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Friday, April 25, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Ridley Scott Directing HBO Ancient Aliens Drama -- Unexplained Occurrences -- ET Abduction Support Group

Ridley Scott to direct ancient aliens show for HBO

It was announced on Thursday, April 24 that director Ridley Scott is developing an alien-themed drama titled Pharaoh for HBO.

Scott has signed on to serve as the executive producer and director for this project, which was created and sold to the premium cable channel by David Schulner. The Hollywood Reporter explains:

The drama explores an alternate explanation for the foundation and ascent of the ancient Egyptian empire — one in which greatness was bestowed upon us by beings from another world, calling into question what it means to be a “god.” The project was co-created by Giannina Facio and Colet Abedi, who will exec produce alongside Scott and David Zucker for Scott Free.

Although this plot outline sounds familiar to that of the Stargate franchise that began with the 1994 film and followed with the SyFy television series Stargate SG-1, it sounds like the premise of Pharaoh is different enough. Blastr states, “Obviously, fans of Stargate are pretty familiar with the concept, and it sounds like Scott could be putting a spin on the old premise (minus the ‘gates, apparently).” And Wired UK speculates the series will be “something along the lines of Rome with an Ancient Astronauts twist, rather than a Stargate redux.”

Of course, Scott is familiar with the extraterrestrial genre. He is well-known for his 1979 blockbuster hit Alien, and, more recently, the 2012 film Prometheus. Scott also directed the successful period film Gladiator in 2000. With Pharaoh blending extraterrestrial and historical elements, Scott seems to be a good fit for the project. And Scott himself is a proponent of ancient alien theories. His film Prometheus was partially inspired by the writings of Swiss author Erich von Daniken who is known for his books like Chariots of the Gods? and Gods From Outer Space. Von Daniken is also a regular talking head on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.

Scott is currently directing a seemingly related film titled Exodus: Gods and Kings, scheduled to be released in December 2014. - Open Minds

Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past

Gods From Outer Space

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Unexplained occurrences in my old home

I apologize for how long this is, but I have a bunch of stories and have always wanted to find explanations. I grew up in the same home just outside of Boston until I was about 21 and moved out on my own. A little background on the house; it was part of a condominium complex that was originally an estate belonging to a wealthy family. I believe that the actual house we were in was an addition and although it was on the physical property of the estate it was not built until much later. At some point the estate was sold to the Church and was a Monastery. I had heard that during the time as a Monastery my house was a dormitory but I'm not sure if that is true. It was then turned into condominiums.

In addition to the history of the place my parents always thought my Grandfather was present. He passed away before I was born but I've been told he was very controlling, not in a bad way, but just in the way that my family felt even if he passed he would want to be around.

These occurrences happened over 10+ years but I've never been able to truly explain any of them:

I always felt like I was being watched, especially on the bottom floor of my house where my room was and where the den was where we spent a lot of time watching TV. It was always a very uncomfortable feeling and typically it felt like someone was right behind me. This was especially true when I was alone in the house or when I went to bed. I'm not sure if some of this was my own imagination, but it was really most noticeable when I was alone.

There was a fire alarm hard wired into the ceiling that fell down and hung by a wire almost every day for years. I want to emphasize that this happened 5-7 times per week for years and nobody ever saw it actually fall. It seemed to happen when we were all out of the house at school or work. My father was the only one tall enough to reattach it at the time. To reattach the alarm you had to really push and twist it hard. One day he put it back up and said "Stop it Eddie (my grandfather)! We know you're here and this is annoying!" It never fell down again. I swear this is completely true. The strange thing is I never felt scared when the fire alarm was down, it was somewhat comforting.

On more than one occasion a brand new penny would fall several feet away from anyone.

I was a normal messy teenager and my mom would always get on me about leaving dirty clothes under my bed. One night she asked if there was anything under my bed that should be in the hamper. I told her no, but there were socks under my bed. I woke up in the morning with the socks on the pillow right in front of me. My parents have sworn up and down they'd never sneak into my room while I was sleeping because I'd probably have woken up anyways and because they knew how much it would scare me.

Anyways, I hope this is at least an interesting read for some of you. I understand this is the internet and people are skeptical but this is all genuine. I felt compelled to write about this now because of a recent death in my family that has really bothered me and I was hoping sharing these stories would be comforting. - Reddit.com


Huge black rectangle UFO - Multiple witnesses - Donora, PA

On Monday April 21, 2014 at approx 3:15pm I was finishing up my jog at the local park here in Donora, PA. Called Palmer Park. I noticed slightly to the left of my position above the treetops on the hill was a HUGE black rectangle object moving slowly over the treetops. Moving right to left. It had a very "boxy" look to it, sharp defined edges. This thing was very far away, about 1-2 miles. The park I was at is way up on a hill so that's how I was able to see it so far away. This object did not reflect the daytime sun. I saw no lights on it or windows. It was far away so all I can say is what I saw from the distance of where I was. The object did appear to change shape, going from a large solid rectangle to a thinner but just as long rectangle. It was just cruising along very very slowly above the treetops and even hovered a few times. It was 2-3 times the size of the goodyear blimp I'd say for as big as it appeared for as far away as I knew it was. It was really close, touching the treetops practically. I did not have my phone to take a photo. I was still a ways form my car where my phone was so i tried to jog to my car as fast as I could being already out of breath. There were some other people there at the park. I knew I needed to get other people to confirm this sighting. There were two women sitting watching their kids play on the playground. I was still some walking distance from them so I kept my eye on this object while I made my way over to them. At this point the object has crossed over a gap between the large hillsides to continue its course over the next hillside and treetops. This object i swear changed shape a few times. Getting thinner then real big again. Always maintaining the rectangle shape and dull black color. Also it appeared to move sideways, backing up away from my position, then back towards me again. - MUFON CMS


Abducted by ET? There is now a support group for you

The group aims to provide help to those who believe that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

Known as "The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline", or "Ammach" for short, the group is run by Joanne Summerscales who aims to give people a platform of support from which they can relay their experiences without fear of ridicule.

Despite the unusual nature of such claims there are still a surprising number of people who believe that they have, at some stage in their lives, encountered beings from another world. The traditional abduction experience usually involves a person being taken from their bed at night, subjected to medical experiments and then returned with their memories of the encounter distorted or erased.

"We aim to provide a safe platform for them to tell their stories without ridicule and fear," said Summerscales who has to date been contacted by more than 1,500 people with abduction experiences. "I do not believe everything I hear but if something strange happened to us we would want to have the ability to tell someone about it without fear." Read more at Telegraph



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