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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Rock-Throwing Bigfoot -- Tumbling UFO Over Lake Tapawingo -- Ghost Arrests Fetish Priest

Rock-Throwing Bigfoot

On December 2nd 2012 a hiker was in the Utah hills near Provo Canyon when he came across a massive looking bipedal creature on a hillside. The man took out his camera and began filming. This is the footage he caught that day...

Video - Provo Canyon Big Foot Sighting off trail - C.M. 12-02-12

Video - Provo Canyon Thrower Bigfoot??

There is speculation that this is the same Bigfoot seen in the area about a month ago.

Video - Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter?


Tumbling UFO over Lake Tapawingo

Independence, MO - 1/21/2014 - unedited: I was driving South on Woods Chapel Road last night at approximately 7:00 p.m. when I noticed several bright orange lights above the cars behind me in my rear-view mirror. At first I thought it must have been some strange light on someone's antenna, but realized that it was floating above the cars in the distance. The shape of the object was oval and there were orange lights spinning around the edge of it. I could not see the object itself, only the lights which remained int he same position as they spun around the oval object, however the object was tumbling around in the sky. It was very strange and I've never seen anything like it. I watched it for two or three minutes while driving and at a stop light-- until the road dipped down. When I went back up the hill the object was no longer there. The direction of the object was towards Lake Tapawingo. I saw a car on Ligget road that had its emergency flashing lights on where the location would have been good to see the object so there may be another witness. The size of the object was large - it was the width of the cars behind me but I could not tell the distance. There was no sound. I'm hoping someone else saw this and will report it. I'm quite shaken by the experience - MUFON CMS

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Ghost arrests fetish priest

The town of Fasen in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region, was on Thursday thrown into a state of pandemonium when the ghost of a 39-year old man allegedly arrested a fetish priest.

The ghost of Kweku Musu purportedly manifested itself in a woman, Maame Abome, and arrested Nana Tandoh, the fetish priest, who supposedly shot him spiritually.

The Chief of Fasen, Nana Obomu Nketsia, III, confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency.

He said Oldman Armoo's mobile phone got lost about three months ago and upon several announcements he did not find it, therefore, he reported the theft to a powerful fetish priest, Nana Tandah at Kwamekrom, to deal drastically with the thief.

Interestingly, the chief said, Armoo bought the phone from the fetish priest therefore Nana Tandoh performed all the necessary rituals at his shrine and then preceded to Fasen, where the phone was stolen, and shot a gun three times in the air.

The chief said the one who stole the phone then left the phone at the door mat of the owner, Armoo, in the evening.

The next day, Armoo went to Kwamekrom and informed the fetish priest about the return of the phone and asked Nana Tandoh to reverse the ritual but he told him it was too late and warned Armoo not to touch the phone.

Unfortunately, the chief said, Kweku Musu, died mysteriously last Monday January 13, and when the family of the deceased inquired about the death of their relative from a shrine, it was revealed that Nana Tandoh killed him.

Therefore, the family of the deceased returned to Fasen to bury Kweku Musu on Thursday January 16, however, the ghost of the deceased manifested itself in a woman and went to Kwamekrom and arrested the fetish priest from his shrine.

The chief said the ghost dragged the fetish priest, including the gun and a pot to the funeral ground thereby creating pandemonium at the town.

Nana Nketsia said the residents of the town then brought the fetish priest to the palace where he confessed shooting Kweku Musu with a spiritual gun.

The chief said it took his personal intervention to prevent the fetish priest from being lynched by the angry mob.

Nana Obomo said he had asked the family of the deceased to report the case to the police.

He said currently, the fetish priest had returned to his shrine at Kwamekrom, however, the gun, bullets and a clay pot had been seized and kept at the chief's palace at Fasen. - ModernGhana


Brains of elderly slow because they know so much

An older person takes longer to remember things because their brain contains so much information.

It was long believed that as a person gets older they have a more difficult time remembering things due to the cognitive decline of their brain, but now scientists have revealed that it is more likely to be down to the simple fact that the older you are, the more information you have stored in your head.

"The human brain works slower in old age but only because we have stored more information over time," said Dr. Michael Ramscar. "The brains of older people do not get weak. On the contrary, they simply know more."

The effect is being likened to that of a computer with a full hard drive - data takes longer to access than on a computer with more free space.

"Imagine someone who knows two people’s birthdays and can recall them almost perfectly," said Dr Ramscar. "Would you really want to say that person has a better memory than a person who knows the birthdays of 2000 people, but can ‘only’ match the right person to the right birthday nine times out of ten?" Read more at Telegraph



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