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Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Purple Jellyfish...Possible New Species -- Strange Occurrences Around Our House -- US Government / Alien Alliance?

Purple jellyfish with multiple mouths could be new species

Scientists believe a bright purple jellyfish covered in tiny mouths that has washed up on a beach in Queensland, Austarlia, could be an undiscovered species. The extraordinary colour of the creature has baffled marine experts, who are now trying to determine the species, which sadly died during analysis.

"It's straight out of science fiction," said marine biologist Dr Lisa Gershwin. "It's an electric, vibrant, ‘wow’ purple." She said the tentacles, or oral arms, were about a metre long and covered in microscopic mouths. Lifeguards on the sunshine coast found the jellyfish at Coolum beach on Wednesday morning and handed it over to scientists at nearby Underwater World.

Gershwin believed the jellyfish could be a thysanostoma, but said the species was normally brown or beige. "It begs the question, if it's such a vibrant, different colour, what other features does it have?" Gershwin, from the CSIRO marine and atmospheric research centre, said. The plot thickened on Thursday, with pictures emerging of a second specimen from Ballina in northern New South Wales.

Dr Gershwin said it was possible the jellyfish had arrived in Australia in the ballast of a ship. If it is a species known as a thysanostoma, it could have come from the Red Sea, Malaysia or the Philippines. ``The reason we haven’t been able to progress this is because the literature is in German and from the 1800s,’’ she said. ``No work has been done on this since then. I’m getting the papers translated by a native German speaker. We need to find out if it’s new to science and, if it is, why it hasn’t been seen before. If it’s not from here, we need to work out where it came from and how it got here.’’ - news.com.au


Strange Occurrences Around Our House

Hi I am seeking some advice. For some background my wife and I have lived in this apartment for 4 years and 3 months ago brought home our newborn baby boy. Over the last few weeks we have had some strange occurrences centered around our bedroom.

The first thing we noticed when our son was laying in the bed was him staring at a blank spot on the ceiling. Sometimes he smiles or makes sounds while looking at this spot, which is in front of a wall mirror we have. We kind of joked that he was looking at an invisible friend but he does it all the time when he is in our room, sometimes he will kind of track across the ceiling with his eyes like he is looking at something. It's a little creepy but what has happened the last few nights have freaked my wife out a bit.

A few nights ago I woke up from a vivid nightmare. I was sleeping on the couch because I snore sometimes and my wife was sleeping in our room with the baby. I noticed the house felt hot so I went into her room and noticed the thermostat turned up and I could smell the heater and hear it ticking on, so I turned it down because it is warming up for summer here and it was pretty warm in the room. I didn't think much of it and turned on some Netflix and fell asleep.

The night before last my wife wakes me up and asks if I turned up the heat. It was really warm in the room and once again the heater was turned up mysteriously. This happened AGAIN last night and it's pretty weird. Neither of us have any history of sleepwalking and the thermostat is not an automatic one, it has to be manually adjusted.

The other thing to note is that I have been awoken from vivid nightmares almost every night for the last two weeks. This usually happens at about 3 am exactly which I know is regarded as one of the witching hours. I've always had trouble sleeping and have had periods of vivid dreams and nightmares in the past but not for years. I attribute these to the stress of having a new baby and my worries but I thought it was worth mentioning.

My wife and I have had a handful of unexplained, possible paranormal experiences in our lives between the two of us. Does anyone here have any thoughts or advice for us? - Reddit.com


L.A. Dodgers Release Ear-Biter

Miguel Olivo was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday, two days after biting off a piece of Triple-A Albuquerque teammate Alex Guerrero's left ear during a dugout brawl.

Olivo, a veteran catcher, and Guerrero, the highly paid Cuban second base prospect, fought during the Isotopes game at Salt Lake on Tuesday. The Dodgers suspended Olivo on Wednesday while they conducted an investigation.

"It's unimaginable, inconceivable and unforgivable," Dodgers President Stan Kasten said at Citi Field before the Dodgers played the New York Mets. "It's not a question of fault. The action of removing a part of someone's ear is unforgivable. Fault is not an issue here."

The 27-year-old Guerrero had reconstructive surgery on his ear and there is no timetable for his return, Kasten said. The Dodgers executive said he was told Olivo bit off a significant chunk from the top of Guerrero's ear.

The Dodgers should have a better idea of how long Guerrero will be out by Sunday, Kasten said. Kasten also said there was no decision yet on whether Guerrero will file criminal charges.

Olivo will not face discipline from the commissioner's office because the Dodgers terminated his contract. Under the collective bargaining agreement, either the club or Major League Baseball can discipline a player, not both. - AP


Did the US Government Make a Pact With Aliens to Get Technology?

Phil Schneider was vocal before his death about what he says he learned about aliens while working under a high-level security clearance for the U.S. government. Epoch Times does not make any claims as to the veracity of his story, but rather presents his extraordinary claims for the reader’s entertainment and contemplation.

Schneider met with ridicule from many, but there are also many who believe him after watching his videos, such as Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff who calls him a “UFO whistleblower.” Schneider was found dead in his apartment in 1996. Though it was ruled a suicide, some believe he was murdered.

In 1954, then-President Dwight Eisenhower made a pact with three species of aliens, said Schneider in a lecture at the 1995 Preparedness Expo. In exchange for alien technology, Eisenhower allegedly gave aliens permission to abduct some cattle and a limited number of human beings.

For decades livestock have been found inexplicably mutilated across the United States. More than 10,000 attacks have been recorded throughout the country, according to KLAS-TV Las Vegas. Some say these mutilations are done by cultists. Some say it’s predatory animals, although livestock have been found with their organs removed in a precise manner. Some say it’s aliens.

As for human abductees, Schneider said many of the thousands of people missing worldwide may have been taken by aliens. He said there are nine races of aliens that see a human being as “a bag of food.”

The technology aliens gave to uphold their end of this exchange includes a kind of metal that is nearly indestructible. Schneider showed the audience what he said was a piece of this metal. It is made of niobium, an element we have on the periodic table, and marinite, an alien element you won’t find mentioned in Earth’s textbooks.

He said the government also developed a spy satellite with the help of aliens that could spot a dime on your kitchen floor. It used infrared technology and had a resolution factor of 99.99961.

The aliens violated the pact, said Schneider, by taking more humans than agreed upon. A war with the aliens has been fought ever since. He said the aliens plan to take over Earth by 2029 and he called on the government to tell citizens what it knows.

He said: “We don’t have a whole heap of time left.” - The Epoch Times



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