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Friday, March 09, 2012

Reader Submissions: Strange Encounters

I received this email that references an alien encounter:

I was asleep on the second story of the house facing the backyard. I was asleep, but felt like I was underwater...all sounds were muffled. I felt total peace and contentment. I felt warm and safe. I opened my eyes and saw a small slightly glowing alien. He (I say he because I “felt” the alien was male) was pulling a long, red, thin, firm strand out of my left elbow. His “graceful” fingers were extra long and thin grasping and pulling.

He was pulling out the strand smoothly in a rhythm that was methodical and gentle. He was not touching me in any way, only pulling out the strand. I gazed slowly into his face. His face was at the same level as mine as I lay on my back in my bed. There was light from the moon shining through the leaves of the branches in the backyard through my window. My bed was located right under the picture window which had no drapes or blinds. The backyard was massive with tall old growth trees planted in rows so there was a canopy over the backyard. Each night I went to sleep looking up through those treetops. He glowed in the moonlight slightly. I don’t recall any smell and the sound was muffled as if I were underwater. His large dark eyes were large, and without pupils but I was not afraid...it was as if I had seen him before and knew him. I knew that he would not hurt me. I didn’t notice any nose or mouth or ears but he was without clothing or any hair.

All of a sudden, I began to feel confused...maybe a little afraid. I broke my gaze from his and began looking at those long fingers again steadily pulling, pulling, pulling the long, red strand out of me...from my left elbow. Then the strand broke, I looked back to his face with a question to ask him...at the same time he turned his face to the strand...he turned his face back to me. I felt “worried” and confused. I wanted to ask him “something” but I can’t remember what. Before I could make a sound he just stared at me and was gone, as if he were never there…

I sat up in the bed and looked up to the moon through the canopy. Then I remembered the strand and went slowly into the bathroom to check my elbow...the strand was red the color of blood but, I wasn’t bleeding. There was no cut or scar I could see on my elbow. I went slowly back to bed and I thought of the face of the alien and I cried myself to sleep. I felt so lonely, so abandoned, so sad as if someone I truly loved had passed away, someone who adored me too. Even as I commit this experience to the written word, I am weeping. I still feel that sadness of missing him and feeling so alone, so lost...grieving.

Am I hopeless?


This incident was forwarded by Albert Rosales:

Camajuani, Las Villas, Cuba - December 1953 - night

Modesto Cabrera was on his way to visit his girlfriend and was walking through an isolated field. At about 30 meters from his girlfriend’s house he suddenly noticed by the trunk of a nearby palm tree a small hovering green light. He stopped staring at the light when it suddenly disappeared and in its place was a bizarre being leaning against the trunk of the tree. The being, according to Cabrera was the size of a man and resembled a cross between an iguana, a chameleon and an alligator, it had arms and legs like a human, and it had long black claw-like nails. It had a long tail that was moving slowly from side to side.

Afraid he ran towards the house but thought about it and returned to the site to verify what he had seen. The creature was still standing by the trunk of the palm tree. Cabrera then ran towards it armed with a knife as it ran around the trunk of the palm trying to avoid him. It then suddenly performed four incredible leaps and ended up on the top of the palm tree. At this time the green light returned however this time it was directly above the palm tree and it was larger. Moments later the light disappeared and the creature was also gone.

Source: Hugo Francos Parrado “Bestiario Tropical” quoting Feijoo “Mitologia Cubana”

Comments: Date is approximate


I received this email a few days ago:

I was sleeping in my bed, then all of a sudden I woke up. It was dark in my room and as my eyes adjusted, I so two dark grey figures with skinny bodies and big heads with large, black eyes. I panicked and I heard a voice in my head saying to stay calm and everything would be alright. I believed them and they asked me to follow them. They went right through the wall, and I stopped. The voice in my head told me to walk through the wall, and when I did, I was floating in the air! I saw the ship. It had flashing red lights, and many, many windows. I was led into it and I remember being put on a table, naked, and being examined. After it was done, I remember nothing else that happened after that. I woke up in my bed with different pajamas that I had never seen before! I told this to my mother and she said she had no idea where I had gotten the pajamas.


Here is an interesting anecdote:

My mother is a few months old and in her cot next to my grandmothers bed. Grandfather has gone to work on his late night shift in the mines. As my grandmother sings soothing songs to her child a noise is heard beyond the bedroom. The noise is presumed to be a rat - yep, back then such things where rampant and that's why old folk had cats :) Grandmother returns to her songs and then feels something leaning on her back. She spoke of it feeling like a lump pressing against her. She cant recall to much else as her next move was to take it by surprise and wallop it! One last look at her child revealed a baby with wide open eyes looking towards this thing. When my grandmother turned to surprise the visitor it had already left the bed and was running towards the closed door. She described it as being naked, very small, obese body with thing arms and legs. Its head was large like a potato. It ran and passed through the door like a ghost. She tucked her child into her bed and said prayers to God.

My mother at the age of six also had an experience with a "little man". One afternoon, she raced into the house with her doll in hand. As she approached the lounge area she found it felt colder. She saw her mother sat listening to the radio as normal. She stopped in shock as she saw a little man sitting crossed legged in front of the fire. It was smaller than her dollies in size. It rested its head between its two hands with long fingers in a V shape. Its ankles sat upon its knees. It was dressed in green although much of its clothing looked aged. It turned its head to look at my mother and just stared at her. Its face was ugly and looked very old even though its body looked young. She screams and tells her mother to look at the elf near the fireplace. Grandmother remembers this and does state that the room felt cold for some reason but she could not see the figure sat getting a warm by the fire. The figure near the fireplace then stood, turned and moved away into the stone work surrounding the fire.

Grandmother often talks of people back then putting curses on people and casting things into fires. Saying prayers not found in the bible. Back in her prime, DragonBlood (herb?) was the main thing used to hurt another. The gossip back then was "be careful of your enemies - they take a strand of hair from your coat, a clutching of your coats fluff or change from a pound from you and then hurl it into a fire with Dragon Blood to curse."

The house my Grandmother raised her family had many strange events. Doors would slam shut and open in the night. The pet dog tried to claw his way out of the kitchen at night as this door opened and closed. One room contained a chest full of old clothes. One of her brothers stayed in that room shortly after the end of the war (WW2). He was the "hard has nails" type of man. He soon came to his sister and asked about the chest. It made strange noises and left him scared awake some nights. He`d moved it one night and found it back near where it always was the following morning. He soon left.

Another brother was shell shocked after the war and spent his life afraid. One other brother spoke of mountains. He saw machines that didn't have wings. He didn't understand what they where but they had the Nazi aircraft emblem upon them. They looked like mines. He often later spoke of "things in the sky" and said they where made in the war.

When my Grandmother was a child, she had to sleep with her sisters in one large bed. They had this chest in their room. A monk like figure was seen on a few occasions by many of the sisters. They described it floating near the window and looking at them. To start with they thought they had a ghost. They later said prayers with eyes closed thinking it was an angel. They still found that it scared them afterwards and left them thinking it wasn't from God. So, as children they prayed more and took this as a sign to follow the bible.

In current day such things would invoke ideas of other dimensional beings or things from outer space. One idea left with me is that such things exist and we normal folk haven't got a clue about what they are. No wonder such streams of idea lead to classified. Mark

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