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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 6

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Near Tocopila, Chile - Summer 1996 - afternoon

A family of four was driving on their way to Tocopila. Halfway there the father, who was driving, changed his mind and decided to return, explaining that by the time they arrived at Tocopila everything would be closed. He took a secondary road that passed by an empty airfield and located in an isolated plain.

As they drove near the airfield they all noticed a strange triangular-shaped mark on the ground, however they did not stop to investigate. Soon they began hearing bizarre screams resembling those of a woman being attacked. Immediately after that they all saw a brilliant humanoid figure at least 3 meters in height, shining like brilliant metal. It's face was oval-shaped and its eyes almond in shape emitting a brilliant light. Astounded the witnesses watched as the shiny giant creature stepped in front of their car and signaled them to stop. The mother began screaming as the creature turned its head towards them and emitted a brilliant beam of bluish light from each eye. The whole time the driver slowed the vehicle down until it was going a minimal speed. They were able to notice that the creature had extremely long arms; it was of thin build, and was wearing a one-piece shiny silvery outfit. It was totally hairless. As the mother screamed hysterically the creature disappeared in plain sight and everything returned to normal. The witnesses quickly drove away from the area.

Source: Ramon Navia, 'La Verdad Oculta', Chile / Albert Rosales



Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin - September 1975 - 11:00 pm

The witness was watching the sky to the south of his mobile home when he saw a large saucer shaped craft slowly proceed down and just above the trees from east to west. He followed it with his eyes as it passed just before him about 100 ft away. It then settled silently in the corner of the next field about 1500 ft away. The witness walked over to where he saw it land...it was a clear, cool, moonlit night. He took no flashlight or camera and felt no fear. He easily found the craft as a very bright light shone from beneath it at the far southeast corner of the field.

As he approached about 20 ft from the craft he noticed an individual in the light from the bottom of the craft directly before him. The human-like figure appeared to have on a form fitting white suit. The eyes were covered in what appeared to be goggles or protective bubbles of tinted glass or plastic, he then noticed a second similar figure to his right only about 6 ft away. The witness was a bit startled, as he did not notice the approach of the figure. However his attention returned to the figure standing near the object by the light. This figure was busily attempting to catch a grasshopper; he held what appeared to be a glass sample container in his right hand and a stopper type lid in the other. He emitted a strange type of giggle as he finally caught the grasshopper. The figure in the trees rejoined this one carrying a sample jar as well. In it the witness could clearly see in the light that it contained a sprig from an oak tree with leaves and acorns attached. They were both about 5 ft tall and lean.

The witness then heard a sound of someone walking through the field of drying corn just to the south and behind him. It was a slow, steady type of walking sound, which someone would make walking on a field of dry grass. As it approached it stopped and then sped up as it walked around the witness. Into the light of the craft then appeared another figure in the same type of suit. He also carried a sample jar. The jars were about 4 inches around and about 15 inches tall with wide mouths and black stopper caps. In this jar he had an ear of the corn. The third arrival hastily pointed out the witness to the other two as they all looked directly at him. He could only smile and wave, and then turn slowly and walk back to his home. The craft hovered silently about 4 ft off the ground. Nothing protruded from it except the bright light from an opening in the bottom. The opening was about 4 ft in width. He could see no stairs leading up to the opening. The witness did not see the object depart.

Source: UFO Wisconsin



Lake Como, Pennsylvania - February 6, 1976 - 11:30 pm

Mrs. M.J. and her cousin C.W. were returning home by the lake road when they stopped to watch “shooting stars.” When they reached home, they were missing about 3 hours of time. The next morning M.J. had a sore stomach and a very inflamed navel, and C.W. had a small puncture mark on her spine with 4 little marks around it.

Under hypnosis M.J. remembered that 4 short strangers in black “snowmobile suits” with helmets over their heads had approached the car, while hovering over a field was a helmet shaped object 30-40 ft in diameter, with a big white light in the middle and little lights recessed around it. She found herself outside the car, and the beings came up and pulled at her arm; then she remembered sitting on a cot inside a room with a rounded door, where there was a chrome cylinder. A “nurse” wearing a face mask, with big black eyes, accompanied by a “doctor”, brought up a needle; M.J jumped off the cot, but was caught and fastened to it, and the needle was inserted into her stomach. Then a number of people with chalk white, cat like faces, wearing cream-colored robes, appeared; they had scaly skin and long fingernails, small noses and no visible mouths. She noticed also “a whole mess” of controls and gauges, up to the ceiling. The craft was in flight at this time.

She could see a man (of normal type) bending over C.W. She also observed a “pedestal” chair, and a box with lines going across it, on which, as on a TV, she saw “a baby crying, a war, people in the jungle with knives” and other scenes, for about 10 minutes. Then she remembered leaving the craft and returning, with C.W., to the car.

Source: Douglas Dains CUFOS / Dr. Gary Truce



Near Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina - August 1987 - afternoon

A lone hunter was out in a wooded area collecting firewood for the long stay in the area when he suddenly felt a sense of "adventure" or laziness as he put it. He stopped whatever he was doing and looked around him looking for something to do in order to "recreate" himself. He noticed nearby some brush moving aside and expected some type of animal to suddenly come out, but to his great surprise two strange figures emerged from the brush, both appeared identical to each other, both in appearance and clothing style. At first he thought these were hunters but was surprised as to how they were able to cross the river without any difficulty. He saluted the figures in a friendly manner, but they ignored him but suddenly stopped at about 30 meters from the witness.

Curious he approached the pair and as he did he noticed that they wore a one-piece tight-fitting rose-colored coveralls, it was so tight-fitting that it clearly showed the creature's body contours. They were not taller than 1.50m and their thin bodies did not appeared to be in proportion to their large heads. They had large staring eyes without eyebrows, with a very small nose and very thin almost unseen lips. Their heads were totally bald and very wide. One of them was carrying something resembling a thin rod in his hand. The witness could not distinguish if the rod was a separate instrument or an extension to the hand.

As the witness attempted to walk away his body suddenly became numb...he wanted to walk but could not but strangely he remained calm. At that moment one of the humanoids grinned as if to say that everything was going to be OK...that they were his friends. The humanoids then continued on their way at a slow pace, apparently floating just above the ground. The moment that they disappeared into the brush the witness was able to immediately move again. He then returned home canceling his hunting trip.

NOTE: below is another report from a nearby location, from the same writer but from different witnesses...Lon


Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina - August 1987 - 5:00 pm

Several youths were walking along a stream in order to find a suitable spot to fish when they suddenly came upon a very short creature only about 1/2 meter in height. It had a large oval shaped head and somewhat disproportional to the size of its body and completely bald. It had two very large round staring eyes. At first the creature appeared to have been bend down looking for something and it stood up upon seeing the children, which did not notice any arms on the creature. It wore a one-piece tight-fitting red coverall.

One of the boys screamed in surprise, this apparently caused the diminutive being to sprint away towards the woods, at that same moment a second similar creature that had been hidden from view joined the first one and both disappeared into the brush. The children also ran from the area terrified. Around the same date but late at night, a bus full of passengers reportedly saw an extremely bright disc shaped craft hovering above the roadway.

Source: Reported by witnesses to Fabio Picasso / Albert Rosales



El Yunque, Puerto Rico - late February 1991 - 7:30 pm

Freddie, his wife and their young child were taking a drive around the rainforest area on Route 191. After cruising the area the road took a turn and the pair inadvertently took a detour deep into the forest. After a while they came up to a camouflaged gate deeper into the forest and after inspecting it they decided to drive through it. As they drove on the path in the woods they noticed that it was well lit by blue light bulbs on each side of the road. They drove through some hills for about 2 miles when the road abruptly ended. At it's end there was a large metal gate and a building on the other side of it. At that moment two six-foot tall man-like figures appeared and ordered the pair to stop and asked who they were. The men wore tight-fitting black one-piece suits, resembling diver's outfits, a wide black belt, black gloves, and large black boots with gold-colored metallic straps. They also wore large dark oval shaped helmets with dark visors. Their faces were not visible.

In eerie metallic-electronic sounding voices the strangers ordered the witnesses to step out of the car. The child remained sleeping in the back seat. One of the men took a long thin metallic tube with a mirror like tip and examined the vehicle. The figures asked the witnesses how they got there and then looked at the sleeping child inside. They then held a short conversation in a grave guttural language resembling German. One of the "men" then left the area and a blue pickup truck now arrived at the scene. Two men wearing blue coveralls were in the vehicle and spoke in Spanish to the witnesses, again asking them how they got there. The men then looked at the child and commented something in a low tone of voice to the strange figure in black that remained on the scene.

At that moment Freddie noticed a glint of light coming from what appeared to be a rectangular shaped hollowed out area in the nearby wooded slope of a hill. There appeared to be several huge glass like doors and inside there was a disc shaped object, that was encircled in rectangular shaped windows and was 30 ft in diameter, it appeared metallic & aluminum in color. Thinking that he was seeing something he was not supposed to see, he quickly averted his gaze. The men did not appear to notice that Freddie had seen anything. The men in the blue pickup then ordered the couple and their child to follow them out of the area in their vehicle. They were quickly escorted out onto the main road.

Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono Del Tercer Tipo



Kiev, Ukraine - 1998 - night

Alla, a local woman, was in her bed submerged in dark thoughts, her husband and her three children were alcoholics. She saw no future and had serious thoughts of committing suicide. Suddenly someone knocked on her front door. She could only say, “Who is there? The time is late”. But she did not have time to react as two strange entities suddenly appeared inside the room. The figures were generally humanoid in appearance with very black claw-like hands with long nails.

The entities knew exactly what their purpose was...then said politely, but firmly, “Don’t do what you are planning, it is better that you come with us.” Where? For what? And who are you, Alla replied. Her guests explained that they lived in a planet with “shape shifting beings” that can change their shape and density at will “It is difficult for those beings to perform physical tasks, that’s why at times they ask humans for help”. Their species also lacked females of their kind, and were having trouble in continuing their species. It was difficult for their women to give birth and that’s why they invited terrestrial females to their planet. At this point, Alla half got up, intending to put her shoes on, but the strangers stopped her, saying, “No footwear is needed.”

Her next memory was in appearing in a large room on board a large spacecraft. She saw three compartments on board and in one she noticed about 20 human males of different ages, the second compartment was empty, and in the third room she saw two elderly adult women that were talking to each other. In apparent bewilderment one of them was saying to the other, “I can’t understand, whether I am still in this world, or already dead and in heaven?” Surprised, Alla wondered why the aliens needed those elderly women. At this moment the door opened and the aliens appeared, accompanied by a younger human woman. “Hello” she said to everyone. One of the “captive” men then said, “Here is one more prisoner”. Moments later the young woman explained to Alla that she had met the strange entities as she left a dance hall, at which time they proposed sex to her. After getting over her shock, she agreed, since her life was full of marital and family problems anyway. The aliens then performed medical checks on both women and also performed some type of “IQ” test, that including remembering chemical formulas. The aliens were evidently testing their mental capabilities. The aliens spoke with the captives in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but communicated among themselves in a strange “sing-song” language.

Apparently Alla did not pass any of the tests given to her by the aliens, so she was apparently returned back to her home...the other female taken from outside the dance hall remained with the aliens. While speaking with the other earth woman on board the spacecraft, Alla noticed five small globe-shaped spheres, resembling ball lighting and seemingly behaving like intelligent beings. They positioned themselves in a row. The alien commander then proceeded to tell them something, which Alla understood as, “My dear, you returned! Well go to your place.” Alla then saw six small containers on the control panel resembling ordinary wine glasses; the spheres obeyed and placed themselves inside those containers, changing into the shape of a mushroom.

Source: Leonid Terentyev, “UFO Captives” and Tatyana Nuraliyeva

NOTE: I attempted to find more on this report but nothing was available. Tatyana Nuraliyeva, who I believe to be a spiritual healer, was the probable source of this encounter...Lon

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