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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just the Facts?: No Permits...BFRO Expedition Nixed -- Cannibal Serbian Gangsters -- Umbilical Cord Theft

BFRO dolt books expedition...fails to get permit

Buffalo National River (AR)
Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

On February 24th, rangers received information from a concessionaire who reported that there were visitors in the park who were on a "Bigfoot hunting expedition." Rangers Billy Bell and Ben Henthorne proceeded to the Steel Creek Campground to investigate. After questioning numerous people associated with the group, they discovered that approximately 30 people had paid Matt Pruitt, who is affiliated with The Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization, to lead them on a hunt for the creature. Several participants said that they had paid $300 to $500 each to be lead on a three- day expedition. Pruitt was cited for a violation of the regulation on engaging in a business without a permit or written agreement (36 CFR 5.3). Paid activities that do not have commercial use authorizations or special use permits appear to be on the increase on a nationwide basis and need to be on the radar of all park staff to insure that only sanctioned and permitted activities are conducted in the parks. - Karen L Bradford, Chief Ranger

NOTE: Ricky D...take notice


Serbian gangsters killed rival then ate him for lunch

Sadistic gangsters tortured and killed a treacherous gang member then turned him into a stew, police believe. They are thought to have beaten Milan Jurisic, 37, to death with a hammer, skinned and boned him with a sharp knife then put him through a meat grinder. Their hitman, Sretko Kalinic, nicknamed The Butcher, confessed to the crime after being arrested in the Croatian capital Zagreb last year.

He said he ‘literally dismembered him’ in order to turn the body into mincemeat and throw any remains into the river in Madrid. Spanish officers this week found 50 bones in the Manzanares river and located the house of horrors where the bloodbath took place. They are awaiting forensic confirmation that the bones are those of Jurisic. The cannibal gang is also said to have made a sinister face mask from the victim’s skin before eating him for lunch.

The killers are believed to have spent the next five days cleaning the premises where the murder took place. Jurisic was on the run after being convicted in his absence to 30 years in prison over the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003. Police believe the gang which killed him was led by Luka Bojovic, who was arrested last month and also accused of assassinating Mr Djindjic.

Inside Bojovic’s apartment in Valencia they found documents backing up Kalinic’s account of the killing. Officers also found a letter suggesting Jurisic and Bojovic fell out over a woman. Previously, it was thought their argument was over money. All of those involved in the Madrid murder are said to be members of the Zemun Clan, a Serbian crime group from Belgrade. The crime is being investigated at the National Court in Madrid. - metro


Men jailed for 'accidental' umbilical cord theft

Three men have been convicted after a witness saw them breaking into an apartment in southern Stockholm, whereupon the burglars filled their pockets with valuables – and an umbilical cord. The thieves were discovered when a witness in a nearby residence saw them prowling around the apartment in Örby Slott, south of Stockholm. She called police when she saw two of them climb through a window, while another kept watch below.

When the police arrived on the scene, two men, aged 25 and 27, jumped from the balcony and fled the scene, but were soon caught by police. When police asked the thieves to empty their pockets, they were surprised to find an umbilical cord among the loot – of which 2,700 kronor ($401) in cash, jewellery and digital music players were included.

“We had saved our newborn baby’s umbilical cord as a memory, kind of like how some people keep a lock of their children’s hair. It’s a tradition in some countries,” said the child’s father. Luckily, the family got the precious appendage back as well as everything else that was taken.

The two thieves were charged with aggravated robbery, while another man, 22, was charged for being an accomplice to the theft. The robbery occurred in January this year, and the 25-year-old admitted in court that he couldn’t remember the event due to being under the influence of pills. The 25 and 27-year-old were nevertheless each sentenced to nine months prison, while the 22-year-old was given a suspended sentence for aiding and abetting. - thelocal


Man shoots 3 inch nail in to his head

Shooting a three inch nail into your skull, sounds like a painful experience, but when construction worker Jeff Luptak accidentally did exactly this, he surprisingly reported that he 'didn't feel any pain.'

Infact his first concern was saving the new baseball cap that was pinned to his head.

'The doctors told me they were going to have to cut my hat off,' said Jeff, who got it as a freebie for spending lots of cash at a sporting goods store.

'I jokingly told them: You can't do that. I had to spend $300 to get that hat,' he added.

The potentially fatal accident accident happened on February 1 when Jeff, 45, was working on a new house in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he lives with his 38-year-old wife Kim and their three daughters.

Mr Luptak was in the basement, installing flooring, when he asked another worker standing above him to hand him a nail gun.

'When I reached up to get it I pulled it down and I heard it go off. I immediately felt this pressure in my skull so I knew I'd just got shot in the head,' he said.

'I didn't feel any pain. All I felt was some pressure, like somebody was pushing their thumb down on my head.'

Mr Luptak made his way to a ladder to climb out of the basement when he suddenly felt his legs shaking.

'I thought: I'm going into shock. I'm going to die right here. I thought of my wife and kids. I thought: Oh God, I'm never going to see them again,' he said.

Mr Luptak, still conscious, was rushed to a hospital in Bismarck.

Doctors took X-rays that showed the nail had penetrated almost 3 inches into his skull.

'The doctor said the nail was either in a main artery or right beside it. He said he didn't want to attempt to pull it out because he was afraid I'd bleed to death,' he said.

Mr Luptak was flown 500 miles to another hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a team of brain surgeons successfully removed the nail.

They removed a golf ball size piece of his skull, extracted the nail, put a titanium plate over the opening and then used 26 staples to put back the piece of skull they'd taken out.

'After the surgery, a nurse told me: You're the luckiest unlucky guy I've ever seen,' he said
Mr Luptak spent a week in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

As for the precious hat, Mr Luptak said: 'They were able to save it. They just cut a small hole in the top of it. I can still wear and it serves as a reminder that I've been given a second chance on life.' -

NOTE: I witnessed a guy shoot a skid nail into his hand once...didn't realize it until he tried to move the hand and it was attached to the skid. I don't think I've ever heard a man cry like that. Lon