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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just the Facts?: Dead Man 'Roars' -- Antarctic Close Encounters -- Skin Patches Diagnose Illnesses

Dead Man 'Roars' in Mortuary

What started as a routine day on Wednesday for Mazabuka mortuary attendants turned into a traumatic experience when they scampered for cover after they heard a 'lion' roaring from the morgue.

The attendants had just taken a body of an accident victim in the mortuary but as they were going about their routine work, they heard a strange loud noise emanating from the area where they had placed the body.

As if to confirm that all was, indeed, not well, the lights in the mortuary also went off as they tried to figure out where the strange noise was coming from, prompting the attendants to run for life and call in police.

But the erie experience was not confined to the morgue alone as police at Mazabuka Police Station who had kept the bags for the accident victim had a hair-raising experience when they discovered a live snake, a human-like skull and other paraphernalia concealed in the victim's bag.

Police had to seek divine intervention from a local priest before the snake and the paraphernalia could be destroyed.

The accident victim whom police named as Patrick Phiri, aged 42, of Lusaka's Kaunda Square area, died in a road traffic accident on March 17, 2012 around Munali Hills.

The mortuary attendants had a bizzare sight when, earlier, they allegedly noticed that hair on the arms was visibly growing in amount as the body was being prepared to be taken to the mortuary.

According to Southern Province Police Commissioner Brenda Muntemba, who addressed journalists in Livingstone yesterday at her office, the terrifying situation at Mazabuka Hospital Mortuary caused panic among members of staff.

Ms Muntemba said Mr Phiri was travelling from Lusaka in a Canter light truck with several other passengers when the accident occurred around 16.30 hours.

Mr Phiri died on the spot while the driver and several others sustained injuries and were admitted to Mazabuka District Hospital.

Ms Muntemba said the police managed to locate Mr Phiri's wife in Lusaka's Kaunda Square and she went to Mazabuka Police Station on Wednesday this week to pick up the bag and other belongings of her husband.

"As you know, the police keep the belongings of accident victims so that family members could go there and pick them and in this case, we packed Phiri's belongings at Mazabuka Police Station after the accident and no one opened his luggage.

"When Phiri's wife came to the police station, she refused to open the luggage and said she had never opened the bag from the time she got married to her late husband," Ms Muntemba said.

She said the police insisted to open the suitcase and when the luggage was opened, they found a live snake inside commonly known as 'ilomba' concealed in a calabash as well as a leopard skull among several other charms.

"We then informed Latter Rain Global Church of Mazabuka Bishop Kenani Ndhlovu to help us since we suspected some satanic acts after which he came to the police station and led everyone into prayers.

"That is when the snake and all other things were set ablaze," she said.

She thanked the bishop and other people who came to the police station to engage in prayers, saying the situation would have been difficult to contain without asking God to intervene. - allafrica

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Close Encounters in Antarctica

Source: Planeta UFO and El Dragón Invisible
Date: 3.25.12

By Carlos Alberto Iurchuk

Note: This is the original text submitted to Brazil’s UFO magazine, edited by A.J. Gevaerd. The article appeared in Issue 177, May 2011.

The man with the thick beard drank his coffee slowly. Later he turned to look at me, saying deliberately: “Around April or May, the cook remarked casually that around 17:00 hours he saw a plane flying in absolute silence – at least he didn’t hear any sound whatsoever, being in the kitchen and all – approached the center of the bay, made an abrupt turn, and pulled away.”

It was on a cold afternoon, seated in a bar in the city of Buenos Aires, that I heard this story from the lips of Jose Raul Bortolamedi, who had been stationed at the Almirante Brown Argentinean Base in the Antarctic in 1981.

Raul continued his story in an almost solemn tone of voice, ignoring the hubbub surrounding us: “Its altitude was estimated as being relatively low, between 100 and 300 meters, and it turned approximately 45 degrees. The cook was startled by the silence and abruptness with which the maneuver was executed. There was no news about any expected flights, since arrivals of commercial or scientific flights, or those of any other nature, were generally announced.”

But that wasn’t the only unknown presence during his stay at the base. After drinking his coffee, he continued: “In the summer, while the necessary arrangements were being made for the departure of chemists and biologists at the base’s dock, the presence of an object similar to a bean, executing a falling leaf maneuver, was noticed directly over the base. The time it remained visible is hard to estimate, but it was between 2 to 5 minutes.” Read more at Inexplicata


Man saws off own foot to avoid work

An unemployed Austrian man on Monday deliberately sliced off his left foot with a mechanical saw and threw it into an oven ahead of a health check on whether he was fit to work, police said.

When police arrived the "desperate" 56-year-old from Mitterlabill in southern Austria was still conscious but had lost a lot of blood, local police chief Franz Fasching told AFP.

He was airlifted to hospital in Graz where his condition was said to be stable.

The man had mounted the mitre saw on two stools in his boiler room using nails and removed the guard plate before slicing off the foot above the ankle and around 5:00 am (0300 GMT).

Emergency services "looked in the oven and were able to recover the foot ... The foot was taken the hospital but it was so badly burned that it cannot be sewn back on," Fasching said. - theprovince

NOTE: Lazy and with a screw loose...though I'm sure the Austrian government will pay his way from here on out...Lon


The Booms Beneath – Mistpouffers in Wisconsin

Isn’t it interesting how easily accepted a poor explanation can be passed off? The latest in our constant stream of paranormal happenings that our world is kind enough to dish up are the Wisconsin underground booms. Now, unexplained underground booms are nothing new. They even have a term, ‘Mistpouffers‘ among others, and have been reported around the world for centuries. Coastal areas are often most affected, early settlers in the American Northeast were told by the Indians that the sounds were the great spirit busily hammering away as he continued to create the earth. Obviously, this was nothing new to the Indians either. They are heard in Canada, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Ireland and many other places, most all covered by various legends as to what they really are ranging from ghost ships firing cannon to the more modern underground alien bases theories.

In the United States alone, there have been no less than 20 unexplained booms over the last decade. Some near water, some not. Of course some can be explained by meteorites entering the atmosphere, and there are many other theories about just what could create a boom, but this Wisconsin affair seems most interesting in that the booms were clearly coming from the ground. There are far less rational explanations for a non-aerial boom. And it wasn’t just one location, we all know about the Clintonville booms, but more were heard 80 miles away in Montello, WI. And, there wasn’t just one boom. There were many over at least a four day period, possibly even months, some reports saying the booms slowed down in the morning and went full force again in the evening!

Seasonal or time sensitive booms are again nothing new. The “Barisal Guns” of Bengladesh were noted to sound like cannon, ran for years in the late 19th century before stopping, and seemed to prefer the summer months and hardly ever happened in the winter. No thunderstorms were ever in the area during the booms, and in this case the booms seemed to have stopped completely by the 1890′s. Clearly, it was not sonic booms from jets.

The most interesting case is the Bell Island boom. This particular boom did some serious damage to local homes in 1978. More interestingly, it damaged the electrical wiring of the homes in a manner that might be similar to what a natural EMP, or a weapon, might do. This specific case was blamed on an unusally large lightning bolt, though meteorologists deny that the conditions were present for lightning, and a ‘crater’ of sorts was pointed out as the impact zone. That’s a hard buy, lightning doesn’t usually make craters, it makes fulgerites which tend to look like small fused glass tubes going into the ground with the surrounding soil undisturbed. Big holes with apparently no fused glass isn’t very consistent, and wierder still Los Alamos labs sent a pair of scientists all the way out to the Island, off Newfoundland in Canada, to investigate. The official story is that the infamous Vela satellite detected the huge lightning bolt, and they were sent on that basis, but that doesn’t seem to add up. Why go out there if you know what it was? Were other superbolts detected by Vela and investigated with the same vigor and expense?

So what did the powers that be do in response to the Wisconsin booms? They’ve called it a small earthquake followed by an earthquake swarm. The media, or at least most of it, took the answer happily and closed the case. Never mind that the explanation was entirely inconsistent with their earlier reports. Witnesses note that the booms began much earlier than the 1.5 magnitude miniquake that the USGS advanced as a possible cause. The dual locations of the booms is also inconsistent with an earthquake. The shaking alone reported by some witnesses should exceed 1.5 magnitude from the reports, which is well below the 2.0 threshhold of usually being feelable by humans.

Residents in Clintonville seem unsatisfied, and well they should be. When illogical, inconsistent concepts are advanced in an authoritative “case closed” manner, it can be insulting and smacks of the want to get the whole thing buried and made to go away. In fact, the Wisconsin underground booms remain unexplained, as do a great many others, and if the ground of Wisconsin continues to boom, we will not have heard the end of this story. - Paranormala

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The 'electronic skin' patches that can tell when you're ill

American researchers say the tiny patches, with tattoo-like sensors that wirelessly diagnose and treat health problems, can act as a person’s own internal doctor.

The “electronic skin” patches, about as a thick as a human hair, check a patient’s “vital signs” and transmits the data to a computer or mobile phone.

Scientists behind the project also say they could be used by healthy people to detect the early signs of illness.

The first patches, aimed at athletes, are expected to be available for commercial sale later this year.

The information then gets sent to the person’s doctor for further analysis, who can then act on any worrying conclusions.

They are made of a silicon membrane that stretches and moves with the body.

Sensors contained within the patches can measure heart rates and temperatures and monitor whether injured muscles are healing.

Patients who have been testing the sensors reportedly don’t feel them on their real skin.

Prof John Rogers, from the University of Illinois, detailed the development of “electronic skin” at the American Chemical Society's annual conference in San Diego on Monday.

"The technology can be used to monitor brain, heart or muscle activity in a completely non invasive way, while a patient is at home,” he told the conference.

“The near term will be for people with conditions of the heart, or conditions such as diabetes that need a lot of monitoring.

“But the bigger area of application is to pick up early signs of disease.” - telegraph