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Friday, May 16, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 10

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location: Putre, Chile - June 27-28, 1974

Young Bolivian student Lucio Quevedo Lazarte was sleeping in his room when a noise coming from the living room woke him up. Going to investigate he was confronted by a man with very short white hair, wearing a tight-fitting shiny black outfit that ended in a closed turtleneck. On his arm he wore a bracelet and his hands were enclosed in dark gloves. He also wore a strange metallic belt with several sphere and rhomboid shaped object clinging from it. Lucio at first thought that the stranger was a thief and begged him not to steal the curtains. The entity answered him by saying: "I could changed that what you call a curtain for something of more value." At that moment the humanoid took out of his belt one of the rhomboid shaped objects and placed it in front of Lucio's face, at this time Lucio lost consciousness. Later he woke up from a kind of trance and the stranger had already gone. He went back to bed and covered himself completely even though he was unable to sleep after that.

The next day, Lucio woke up in his bed stiff, pale and unable to move. A local police doctor attended to him and concluded that he had some type of virulent disease. He woke up around noon, seemingly returning to normal. Around 1500 he suddenly got up from bed and climbed up on top of a bunk and proceeded to jump out the window. His brother Julio saw him and ran quickly to assist him, but to his surprised he could not find Lucio anywhere, not a trace of him. The police were called and they searched for him throughout the afternoon.

Around 9:00 pm a scream was heard: "He is here!" Everyone ran to the location and found student Donato Perez on the ground with Lucio lying directly on top of him. Donato explained that he saw Lucio being accompanied by two men that upon seeing him dropped him to floor and vanished. Lucio's clothing was dirty, and his shoes stained with grayish volcanic sand. During a medical examination it was discovered that his fingertips had triangular shaped scars on them. A couple of days later he was able to recall what happened and remembered that as he fell out of the window two short humanoids grabbed him and took him flying to the nearby Taapaca Volcano. There they entered a landed object and inside he saw additional humanoids (not described). Later the same 2 short humanoids took him back and that's when Donato saw him arriving. In the area around the Volcano investigators found several ground traces.

Source: Cristian Riffo / Albert Rosales



Location: Iron Mountain, Michigan - 1972 - 10:50 pm

The witness was driving out of the parking lot of his foundry job when he noticed an object flying about 100 ft in the air above a junkyard. He noticed 4 lights, 2 red and 2 green. Suddenly it shot a bright beam down onto several of the wrecked cars in the junkyard, shut it off, and proceeded east repeating the same thing. The object then stops to hover above some trees and bushes. The witness drove closer to the object and realized it was a giant round disc shaped craft. There was a dome-like structure on the top with a giant pane of glass with 2 creatures standing. One pointed towards the witness car, turned to the other and immediately the glass was covered by some kind of barrier so it simply looked like a disc with a dome. The witness then stood directly under the object where he saw a mesmerizing red light that had an extremely tranquilizing effect on the witness. The underside of the object had a slight lip around the edge. Crisscrossing the belly were what appeared to be some kind of tubes or I-beams, which passed through to each of the lights resembling a “cross” or plus sign. Eventually, the witness heard a whine like an electric motor starting, and then silence set in. The lights then became more intense, while four globes beneath the object began to send off what looked like bolts of lightning. Out of nowhere and completely encircling the disc, came a coil, which looked like it was made up of overlapping scales, like fish scales, roughly spherical in shape and about 12 inches at the widest. The disc then rose cleared the top of the foundry roof and preceded slightly northeast, it momentarily turned its lights off as it glided across a street. The craft then stopped and disappeared. The witness then suddenly found himself back home.

Years later the witness remembered being lifted up on a beam of light and being inside of the disc. There he met the same two beings he had seen previously. One of the humanoids was about 4-½ ft tall, the other 4 ft. Their skin was kind of iridescent gray and they had large eyes, no ears, or mouth. They had 4 fingers on each hand with a tiny suction cup-like on each finger. Inside the object everything was metallic with sky-blue seat cushions. The humanoids seemed to lack what we would call substance, rather like a holographic image of one kind or another. He was told telepathically that they had needed electrons from the iron in the junked cars, which they needed as fuel. The witness could not remember how he left the object.

Source: Michigan UFO Central



Location: Cincinnati, Ohio - October 2, 1966 - 8:20 pm

Mrs. Everett Steward was talking on the telephone when she smelled a foul odor in the room. She went to her bedroom, where she had a feeling of being watched. Looking out the window, she saw an oval shaped object with portholes & red, green, & white lights revolving around it. It was 75 ft in diameter & 100 ft up. She woke her husband, who also saw it, and called her married daughter, Mrs Janet Emery, a mile away; the Emerys also saw it, and a neighbor with binoculars could see that it had square windows glowing yellow. Janet went outdoors & saw the UFO eject a red ball, which maneuvered while the first UFO took off southward. The red ball flew 75-100 ft over Jane's head; it was oval, and its underside was shiny like aluminum foil; it was "bigger than my cottage and yard combined." She also smelled the garbage like odor.

Mrs. Steward went to bed, the odor still in the house. After some time, the room was filled for an instant with brilliant white light; then this vanished, and a globe of light about 21" in diameter appeared at the foot of her bed. Inside this globe were 5 "non-human, hairless heads" with oval, sunken eyes. "Instead of noses, there were slits, and they had no mouths." Telepathically, they repeated several times "We have made contact." Mrs Steward screamed, and the globe disappeared. She was so disquieted by the experience that she was under psychiatric care for the next 2 years.

Source: Leonard Stringfield



Location: South Dakota (no specific location) - November 30, 1994 - late night

The witness was returning home from her sister's funeral and was very exhausted. She began to see shadows and movement on the road ahead and stopped at a rest area. She turned off the engine and layback to sleep. Her next memory was of looking down at herself in the car, her head was back, eyes shut and mouth wide open. She could see some type of craft next to the car and some beings were holding something that directed a beam of white light into her mouth. The beings spoke among themselves, saying, "That she had many lessons to learn." The beings said that she had to get cancer, and kept repeating the phrases about "so many lessons to learn." She found herself talking to a being that had soft tanned skin. The beings were humanoid with large eyes, but no hair. Next she found herself in the car and drove home arriving at 3:00 am. The witness did indeed develop breast cancer and was operated. She apparently recovered.

Source: Claude DiDomenica



Location: Southern Illinois - 3/1995 - 1:15 a,

I was on my way home from work driving down a country road with a gravel pit on one side, and forest on the other. In my headlights, I saw something in the clearing between the forest and the road. At first I thought it was a deer, I slowed down in case it started to run into the road. As I got closer, I noticed it was walking on two legs. My first thought at this point was that there was a car accident from up ahead, and this person was looking for help.

At first I was confused, an animal or person. As I approached and lowered my window, I realized that it was not a person or animal I got goosebumps which lasted for about 30 seconds. It stood as high as may car, it had a very thin body, covered in a white or semi-transparent material. The legs and arms were very thin and long. The head was slightly larger than a human, with black eyes, no nose, and a slit where the mouth would be. It moved in an erratic manner as it entered the road, then it turned, saw me and began walking toward my car with an almost spider-like walk.

When it got to within 5-7 feet on the driver's side, I got really spooked, and drove away. As I drove away, I kept thinking that there was a car accident ahead. There was nothing, and that is the time I realized that something really weird was happening. For the next week I had a hard time making a logical decision as to what I had seen. I told my wife several days later, and she said that I had been acting different.

Source: Witness report



Location: San Antonio, Texas - 4/19/2009 - evening

I was talking on my cell at the end of my sidewalk by the street when I turned around facing my house and saw this huge black human-like bird thing gliding without a noise coming from the east maybe the distance would be like three streets over but about maybe five blocks down.

When I saw this I was stunned and stared at it trying to figure out what it was and then I realized it wasn't anything I've ever seen. I ran into the house and yelled at my husband and my grown son to get out here quick. They came but seemed like forever and they looked and saw it too. When they saw it the thing was like the a few streets over and then disappeared behind the big trees. When we saw it we all said that no one would believe us; but I have recently been talking about it because it has bothered me so much.

I've lived in this neighborhood all my life and I can remember three UFO sightings since I was five and all the sightings were in this neighborhood or around Stinson Field airport. I never came forward about them because people think you've lost your ever loving mind until recently when others I've spoke with shared their experiences. I have other stories but this one is the most recent and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this thing. It is silent like it was a glider but I could see the body was exactly like a man a very large man.

Source: Witness report

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