couldn't get comfortable and sleep so he decided to leave his room and have a walk around the house. He walked down the master staircase to the foyer and was about to check out a music room when he heard my laugh echoing from upstairs. He was starting to get a little freaked out at this point, sure it’s just your kid and all but it was a creepy situation and this time I stopped on my own after a couple seconds. After standing still for a minute or two he decided to return to his room so he slowly retreated back to the steps of the master staircase, but the second his foot touched the first step I started up again. Despite the initial nervousness, he pushed out any fear and quickly climbed the stairs and made his way to the master bedroom.

He reached the door and as he reached out his hand to the doorknob he realized that the door was already open by a hair. He couldn't recall if he shut it completely the last time he was in the room so it was slightly unnerving. I was still laughing when he slowly pushed open the door and walked inside. He saw nothing at first and closed the door behind him, but after his eyes adjusted to the darkness he saw what he described as a dim outline on the opposite side of the crib. He froze in shock and said that it looked like an organized transparent mist; but the more he looked, the more he could make out patterns and shapes. He recognized what looked like a plaid pattern and it dawned on him that it was similar to pattern of his grandfather’s favorite nightgown. Once he realized this, the nightgown was almost like a reference for the rest of the object so he knew where the arms and head should be and slowly the rest of it began to sharpen. He wasn't sure if his eyes were still adjusting or if the outline was doing it on its own but my dad said the area he thought was the head began to move and he was able to make out my great grandfather’s face staring back at him. They stared at each other for what felt like hours, then he then slowly looked down at me in the crib and I started to laugh immediately. He then looked back up at my dad, only this time he was able to make out a gentle smile when they locked eyes. And just like a dimming light the outline faded away until there was nothing but me in the crib alone, silently sleeping at the foot of my Great Grandparent’s bed.

After he regained his wits, my dad quickly moved me and the crib into the guest room with my mom. He woke her up and frantically told her everything he saw. She said she had never seen him this panicked before and he began shaking uncontrollably as he was speaking to her. They stayed up the entire night talking about what happened and for the next month they kept me in their room with them for the night.

The spirit or ghost never made another appearance, and while my parents believed it was my Great Grandfather they decided that even if it wasn't it meant no harm. They moved me back into the master bedroom for the last days of their stay.

While in that room I never laughed in the middle of the night again and I always slept soundly. - Reddit.com


Faith healer jailed for 10 years over massive fraud

A woman described as “pure evil” has been has been jailed for 10 years after swindling £1 million from vulnerable people by claiming to be spiritual healer who could cure cancer or help them to get pregnant by sending money to the Amazon jungle. Juliette D’Souza, 59, extracted huge sums of cash from 11 people across Hampstead and north London – including opera singers, photographers and solicitors – by claiming to be a shamanic healer with links to the rainforest in Suriname.

D’Souza was such a persuasive con-artist that she managed to convince her victims she could cure terminal illnesses, help disabled children or enable them to conceive by sending cash to the South American jungle – to be hung from a sacred tree. Her victims believed she was working with two other shamans in Suriname, known as Pa and Oma, who would hang their cash “sacrifices” on the tree in the heart of the jungle. Instead, D’Souza spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, renting three or four luxury flats at a time in Hampstead and splashing a fortune on Louis Vuitton bags, jewellery, antique furniture and holidays. She boasted of celebrity clients including Princess Diana and Simon Cowell.

Her victims described her as confident, well-spoken and attractive, and said she was incredibly manipulative and persuasive, convincing them that terrible things would happen if they did not hand over cash sacrifices. The victims were so under her spell during the 12-year scam that one woman, who cannot be named, had an abortion at her say so, while another, Ruth Fillingham, sold her home because D’Souza said it was “spooked”. The woman who had the abortion had previously given D’Souza more than £170,000 in the belief it would help her to conceive. Ms Fillingham, had paid £169,000 from 1998 to 2004 to ward off the evil spirit of her deceased brother, save her partner from a nonexistent tumour and ensure her eye surgery would be a success – which it was not.

Her boyfriend, Geoff Wheeler, handed over £195,000 in the same period. Much of the money was supposed to secure his job, but he was still made redundant. Retired opera singer Sylvia Eaves, 83, was conned out of a total of £353,000. D’Souza had multiple identities and a litany of addresses across Hampstead, as well as in West Hampstead, Belsize Park, Kensington and St John’s Wood. She would pay up to a year’s rent in advance – in cash – and occupy several flats at once. It emerged during the trial that she was previously convicted of 28 counts of fraud and four of theft, spending time in Holloway prison in the 1980s. Sentencing her to 10 years in prison for each of 23 counts to run concurently - the maximum sentence allowed by Parliament, Judge Ian Karsten QC said: “It is the worst confidence fraud I have ever had to deal with or indeed that I have heard of”. - Hamhigh


NASA suggests humans could be on Mars by 2035

At the European Lunar Symposium held at the Museum earlier this month, NASA officials revealed that the Moon could be used as a practice ground for sending humans to Mars within 20 years.

NASA’s chief scientist Dr Ellen Stofan and deputy chief technologist Jim Adams told the assembled scientists that putting humans on Mars is NASA’s ‘primary mission’.

While there have been many robotic missions to Mars in search of water and signs of life, including Curiosity’s current assignment, Dr Stofan believes it's now essential to send human scientists.

‘To unambiguously settle the questions of whether there was life on Mars it will take scientists down on the surface,’ Dr Stofan said.

However, she admitted there is still a long way to go to ready the technologies for such a mission.

With the exception of those who went to the Moon, the majority of people sent into space so far have been in ‘low Earth orbit’, relying on systems on Earth to keep them alive. A journey to Mars would take months.

Bagging an asteroid

Before taking the plunge and attempting to send people to Mars, and the associated dangers of deep space, NASA plans to use the Moon as an intermediate proving ground, because it is close enough to return astronauts home within a couple of days.

But rather than landing on the lunar surface, the plan is to pull an asteroid close enough to the Moon to allow astronauts to take samples from it.

The Asteroid Redirect Mission aims to find a small asteroid travelling between the Moon and Earth and to ‘snag it, bag it and drag it’ into orbit around the Moon where it can be reached by astronauts.

Hazardous journey

Robots would perform the capture portion, testing ion propulsion systems - the heavy-duty thrusters that would be needed to get humans and their equipment all the way to Mars.

The budget for seeking out near-Earth objects such as asteroids has already been doubled to find a suitable candidate for the mission.

The human phase would then test new suits designed to protect astronauts from health hazards such as bursts of solar wind. It would also train astronauts in protocols for working in deep space, far from home.

‘We’re working to reduce the risks so that people can arrive on Mars happy and healthy and ready to work.’ Dr Stofan said.

Fly by

To the disappointment of many of the scientists in the audience, who want to see more lunar exploration, Dr Stofan and Adams said that NASA does not intend to use the Moon’s surface as part of its journey to Mars. They did acknowledge, however, the general importance of research on the surface, both for science and exploration, and said they will work with partners in other space agencies to achieve this.

Research on the Moon could help work out how to gather resources from the surface of an alien world, such as how to extract water.

Beyond Mars

Adams finished the talk with tantalising inspiration. ‘Where NASA is headed is to the Martian surface in the 2030s,’ he said.

‘It is my dream that once we’ve put boots on Mars and we’ve established that pioneering presence on the surface, we would have already been thinking about where to go next. I hope that you guys will be along for the ride.’ - NHM



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