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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Ghost Joins the Party -- Silent Sphere at Brown Mountain, NC -- Sasquatch Mask Returned to B.C. First Nation

Ghost Joins the Party

This picture shows a bunch of friends and I. Halfway through the night we decided to take a group picture. Let it be known that everyone at this party knew each others full names and it was at a low-key type place, not in a city. Closest house was about a half mile away. Anyways, if you look closely, in the far right of the picture, shows a head peeping in. He was not in our group, he was not there that night, and he was RIGHT next to me! No one knows who this person is and no one can recall seeing him from the night before. It has yet to be identified. After the picture was taken, we didnt notice the thing until we enlarged the picture. It still does give me the chills. Im not the type of guy who goes out looking for ghosts or whatever you want to call them. Im also not the type of guy who fakes these kinds of things for attention. I come to you kind of chilled on what was captured in this photo. - Witness - Reddit.com


Silent Sphere at Brown Mountain, NC

8/3/2005 - My friends and I frequent Brown Mountain, North Carolina to investigate the Brown Mountain Lights and related UFO activity. On this particular evening what we observed did not appear to be "Brown Mountain Lights" which we had observed in the past.

From Wiseman's View, one can see Table Rock which is separated from the viewer by the Linville Gorge, a massive gorge often called "The Grand Canyon of North Carolina." I approximate that Table Rock is 2-3 miles from Wiseman's View. I will attach a picture of Table Rock.

We had been watching for the Brown Mountain Lights when we first saw the light. It appeared in or behind the treeline on the lower step of Table Rock. Occasionally, the light would brighten and then dim again. We thought that perhaps a camper or hiker was on the mountain shinning a bright light toward Wiseman's View. Then the light began to move. It appeared to stay at the same altitude, but moved back and forth within the treeline. At this point we speculated that perhaps it was a helicopter, behind the treeline. Still, the light would increase in brightness and then dim, furthering our speculation that it might be the spotlight on a helicopter.

We watched this phenomenon for about 45 minutes. It would move back and forth, never going further outward than the treeline. Finally the light lifted above the treeline, and slowly, but intently above Table Rock. Then the light appeared to move in our general direction. Within 30 seconds the light had moved from its original position above Table Rock to directly above our heads. It continued on its path until it was well behind us and out of sight.

The only aircraft that could move in this fashion would be a helicopter, however this object made no noise. While it is impossible to know the exact size of the object since we lacked a reference, I know that had it been a helicopter it would have been close enough to hear. We attempted to video the light after it had began its move toward us, but the batteries in our equipment had died. While I am certain that I had charged the equipment, human error could explain the equipment.

Along with a picture of Table Rock, I will attach a Computer Sketch of the events I witnessed. - MUFON CMS

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Mask associated with Sasquatch lore returned to B.C. First Nation

Hunting for an elusive sasquatch mask revered by a British Columbia First Nation has been a 16-year journey for James Leon, taking him through London, Boston, New York and Ottawa.

In the end, all it took was a question to the lady sitting next to him at a Vancouver event that led him to his nation's Sasq'ets mask that vanished 75 years ago.

Leon was at a repatriation event for another First Nations artifact held by the Vancouver Museum when he asked the lady sitting beside him if she knew of the ape-like mask partially covered in bear fur.

"Her eyes lit up and she said 'We were just looking at that mask the other day.' And they were gracious enough to go get it for me," he said with a chuckle.

The mask disappeared in 1939 from Sts'ailes First Nation, near Harrison Hot Springs in B.C.'s Fraser Valley.

Community elders told Leon that the mask had been taken by J.W. Burns, a teacher at the Chehalis Indian Day School, and a man obsessed with the sasquatch legend.

Burns, who is often credited for bringing the word "sasquatch" into common use, donated the mask to the Vancouver Museum.

Leon took the job of finding the mask seriously and learned it had been on travelling display. He searched through the archives of several museum's known for having artifacts from British Columbia.

While all those elders are gone, he said they'd be pleased the mask has been returned.

"We do burning for the sasquatch. It's our belief that his primary role is to ensure that the land is being taken care of. Because everyone of us, as Sts'ailes people, we carry an ancestral name, a rich name from the land."

Museum of Vancouver CEO Nancy Noble said musuems have a social and cultural obligation to consider repatriating certain objects from their collections to First Nations.

"For aboriginal peoples, the return of an object with significant cultural or spiritual value can help to rebuild awareness, educate youth and strengthen ties to a culture that was often suppressed or taken away," Nobel said in a news release.

The mask was carved by Ambrose Point based on stories "from the beginning of time."

While the more recent stories of bigfoot are enough to produce nightmares, Leon said his people consider spotting a sasquatch good luck.

"There are certain things that happened to us when we see one," he said. "They call it gifts that come with seeing one, like I'd be a good speaker or a good hunter."

There's an even better endowment — a golden gift — if the sasquatch sees you, he explained.

Leon said his closest encounter to a real sasquatch came many years ago when he was walking with his then-wife.

"She kind of pushed me aside, so I didn't see it because I wasn't ready for the gift that comes with it." - Vancouver Sun


Possible UFO Landing

5/12/2014 - I live in anza ca. a known hotspot for ufo activity 8 nights ago I was sitting in my driveway ufo hunting with a pair of binoculars and my cell phone I did not have my mini dvd camera for it is broken unfortunately . suddenly I observed a craft what seem to be a craft with several windows in an amber glow I tried to debunk it thinking karon maybe it is just a reflection from neighbors patio lights or a distant street light ??? come to find out there is no patio or distant street lights then suddenly I observed anoyher craft only it was in a white glow sitting next to the amber glow craft it was then I pick up my cell phone to video tape this event to no avail darn my cell phone video would not work and my mini dvd camera broken who is going to believe me ?? just moved to anza not knowing anybody all I could do is watch and wish.. so this is my story and the events that I witnessed and observed not only did I see 2 ufos I saw another and another and another I counted 30 that night and they all seem to be landed on ground let me tell you this has been life changing at one point one of the crafts seem to have some sort of robotic robot or alien walking aside the craft it moved very very fast however jerky too the craft would keep a spotlight apon the robot creature as it romed around the hillside sometimes appearing as it was directed towards me which made me feel uneasy another craft hovering had a spotlight on the hillside that seemed to shine a very bright red and green and gold comeing from the hillside that the craft had its spotlight on and this went on several hours I mean are they mineing something out from the mountain we call cahilla ??? there was another craft hovering with a spotlight just in one area all night long same place weird I took my flashlite out and tried to do some silly signal in hopes they responded and lord and behold they did trying to grab a clasp on reality I said there is intelligence here oh my god that first nite I watched til dawn wanting to see just where do they go ??? well they seemed to line up single file and glide down the canyon I never seen anything like this and sooo many crafts let me tell u this was 8 nights ago and every nite since then they have appeared like clockwork they have performed some amazeing things like I said life changing I now have my camera in the repair shop sorry I do not at this time have a video however could you please review my case and investigate this event I know they know I am watching them however it doesn't seem to effect them I am sane no mental health problems I believe that this is a rare event and should be investigated asap before they disappear I thank you karon in anza ca. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Anza, CA has a history of UFO and large bird sightings. I'm going to try to gather more on this report...Lon



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