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Monday, April 21, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 5

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location/Date: Towakomai, Hokkaido, Japan - July 1973 - 1:30 am

An anonymous 20-year old man, on night guard at a lumberyard, observed a wildly maneuvering light that approached and a point over the nearby ocean, at some 20 meters above the water and hovered, at which time a transparent tube-like extension emerged and descended to the water, apparently taking on water. The operation was accompanied by a strange "cicada-like" sound, and the tube glowed until the operation was finished. The tube withdrawn, the object then approached the witness to a point some 50 meters above his head and he could see through lighted windows around the center several figures. One was visible through a center window, and two more two windows to the right. They were "too small and deformed to be called the shadows of men." During this the witness experienced a feeling of being bound hand and foot; he then noticed several more ball-like objects in the same vicinity; they were quickly withdrawn into the larger object and the UFO moved off rapidly into the north.

Source: Jun-Ishi Takanishi, FSR



Location/Date: Adelaide, South Australia - 1969 - night

The eleven year old witness, Susan, was abducted from her bedroom by one tall entity, and a group of small, entities that entered the room via the bedroom door. The smaller beings were about 100cm tall, with large bald heads. They had large eye sockets, no visible pupils, with dark blue or black eyes, and a slit mouth, and a small nose. The taller being seemed to be in command and was about 200cm tall.

She was levitated off the bed and taken to a circular “room” where she received a medical examination whilst lying on a metal table. The next conscious recollection was of waking up in her own bed. The witness also recounts numerous lifelong episodes of such things as poltergeist activity, the sense of a presence in one house she lived in, being told she levitated whilst asleep, seeing objects such as childrens' tricycles moving by themselves, experiencing apparitions, precognitive visions, telepathy and spirit photographs. There are also claims of unusual implants in her face; X-rays were taken by dentists of these. One shows an apparent anomaly, whilst a second more detailed one shows nothing present.

Source: Keith Basterfield, UFORSA / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada - August 22, 1993 - 3:35 am

John had been watching television for some time when he glanced at the clock and noticed the time, then back to the TV. It was at that moment that he noticed odd lights in front of the hill opposite to the house. There was an object about 100 yards away at an altitude of roughly 150 feet. The object moved slowly. It had huge lighted windows, thirteen in all, along its side that appeared to be 8-ft wide and 6-ft high. Each had round corners and they were approximately six feet apart. The altitude of the object was lower than any plane that he had ever seen.

He made his way to the bedroom and retrieved a pair of binoculars. The object moved parallel to his position and towards the ocean. It was impossible to see the outline and therefore the shape of the object...a fact that bothers John to this day. The windows were, however, highly visible due to a bright light that appeared to be coming from inside though the source of the light cold not be seen. John opened the living room window and was disturbed to discover that the object did not emit any sound. Through the binoculars he could see people at the left side of the object sitting at tables that were in every window. There were also three or four people walking abreast, to and from the front and rear of the object, sometimes passing as groups without having to make room. There were tables on the other side as well with people sitting at them, mostly three to four people at a table. Everyone was dressed in the same, gray uniforms with high collars, which reminded John of something out of the American Civil War era. None of the people had any hair on their heads and none wore hats or helmets of any sort. They all appeared to be of very similar in size and slightly built. They were also very pale.

Most of the people sitting seemed to be engaged in drinking from extra large white, luminous cups. One group, however, were staring continuously down at the table as if they were watching something that could not be seen by John. By now John says he was sweating and shaking and having a hard time holding onto the binoculars. He was also having difficulty swallowing. The object then continued to move slowly out over the water, it then went towards Conception Bay, disappearing from view.

Source: NUFORC



Location/Date: Santiago, Chile - February 1, 1997 - 1:00 am

While Claudia Fuente's sister felt a warm rush of air enter her room, Claudia left the house and suddenly found herself walking down a long hallway in which she was met by several humanoids, described as having long arms, wrinkled mouths and four fingered hands. The humanoids led her to a place resembling a hospital, removed her lower part of her garments, and placed her on a stretcher. Although Claudia was not aware that she was pregnant, as six-foot tall creature extracted a fetus through her vagina, placed it inside a square jar filled with a bubbling fluid, and walked away with it. Claudia also reported seeing other creatures with similar features but measuring only 3-feet in height. She has no doubt that she spent well over three days in that place, although only 3 hours elapsed in normal time.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself lying in the middle of the town square, where some witnesses claimed seeing a sudden burst of light. There she was found in a semi-conscious state, frightened, weeping and with wet hair.

Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files



Location/Date: Mount Misery, Long Island, New York - May 18, 1967 - 10:30 am

The day after being instructed by a metallic sounding voice in her phone to go to the small local public library, Jane Paro did as she was instructed. The library was deserted except for the librarian, who struck Jane as being unusual. The woman was "dressed in an old fashioned suit...like something out of the 1940's with a long skirt, broad shoulders, and flat old looking shoes." She had a dark complexion, with a fine bone structure, and very black eyes and hair.

When Jane entered, the woman seemed to be expecting her and produced a book instantly from under the desk. Jane sat down at a table and began to riffle through the book, pausing on page 42. The metallic voice had told her to read that page. Suddenly the print became smaller and smaller, then larger and larger. It changed into a message about contact with earthlings. The print became very small again, and then the normal text reappeared. As soon as Jane left the library she became quite ill. In early June she began to see the "librarian" wherever she went.

Unable to sleep one night, Jane got up at the crack of dawn the following morning and went for a walk on an impulse. The dark skinned woman stepped out of an alley and approached her shyly. "Peter is coming," she announced. Jane asked her a question and she repeated, "Peter is coming very soon." Next a large black Cadillac came down the street and stopped next to them. It was brand new, very shiny, and polished. The driver was an olive skinned man wearing wraparound sunglasses and dressed in a neat gray suit, apparently of the same material as the woman's clothes. The rear door opened and a man climbed out with a big grin on his face. He was about five-feet 8 inches tall, with dark skin and Oriental eyes. He had an air of someone very important and was dressed in a well-cut, expensive looking suit of the same gray material that was shiny like silk but was not silk. The stranger said his name was "Apol."

Source: John Keel, The Mothman Prophecies



Location/Date: Near Deming, New Mexico - April 12 1992 - 11:20 pm

The witness was driving on US 180 along the desert and was listening to his CB radio when the radio suddenly went silent and he vaguely noticed a patch of white light shining on a rise over the left side of the road. He then heard a voice in his head telling him to "watch out for the smoke." Thinking it had been the CB radio he replied but there was no answer. Suddenly what looked like a huge luminous cloud of smoke began stretching across the highway ahead, it formed a solid curtain across the road.

The witness drove into the grayish-white vapor for an hour. He stopped his vehicle and walked across the road and into a ditch but was still unable to see anything. He suddenly went into a state of paralysis and sensed the approach of two persons. Each person got on either side of the witness and placed a firm grip on his forearms. The beings had long bony fingers. He was then led to a shiny metallic object, shaped like a flattened arch with rounded ends. A rectangular opening appeared on the side of the craft. Next he remembers sitting back on a chair inside the object feeling dizzy and numb. He was briefly alone then two beings entered the room. One being was a male with a round oval face with two large oval black eyes. He was five-foot tall with a thin torso and limbs. The second being was a female, similar to the male being. The witness was then led to a dimly lit room and placed in a reclining position on a chair. He felt a buzzing stimulating sensation on his facial area and felt as if a small object was being introduced into his nose. He was then released and let outside and floated horizontally towards his vehicle. He resumed the drive and the vapor-like fog quickly dissipated.

Source: Richard J Boylan PhD, Les K Boylan, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences With Mysterious Visitors

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