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Thursday, March 08, 2012

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge Radio': Chris and Dana Wingerd - N.E.P.I / Phenomenology 104

Join Eric & Lon as we welcome our good friends Chris and Dana Wingerd from N.E.P.I Northeastern Paranormal Investigations this Sunday night to update us on the latest news from N.E.P.I and fill us in on the upcoming Phenomenology 104, coming to Gettysburg in less than two weeks.

Dana is the lead investigator and founder of North Eastern Paranormal Investigations and Phenom Events. She has been experiencing the paranormal since she was two. Dana feels like it is her duty to help those who are fearful and do not understand, when they are experiencing a haunting. She has empathy for her clients because of her own experiences.

Chris is also a lead investigator and co-founder of North Eastern Paranormal Investigations. Chris is also the co-founder of Phenom Events. He is a Police Officer and his experiences with detailed Police investigations is a beneficial skill for the documentation of paranormal investigations. He also has experience in construction, which has been useful in the debunking of what appears to be paranormal activity. Chris takes a skeptical approach to every case. His main goal in very investigation is to put the client at ease and explain to them that what they are experiencing may have a scientific explanation.

Phenomenology 104: Parapalooza, one of the largest paranormal conventions on the east coast, launches March 22 for the fourth annual gathering of the most diverse collection of celebrities and authorities in the field. With appearances by personalities Chip Coffey (“Psychic Kids,” “Paranormal State”), Kris Williams (“Ghost Hunters International”), Chris Fleming (“Dead Famous”), Patrick Burns & Marley Harbuck (“Haunting Evidence” & “Ghost Huntress” author) with Madi & Boo (“Paranormal Kittehs”), Mark and Debby Constantino (“Ghost Adventures”), and many others, the event allows fans to investigate famous haunted locations with the celebrities, and is the only convention of its kind that delivers the full spectrum of well-known paranormal experts.

Hosted by Maryland-based North Eastern Paranormal Investigations, Phenomenology benefits both newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Lectures will explore a variety of topics to educate, entertain and dispel myths about the paranormal.

Several historic locales will be investigated including General Lee's Headquarters, Eisenhower Farmhouse and the Farnsworth House – and this year, for children (accompanied by a parent), there will be a Junior Ghost Hunting Experience with Scream Paranormal.

In addition to spirit oriented offerings, UFOlogy and cryptozoology will be featured at the convention as well. Stan Romenek will discuss ABDUCTION: Alien Agenda; Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society will offer Sasquatch evidence, filmmakers Scared! will present their latest documentary, and Jeff Belanger will host “30 Odd Minutes Live!” with guests: Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns, Ben Hanson, Aaron Sagers, Bob Murch. There will also be numerous vendors at the event, giving attendees the chance to purchase the latest investigation equipment, books and apparel, along with a social mingle with celebrities and nightly “Scary-oke”.

Phenomonology 104 is coming to Gettysburg PA in just two weeks, March 22 - 25, 2012 and will feature some of the biggest names in paranormal, UFO and cryptid research speaking. The event will also feature a large vendors room, and ghost hunts. For more information go to www.northeasternparanormal.org or www.phenomevents.com

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