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Friday, January 03, 2014

The Ladrillar Goblin

I found the following allegory on an unknown creature that was referred to as a 'goblin.' From the description, this may have been more alien than terrestrial:

One day at the end of February 1907, an entity “dressed in tight dark clothes with a little body and a disproportionately large head” – according to Isaac Gutierrez, the priest who filed an official report on the matter – entered Ladrillar (Spain). It did not walk, it floated just above the ground, accompanied by two flying spheres that shone with an intensely bright light. Everybody who saw or heard the creature as it moved along the dusty village roads stared at it, first astonished and then frightened, running out of its path or into their houses to shut the mysterious menace out.

Jimanez, against all odds, found a single living witness to the incident, 93-year-old Serafina Bejarano Rubio. When asked whether she had seen the strange creature with her own eyes, Serafina replied:

Yes, son, I did. I must have been nine years old. And I remember everything as if it had happened today. That ‘person’ appeared on three [consecutive] days. It flew in, not very high up, followed by two powerful round lights. It hardly ever made a sound, but sometimes it shouted...

Prompted to clarify this last sentence, the elderly woman went on:

Yes, it shouted loudly, it was like “uuuua, uuuuua” and it was really scary. People gathered in that little area down there, and we saw the way the demon floated over to that clump of trees opposite. On one occasion it got really close to the cemetery. We were very afraid...we were all frightened of him. Then one day he didn´t come back again and that’s why the name duende [goblin] stuck. They say the priest got rid of him, that they ended up in a fight. But that’s something I can’t say. It was dressed in black and it was really small...like a monkey. I was nine years old…but I’ll never be able to forget it.

In Isaac Gutierrez’s written report he made special mention of the panic that gripped the community in that last week of February 1907. There wasn’t a soul in the street at seven o’clock in the evening. Men, women and children left whatever they were doing and locked themselves into their homes, refusing even to go to church. As Iker Jimanez writes in his analysis of the case, this may well have been the motive that led the priest to bring the matter to the attention of the authorities. Missing church services was unheard of. Jimanez found several contemporary documents describing the event in the Episcopal Archive in Caceres. One of these official papers described a close encounter that took place between a group of young children and the mysterious being. The document, whose authenticity is unquestionable, seems to prove that the being was not to be considered a harmless forest sprite or anything of the sort. It so happened that on one of the three aforesaid days, the priest and a multitude of frightened neighbours watched from the church door as one of the globes of light passed over a group of children. A five year-old girl among them inexplicably lost consciousness at that moment and fell to the ground. According to the document, the child, Maria Encarnacian Martaan, became ill and died a couple of days later, on March 2nd 1907, despite efforts to save her. The cause of death was ruled as unknown. - “Enigmas Sin Resolver,” by Iker Jimanez Elizari

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