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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 2

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location/Date: near Barstow California - July 1995 - midnight

Five young men had gone into the Mojave Desert to shoot their rifles and camp for the night. Three of the group had gone to bed while the other two stayed up talking and working by portable light on a dirt bike.

After awhile they heard a strange humming sound and their portable light went out. Looking up, in the light of the full moon, they spotted a large black circular object slowly moving over their camp. Startled and curious, they followed the craft hoping to make out more details. After about an hour, they lost sight of it over a hill. They headed back to camp but lost their way.

After wandering about for nearly an hour, they came upon an old State Park dumpster in the middle of the area used for dirt bikes. Then from within the masonry wall surrounding the dumpsters, they heard loud crashing sounds like if someone was tossing garbage around. One of the men walked around to an opening in the wall, intent on asking directions from whoever was there. He noticed a tall blond man, clean shaven and wearing a golf shirt and dress slacks, both stained with motor oil and muck, wildly tossing garbage around as he searched for something in the dumpster.

The camper asked the blond man if he knew how to get back to town, the man responded that he was not from around the area, that maybe the government knew. The campers asked the man what he was doing out in the middle of nowhere dressed as he was, but he ignored them, held up a bullet riddle radiator, and asked them what they thought of it. Concerned the two campers moved back from the stranger. They then looked around for a car but saw nothing. Just then a helicopter flew over the hillside and shot a blinding light down on the group. Though the two campers do not recall the man leaving the dumpster, they turned to talk to him and he was gone. An instant later the helicopter veered off in the direction of a glowing green light that was steadily rising in the sky. Neither camper remembered anything after that. They woke up leaning against the masonry wall sometime after 6:00 AM.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: the Barstow, CA area has been a UFO / ET hot spot for many years..Lon



Location/Date: Yakima, Washington - Jan. 1977 - 6:00 AM

A 9 year old boy was getting ready to eat his breakfast when he noticed a "little man" standing outside in his yard. He went outside and saw two light green colored creatures about 3 foot tall, who rotated on a base instead of having legs and feet. In a drawing, these creatures had only one eye, pug noses, and vestigial arms. Two metal craft were observed, one resting in the backyard and the other on the roof of the house, where there were two more identical creatures visible. While hiding, he saw the first two beings return to their craft, which were brightly lit inside and contained "two chairs with very tall bases." Ramps led up to "cross shaped" doors. After the humanoids had re-entered, the craft in the yard rose and disappeared in a cloud of steamy exhaust.

Impressions in the gravel were found where the boy said the creatures had stood. In the long grass of the backyard was a circle of whirled grass about 10 feet in diameter. Local investigators found these traces still present during their on-site inspection on the same day the incident.

Source: CUFOS / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: Knox, Indiana - November 8 1988 - 11:00 PM

The 12-year old witness had gotten up to get a drink of water when a flash of multicolored light attracted his attention to the yard. He turned the lights on and walked over to the large picture window in the living room. Looking out he saw a large diamond-shaped object resting on the lawn. It had flashing multi-colored lights around its edge and appeared to be made out of a copper like metal. An escalator like device now appeared from the object's left rear edge and slid down to the ground. A small humanoid now appeared and walked down the escalator and disappeared behind the object.

Moments later the being re-appeared and began walking towards the house. The humanoid was described as a bit over 5-foot tall with normal arms with what appeared to be claws and strange "double feet." The being wore a belt and a buckle and appeared to have some type of symbols across its chest. It had a large nose, large square mouth, and huge dark brown eyes. The skin was lizard like green with scales and wrinkled.

The witness became frightened as the being approached, suddenly the neighbor's dog began barking, and the being stopped turned its head around and looked directly at the witness. The next thing the witness remembered was seeing the object lift off silently and disappear into the sky. Ground traces were reportedly found the next day.

Source: MUFON Journal #262



Location/Date: Blowing Cave, Arkansas - 1966 - late afternoon

Several spelunkers, among them George D. Wight, were exploring the cave when they spotted a light at the end of the tunnel. As they approached it, Wight noticed a narrow crevice, just big enough for him to squeeze inside it where he found artificial steps.

He called to the others and they climbed through the opening. The tunnel expanded and they suddenly came into a large corridor, 20 by 20. The walls and the floors were smooth and the ceiling had a curved dome shape. Soon they encountered blue skinned but otherwise human-like individuals. The strangers communicated with the witnesses, telling them that they had instruments that could measure people's emotions. They learned that the tunnels went on for miles.

They were led to underground cities populated by entities that included serpent-like creatures and large hairy bipeds. Using an elevator-like device, they were taken to a glass like city.

Soon after this incident, Wight apparently returned to the cave and was never seen again.

Source: witness Richard Toronto



Location/Date: Oroshaza, Hungary - January 26, 1991 - 1:15 am

Istvan Balogh, a frontier guard, was returning from the movies and had stepped out to the terrace when he saw a gray disc shaped object, 4 meters in height, and 2 meters in width. As he stared at the object, a bright beam of light struck him. He soon found himself aboard the disc. He was in a room with a window wrapped around the diameter. He was then approached by two human-like figures with 3 digit hands and green skin, wearing black uniforms. They communicated telepathically telling the witness they had come from a world at a distance of 15 million light years from earth and they were able to travel via dimensional portals. He remembers seeing an illuminated crater (apparently on the moon) and a pyramid. He was eventually returned home at 2:00 am.

On Feb. 13, 1991, he woke up in his bedroom to hear a loud booming voice that repeated 3 times "we will meet soon." The voice had a metallic quality to it. He told his story at the hospital fearing that the beings may have experimented on him. Later he was removed from his job as a frontier guard because he was deemed 'unreliable'.

Source: CUN Milan / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: Mariemont, Ohio - July 26, 1974 - 1:15 am

Mrs. Patricia N. and her 3 daughters, were driving around their neighborhood while waiting for the gas company to investigate a strong odor of gas reported by at least 15 area residents. While driving south on Homewood Avenue, they noticed a strange figure walking toward them on the sidewalk; he was 5-foot tall and walked with a forward lunge, arms swinging from side to side. He wore no shirt; the witness thought the chest was hairy, the girls did not; he wore dark trousers with no visible bottoms, extending to "pig like" feet, or hooves---definitely not normal feet. He walked with a distinct "clicking" sound. His head was bald on top there was hair on the lower part of his face; they could see no facial features. The women turned around at the end of the street and drove back but the figure had vanished. The odor was gone when they got back home, although the technicians had been unable to find any gas leaks.

Source: witness report to private investigator



Location/Date: Nildottie, South Australia - June 1979 - early evening

The two witnesses, Jack and Don, had been experiencing problems with their outside TV antenna being twisted around. The cause puzzled them. One evening, after cooking a meal, the Venetian blinds went up and down. Both went outside to look and were approached by 'European' looking people. They appeared to be wearing dark colored woolen jumpers and were both male and females. A bright light shone on them and both men felt calm.

They were then taken over to a mound of gravel adjacent to which a oval shaped craft was located. The men were escorted inside though they never remember entering a passageway. It was cold, so the beings agreed to escort them back to the house to get coats. They were not allowed to take food. They then returned to the craft and it took off. As it rose they saw the TV antenna on the house below twist around. They could see across the Murray River as they rose up.

Don, the younger of the two, was given strange, repetitive tests. Many hours later they were returned. Later, a neighbor visited and found them confused. The local police were immediately called in. The two men were taken to a local hospital and seemed to be suffering from yellow jaundice and eye problems. Both men, who were in their 30's, eventually lost their sight and passed away within two years of the encounter. There was an autopsy performed on both men but an official cause of death was never released.

Source: "The Oz Files" through witness statements


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