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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Voronezhsky Abduction

In December 2009 I came across an abduction incident that occurred in Dubno, Rovno Region, Ukraine in January 2008. Subsequently, the abductee passed a polygraph test. Here is the entire scenario:

34-year old Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife 29-year old Olga, at the time on maternity leave, were at home with their one and a half year old son Arthur and their daughters 9-year old Vanessa and 8-year old Angelica. Olga asked their daughters to go to a nearby shop. While returning home, both saw an unusual object in the sky, rushed home and told their family that they had seen a “flying star”. Olga told them that most likely it had been a satellite or a plane, but the girls objected and explained that the object had been round with strange white, yellow and red flashing lights around its perimeter. Both girls then drew a picture of what they had seen and despite the fact that they went to different rooms to sketch both drawings were quite similar. The girls then insisted that their parents go outside to look at the sky. Olga and Vladimir saw was a distant hovering object which was very high in the sky over the nearby river. It seemed to move and change shapes. Olga managed to take a photo of the object with her cell phone. The photo only shows a yellow spot or elongated strip with a black background. They finally went back inside, had supper and went to bed.

Around 0200am, Vladimir suddenly awoke and saw that the whole room was lit by a whitish-violet light. He began to wake his wife Olga, telling her that something was illuminating the house but she mumbled something, half asleep and told him that he was just dreaming, so both then continued sleeping. However, the strange light had not only woke Vladimir but their youngest daughter Angelica. A strong orange colored light shone on her face irritating her eyes, the light penetrated the room through a space between the blinds, illuminating the room like daylight. Scared, she ran to wake her mother. Olga woke up and pushed her sleeping husband and in a panic voice told him to look up. He was amazed to see that the ceiling of the room had apparently disappeared or had become totally transparent. Right over them, instead of the ceiling they could see open sky and a huge disk-shaped craft hovering right above.

Vladimir and his wife Olga ran outside their house wearing only their nightgowns. At about 100 meters from the house both could see the hovering disc shaped craft which emitted a strong white-violet luminosity. Terrified, both Olga and Vladimir were unable to move. Everything around them was reflecting the weird light from the UFO. Then Vladimir saw Olga ascending into the air, zooming up in a spiral motion, suddenly able to move he tried to grab her legs, but felt that he had no control over his body. Meanwhile Olga sensed being taken upwards and during that time she couldn’t move her arms or legs and she was nauseous. She was terrified and in apparent shock of what was happening to her. Suddenly both Olga and Vladimir appeared inside a white room without any furniture. The walls of the room were transparent, like glass.

Moments later, both witnessed 12 “living entities”. The humanoids were short---not taller than their oldest daughter Vanessa---all about 1.20m in height. They had three fingers on each hand, large heads with smooth gray skin. Vladimir didn’t notice any mouths, noses or ears on the entities. They wore a kind of completely sealed tight fitting coverall with masks and hoods that covered their bodies. The only detail visible on their faces were large black pupil-less eyes. The shape of their eyes was unusual “unlike the popular image often shown in the films about aliens from space” remarked Vladimir. The entities had no visible legs, and were moving around like “caterpillars”. The impression was that instead of legs, the humanoids had numerous tiny suckers under their long tight fitting suit and gave the impression that they floated. Only one of the aliens was taller from the rest, more than 2 meters in height and stood behind the other small humanoids. He wore a long loose fitting overall and his face was not visible at all.

The short entities approached Olga first, grabbed her moving her to another section of the room, placing her in a deep armchair which remotely resembled a gynecologist’s chair. Once Vladimir saw the aliens taking his wife, he was suddenly able to move and rushed towards Olga, in an attempt to free and defend her, but he suddenly stumbled upon what appeared to be an “invisible wall” or force field. Soon two of the small humanoids approached him. Terrified he asked them, “What’s going on guys?” They answered him telepathically, “Nothing terrible, soon you will be back home” “I am not satisfied with that” answered Vladimir angrily and began pushing the humanoids back, but at that moment two other entities came floating grabbed his arms and legs. However, being a professional wrestler and martial arts expert, Vladimir used several methods of Ushu wrestling to free himself. Incredibly he would kick off the entities from him and they would immediately return at him like a boomerang grabbing him again. The aliens asked him why he resisted, their words sounding straight inside his mind. The aliens would stare straight into his eyes each time they “spoke” to Vladimir; they were neither aggressive nor irritated. The voice inside his head according to Vladimir had no accent or timbre and apparently the aliens spoke in the Ukrainian language and sometimes used the so-called “surzhik” (a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian). Soon the aliens inserted four metallic rods into his chest area apparently paralyzing him completely. From that moment on he was not able to move at all. He could only stand there helplessly and watch the aliens “experiment” on his wife Olga.

The humanoids gestured to Olga to lie down. Looking around she didn’t see or noticed any surgical instrument of any kind around her, but somehow the entities without her noticing had cut performed an incision on her stomach. She sensed the smell of her inner organs, it was an unpleasant feeling. The shocked Olga could see her internal organs, but incredibly felt no pain, quite the contrary only tranquility and relaxation. The aliens seemed to be taking samples from her body and organs and apparently were now using different instruments to study the organs inside her abdomen. Olga had never seen such strange instruments before, she was only able to describe one that looked like a pair of pincers and had three clamps. The alien “doctors” also had three fingers on their hands. After the strange procedures the aliens closed and sewed up her stomach. How have they done this, Olga could not understand, apparently they had used some type of advanced bio-molecular technology, not even a scar remained. Before the abduction Olga had been bothered by stomach pains, and after the abduction she never suffered them again. During the “operation” the aliens talked to her, their voices sounding straight inside her head, they lacked mouths. The humanoids attempted to calm her, asking her how she felt and if she felt any pain. They told her, “We wouldn’t do you any harm; we just want to look”. Olga noticed that they always communicated in a very polite manner.

Apparently the aliens were more interested in communicating with Olga’s husband Vladimir. They explained to him, “The female is the entity in a stage less developed than the male entity”. According to Vladimir the aliens also subjected him to some medical experiments. They pushed an object resembling a pistol inside his head. While they did this he felt no pain. When the medical “tests” were over the aliens accompanied Vladimir, alone, to another separate room to talk to the 2 meter tall humanoid. The smaller humanoids respectfully called the taller humanoid by a word that Vladimir loosely translated as the “Professor”. While communicating with Vladimir if the aliens could not make him understand by the use of words they would in turn use symbols or images that would appear in Vladimir’s mind. For example they explained to Vladimir that their society was like a huge ant colony with everyone of the collective with a strictly defined social role. After Vladimir was brought in front of the “Professor” he asked the entity why they have taken him and his wife. “Why do you need us?” asked Vladimir. The tall humanoid answered “It has to be done” and promised an “excursion” throughout the galaxy as a compensation for the “medical suffering”.

Vladimir remembered that both Olga and he were then placed on large armchairs and that everything around them was transparent. They could easily see the stars and planets around them. For example, the sun looked like a diffused bright spot of light and Earth seemed like a tennis ball. Then he saw a bright blinding flash of light and experienced the feeling of nausea. In the next moment he saw that the spacecraft was now hovering above an unknown planet. After arriving there they stood up and were accompanied to another room, a kind of air lock or dock where the aliens placed them inside smaller craft---sort of cigar shaped “space boats” or modules to travel to the planet. They then separated from the mothership, entered the atmosphere and flew for a short period of time above the surface of the planet. Vladimir noticed what appeared to be holes or open pits on the surface of the planet. It appeared that the dwellers of this planet lived underground, like moles (or ants?), and their strict subsurface society reminded him of a giant hive. The “Professor” told Vladimir that this place was called by humans “Andromeda Nebula” (not clear). From what the tall alien told Vladimir, he understood that the aliens didn’t eat or drink in the usual manner that humans did, but absorb the necessary elements by a more sophisticated universal way. Their mode of life is totally underground. The humans or earthlings were a subject of interest to them because terrestrial people have feelings and emotions that the aliens do not possess. The tall alien also said that humans and cows were brought to earth from another planet.

After returning to the mothership there was another flash of light and more feeling of nausea and they then appeared at another location. Again, over another unknown and different planet. At this point, Vladimir asked how were they able to travel so fast, the tall alien answered that they could not overpass the speed of light so they traveled by tearing space (?) (Worm holes?). Vladimir admitted he wasn’t able to comprehend the concept. After this, one of the smaller humanoids said, “now this human knows too much”, that they couldn’t let him return home, that he was must stay with them or be eliminated. After hearing that telepathically Vladimir became angry and told them that he was not afraid of them that if they would try to kill him he will resist. After that the aliens communicated in a more respectful manner (?).

According to Vladimir, the alien abductors proposed that entered into sexual contact with a female humanoid of their species which had now appeared in the room. This alien woman had an awful appearance. She had a bald head, covered with tight fitting gray greenish skin. The aliens then asked Vladimir, “Where must they place her sexual organs?” (!) “How comfortable would you feel to have sex with her, in such or other position?” This situation became amusing to Vladimir who said, “Sorry guys I cannot have sexual relations with such an alien looking female” The aliens then accompanied their woman to a small round platform, where a column of light unexpectedly appeared. The next moment the alien woman walked out of the platform, now with a quite different shape, she now looked like a very beautiful human woman. However Vladimir couldn’t see her body, something like a white bed sheet had been place over her body area. But her face was very attractive with beautiful dark hair, exactly to Vladimir’s taste. Vladimir realized that the aliens had penetrated deep into his thoughts and had materialized the ideal image of a woman for him. Vladimir enjoyed his new sexual partner’s company, however upon seeing this Olga reacted with extreme jealousy and became hysterical, screaming for the aliens to stop the procedure immediately. The aliens apparently became confused and said, “You humans always mate together sexually, just like that...so what’s the matter?" Olga answered, “No! We don’t just mate. We have feelings and emotions!” Upon seeing his wife’s reactions, Vladimir restrained himself from additional contact.

Both witnesses understood that having such feelings was the central interest of the aliens. The 2 meter tall aliens said, “We do not understand you, why haven’t you, intelligent animals, destroyed yourselves yet? How can you survive with your emotions?” The tall alien then added that their principal task was to teach earthlings about extraterrestrial technology. He said that there was a “space war” going on at this time in the Universe” and he said, “The entity that you call God, has implanted much information into Earth and into the waters of it. Those who are against God want that information destroyed. If the Earth is going to be destroyed, the son of God would arrive to Earth again and will restore everything living it”. This is literally what the tall alien told Vladimir. Vladimir also asked the “Professor” about death, and according to the professor the aliens didn’t fear death because it does not exist, that it was only a transition into a different form of existence.

Vladimir states that during the whole contact experience “nothing amazed him” since he had not time to think about it at the time. Through the transparent surface of the cabin the witnesses could see planet Earth approaching and felt that their spacecraft was slowing down. The couple was then returned back to Earth the very same way they were abducted, first in the smaller module and then the large disc-shaped craft and then through the roof of their home inside a beam of light. Before returning the witnesses the humanoids promised to return in two years (2010).

At 1100 am the next morning Vladimir and his wife Olga awoke not speaking about what had occurred. Olga decided that she was probably going crazy or that it had just been a wild dream or nightmare. Incredibly, Vladimir had exactly the same thoughts in his head. Finally they talked about what had occurred and after analyzing the mutual identical memories they understood, that what had happened had not been a dream but reality. Vladimir phoned his friend in Kiev and was put in contact with researcher Yuriy Stepanov who hypnotically regressed Vladimir in February 2008. Vladimir remembered additional details of his captivity with the aliens. He drew a picture of the disk-shaped craft which had abducted them, with multicolored lights around its circumference with a dome on top and emitting a large column of violet white light which projected from its center. He also drew sketches of the humanoids. He remembered that while in space the object (spacecraft) had been surrounded by a field (layer) of plasma, he understood that this field was able to make the object invisible to the human eye and prevented it from being detected by radars.

The whole family requested extensive medical tests on them to see if the aliens had left behind any implants and to try to find any traces of surgery. Both feel well and by some mysterious manner Vladimir lost his gray hairs and his physical powers of endurance increased after the abduction. Olga was also cured of her chronic colitis and she also gained the ability to make a drunken man sober by placing the palm of her hand on the man’s forehead for 2-3 minutes. However the family soon became the subject of mockeries and sneers by neighbors and strangers and some accused the family of being “drunks”.

According to researcher Stepanov, quoting the Department of Inner Affairs of Ukraine, about 4,000 people go missing in the Ukraine every year and according to his opinion some of these have been taken by UFOs and more than likely willingly.


The following translated transcript is from the polygraph test:

July 27, 2012 18:50

V.Voronezhsky passed a polygraph test with a rating of "positive" in January 2012 in Moscow (story talk show "Pro Life" (02/10/2012, the TVC, Russia).

February 10, 2012 in a talk show «Pro Life" (filmed January 25, 2012) on the TV channel "TV Center" (Russia), a famous Ukrainian abduktant (UFO abducts) Vladimir Voronezhsky (from the city of Dubno, Rivne region) has successfully passed a polygraph test. "Successful" — means that a specialist in the field of lie detector test confirmed the correctness of the words V.Voronezhsky about his contacts with aliens.

Recall, 29-year-old Olga, 34-year-old Vladimir was a prisoner of aliens in 2008. Their stories of contact, in particular, can be found on the link - Инопланетяне похитили семью украинцев в январе 2008 года

Click for video - V.Voronezhsky passed polygraph test

Specialist and operator of the polygraph (lie detector) served Volodin Igor Konstantinovich. Questions and answers to them was:

- Your name Vladimir?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Today, January 25, 2012?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Are you afraid that the polygraph will detect your lies?

- No. (WRONG)

- You talked with extraterrestrial beings?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You in 2008 saw other galaxies?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Aliens on your wife conducted experiments?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You agreed with his wife to enter into all the confusion about the topic UFOs?

- No. (WRONG)

- Aliens put on you experience?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You saw the "UFO"?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Neighbors call you an astronaut?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Your life has changed for the better after meeting with a UFO?

- No. (TRUE)

- Answering the questions of the test, you lied even once?

- No. (TRUE) …

Commenting answers Volodin IK said: "I can say that he believes in all the things that happened to him, maybe it was really a dream, maybe he really was flying somewhere … he believes in it strongly. And to the question "Have you talked with extraterrestrial beings?" Answers truthfully, "Put it on your alien experiments" — answers truthfully, "… Did you see the other galaxies?" — Little doubt … "

Commented on the results of the test and the guest of Vadim Chernobrov:

- According to the confidence, he said significantly to key questions. I, honestly, do not care whether he arranged with his wife or not (enter all being deceived about UFOs) because he was not silent for four years, he was talking to her and the many questions discussed. I do not need to ask him, worried or not, is what I see so, I was worried, "he saw or did not see, he invented or invented?" The big questions I see the green light, the other question I have for him no … "

Notably, in 2009, as part of the documentary film "Caution: UFO" (Studio "07 Production" channel "Іnter", Ukraine), Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife did not pass a polygraph test. Andrew Volyk, speaking expert polygraph examiner, the survey concluded:

- In this case, I'm no surprised as nothing special, extraterrestrial, say, ESP, or extra-human perception I saw. I only saw a few ordinary people wound up, tired of the psyche, and with some its some complexes that exist in every individual...

"According to the polygraph examiner, Olga and Vladimir Voronezh had never been on board a UFO, and their story about their alien abduction — is nothing but a fiction," — is summarized in the documentary Ukrainian TV journalists.

Voronezhsky, Vladimir himself in one of the comments on the website "Ukraine Abnormal" said:

- If this were true, then surely I would have agreed to take the test on the detector with a further demonstration of the whole Ukraine and the CIS?

We should also say that Russia's "positive" results of the test subjects themselves very good, despite the fact that in some countries the polygraph is not considered as conclusive proof of the reliability of information on the subject of research (for example, Germany and Poland, the data obtained using the polygraph can not considered as evidence in courts.) Also an open debate: whose polygraph mistaken Ukrainian or Russian? - Igor Berezhnoy

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