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Friday, April 25, 2014

Watching Shadow People

I recently received the following account from a reader:

I am a fan of your site and have always been interested in weird, strange stuff ever since it happened to me. I am 56 years old and live in a small town in north Georgia. When I was 14, me and my siblings loved to camp out in an old abandoned house my mother grew up in. It's a small house with a couple of bedrooms. Me and my brother and two cousins were "camping" overnight and we all turned in, my brother and cousin in one room and me and the other cousin in another. We were on an old sofa with our heads on each end.

It was pitch dark in the house except for the moonlight in the window directly in front of me. I was thinking how beautiful the moon was when I saw a silhouette of a head go by. The only thing I could tell about it was it was bald and short since the windows were low to the ground. Before I could say "what the"...another one went by, then another. By the third one I was on my feet turning on the light. I will never forget the look of that room and how confused I was. Nothing was there. So I woke up my cousin and told him we needed to go into the other room. I told him something was in there but he just wanted to sleep, so we went to the other room. I had left the door cracked about three inches and laid there...watching.

It was dark and I could only see the faint outline of the door, but could tell it was opening very slowly. It took about two hours to open about a foot. By then I was just as interested as terrified. Since it was pitch dark, I couldn't tell if it or they were going by the sofa...but I could sense they were. I heard my heart pounding and remember thinking I hope they don't hear it. The old house had those old skeleton locks that locked from inside and then I heard the knob turn...it's a sound like no other and I'm sure I heard it. After that it's a blank...maybe I passed out, I don't know. But people tell me they believe me, though I doubt it. I was the only one to see it and will never forget it. Thank you for hearing me out. I have no reason to make this up and wouldn't anyway, believe it or not - Robert G.

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