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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reptilians: NATO's Secret Force?

I received the following update from Matt R. in reference to his ordeals with Reptilians. The written narrative is presented without edits:

Hello, Lon. I have an interesting update for you.

Note to readers new to this story--If you have not done so please read these 2 posts, before reading the following. They provide essential context, and will make the following update easier to understand.



I believe I may have finally located the mall where the joint reptilian/US military training ops took place. And, not surprisingly, it is a mall in close proximity to a massive air force base. It is Mall St Vincent, in Shreveport Louisiana. For years, the only lead I had to go on where the unique free standing lamp posts I saw in the mall hallways. Aside from that, the mall's interior resembled that of most upscale malls. But, a year ago, another of the abductees taken to that training approached Joe Montaldo ( Head of ICAR abduction research group ). This was the 11th such former military/police to report being compelled to train reptilians in urban warfare techniques.

This witness, a current detective in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, remembered a specific detail about the mall training abduction. He recalled that a Piccadilly's Cafeteria, in the mall, had been converted to a mock medical triage center. After doing some research on malls in Louisiana, I found that only one had a Piccadilly's near its center. Doing an image search on the mall, I saw the EXACT same lamp post, garbage cans, and benches I recalled from the July 2005 training abduction. Even more shocking, I discovered that these items were all being taken down in 2005, as part of a massive renovation! This 2005 renovation is cited on the property's web site: http://rouseproperties.com/mall-st-vincent Here are some images from Mall st vincent, prior to its 2005 renovation.



And, here are the type of reptilians that were involved, depicted with their backpack powered weapon, as drawn by drake bradstone (copyright 2008): http://evelorgen.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/drawings/brownishreptilian.jpg - These reptilians were firing their weapons at the garbage cans, lamp posts etc.

The fact that these decorative items were taken out, in 2005, would have made them available to be used as disposable "target practice" in that July 2005 exercise. I'm guessing these obsolete objects were stored somewhere on site, perhaps in back. Someone set them back up that night, so they could be fired upon. These lamps were not on, at the time of the exercise. The source of lighting was very dim, and seemed to be provided by industrial utility lights, like these: http://i21.geccdn.net/site/images/n-picgroup/TPI_C-QH-1.jpg Since the targeted lamps were not on, they probably did not even need to be reconnected in, fully! They were probably propped up just enough not to fall down. The reptilians were careful not to shoot the few sources of actual light. This training took place some time between 12am and 4am. So, losing those utility lights would have left us blind. Additionally, this mall has 2 unusually long central corridors. They join, at an off angle, in the center area of the mall. Those long corridors were another feature I recalled vividly. They are very striking in the dark, as far as creating a sense of depth when you stare into them.


Interestingly enough, the St Vincent mall has both an army and a navy recruiting center inside. And, the neighborhood it serves has a high percentage of air force employees. If someone was looking for a training area, it certainly would have come to mind as a suitable location. If anything had gone wrong during the operation, they could have locked the area down extremely quickly, due to the close proximity of Barksdale airforce base. Of course, they would have had to use something like a TR3B triangle craft, to truck our group of abductees in from 200+ miles away, so quickly. It is interesting that there have been numerous cases of combinations of reptilians and human military being seen sharing such triangular craft. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/fouche/tridiagram+used.jpg Many of these military and police were taken from the same apartment complex: The sprawling 1000 unit “Forest Isle” apartment complex. How long did it take us to be transported to shreveport? On a TR3b craft, or some equivalent, it was probably in minutes.

Another consideration is that, in an actual martial law takeover, you would not want to lose a mall that is so key to an air force community. So, this exercise was likely a dry run for an actual future takeover.

I spoke to Joe Montaldo last week. He has gathered additional accounts of police, and military, who witnessed joint reptilian and human training exercises at the UNO basketball arena. http://gnostem.org/images/inside_arena[1].jpg

According to the accounts of 2 new national guard witnesses, the arena was being used by day by human homeland security for training. And, at night, it was being used by a group that was mostly reptilian, with some humans. That is, in 2005 prior to Katrina, there were occasional marathon sessions of usage. I do not recall being involved with the UNO arena training. But, some of those taken to that arena do say they were using sets that also replicated a mall. Its possible they flew in those same lamposts, trashcans, benches , etc that had already been used as target practice at Mall St Vincent. They were likely already partially damaged anyway. Another point that Mr Montaldo noted was that many of the Mall training witnesses are adamant that this was not a hologram simulation, or humans in monster suits. I too recall this experience as being extremely vivid (as detailed on your site in 2010) http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2010/04/update-former-police-officer-recalls.html In fact, some even recalled specifically seeing me, because I was assigned to stand with the reptilians. (Due to my “advisor” designation) That is detailed here:

In speaking with Mr. Montaldo, I learned that he has had phone issues nearly identical to mine, recently. Specifically, text messages, phone calls and voicemails that disappear for days at a time, and then re-appear with backdated timestamps. Or, sometimes, the appear many hours or days late, with backdated timestamps. Just today, I had a friend's text message take 2 hours to appear late with a backdated timestamp. Despite having other Normal calls,texts and 3g internet. Its as if select calls and messages are held elsewhere, then run through some kind of scanning , before being allowed to be sent forward. Its as if they are being checked for encrypted language, before being allowed to proceed. It does make sense. If some Gov agency believes certain abductees are relaying code, they'd want to hold certain messages until they can be sure that there is not some kind of dangerous message being sent. Some messages get cleared after a few hours. Some take a full day. Others take several days to be “cleared” and sent to the phone, after being intercepted.

In addition to all this, there were about 6 NOPD and national guard members who saw reptilians patrolling the city a week AFTER Katrina occurred. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2007/02/28.html

These 6 are in addition to the 11+ military and police that were compelled to train with reptilians prior to the storm! Unfortunately, I am the only one so far that has been willing to go even partially public. Literally, every other witness still works in the police or military profession.

They all noted that these squads of reptilians seemed to be on patrol. George Noory had trouble believing that. But, I can attest to the fact that these reptilians were likley the SAME ones that had been training in the Mall, that July. Katrina simply gave them an opportunity to push their training further.

If you want to here Joe Montaldo, head of ICAR, talk about the cops/military that were trained with reptilians prior to Katrina, listen here:

I served in the downtown area of the city of Katrina, throughout the storm. I was sworn in on an emergency basis, even though I was not finished with the academy. I was then "officially" re-sworn in several months later. It is very fortunate I did not see these patrolling groups of reptilians. I certainly would have ran back to our temporary HQ, and told everyone to stay out of the reptilians way! I would have thought it was the start of their permanent presence in the city. That would not have ended well for me. I likely would have been seen as losing my mind. I had a good reputation during the storm, and throughout the academy. I only confided these abductions in one close friend, that autumn.

That speaks to one of the core points I'm trying to make with these posts. People need to be prepared to see reptilians used as auxillary troops. Unfortunately, the military will surprise everyone with this development. But, this will cause many to overreact. The aggravating factor is the amount of anti-reptilian paranoia that has become pervasive on the internet. I'm NOT saying you should trust a reptilian any more than you should trust a human. But, there is a real danger of people jumping to conclusions. The only advice I can offer is, stick to official channels of communication. If and when the gov has to resort to using reptilian troops, Im sure they will have something to say on the matter. The key thing is, to stay away from any essential area that these reptilians are securing. They have been training for this for many years. They won't retreat. As a culture with strong warrior type leanings, they are not a group you want to try to bluff or challenge. Virtually their entire military caste trains to a special forces level for most of their lives. This does produce the risk of the same incidents that blackwater has had problems with. Specifically, special forces are not the best idea for policing. If they are cornered or threatened, they are going to shoot their way out. And, do tremendous damage in the process. These reptilians will be so pre-occupied at securing essential sites, they will not have time to go kicking in doors in civilian areas. Just avoid them, Certainly, avoid videotaping or watching them. As, that will make them very nervous. They can't tell if you are interested in their appearance, or videotaping an imminent attack for "youtube". Recording attacks for propaganda purposes has become very big in the mideast. It may ,at some point, likely happen here.

One more interesting note. The massive airforce base near this mall was designated the center of "Global Strike Command", in 2009.



Could global strike command be a cover for some trojan operation? Specifically, the application of technology gleaned from an exchange with the reptilians? It would explain why the reptilians would have such an interest, and stake, in protecting that area. This ties into the Gen. Emil Strainu case. The reptilians spotted driving that NATO hummer where extremely close to a key part of our new “defensive” missile shield, in Romania? Why would reptilians be involved in securing a mere missile defense site, unless the site is a Trojan for offensive energy weapons aimed at Russia?



Here is an interesting account from a reptilian abductee's site, which was just posted a few months ago. In her conversation with a reptilian, she mentioned that NATO is “practicing” with them for a take over. And, they are furnishing them with the ability to do genetic studies, in exchange for these weapons.



That is an aspect worth exploring. There is so much focus on elements of the US military alone being involved with alien cooperation. But, anywhere the US goes, NATO is involved as well.

Simon Parkes, another abductee who has come forward recently, offers an interesting perspective on why the reptilians would work with NATO and the US. Or, why they wouldn't wait for some Global government military

In essence, because the US and NATO have global reach, and have uncontested power, the reptilians consider them to be THE earth military. So, any contracts with them are considered to be as good and binding as a contract with the U.N.


Isn't it interesting that the Navy adopted the overbearing phrase “global force for good”, in the SAME year that Barksdale AFB became “global strike command”?


I think there is a real possibility that a martial law situation will be induced via a global economic crash. The stock market has crashed 20% the last 2 summers. But, the Europeans, Chinese, and US are now so levered up — they can't take another pullback. When this market drops 22 to 25% into winter, pension funds and banks will start imploding. As much as the fed would like to print, they are only bluffing. They can't print more money, unless oil drops back to 75 or below. And, even after this 25% crash, it will likely still stay near 80. We are genuinely heading into a full global depression. If you think hard assets will save you, think again. In the 2008 crash, all hard assets fell in tandem. That is likely to happen again. America is not Greece. This country is heavily armed, and lately, politically unstable. We could see extreme crime and political violence on the level of Central America, and the Mexican border towns. If drugs stop flowing reliably, the gangs will move to alcohol, tobacco, painkillers or anything else that may start to be considered luxury items. Its not unlike what has happened in the prison system. They removed cigarettes, and now inmates literally kill each other over twinkies and ramen noodles.

The USA is the most heavily armed population on earth. The next depression won't look like the grapes of wrath. It will look like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsjywM4BBpE So, it is possible that the reptilians/NATO/US military are preparing for a global European style pension meltdown. They will be so overwhelmed, that they will be desperate enough to allow the reptilians to assist.

I hope this helps put things in perspective. I'll keep you updated. If any Doc producers/journalists want to contact me, you can use this email circlepanama@gmail.com


Matt R.

PS. a few weeks ago, I emailed Lon video of my swearing in, shortly after Hurricance Katrina. So, at the very least, I can prove I was a cop on the frontlines of that storm. I can also verify that I was with the department until Summer 2007. I'm sure there is skepticism around that. I may decide to go public with my full name and face. I will keep you updated.

I would not even go partially public, if not for the harassment and health issues that have plagued me. I never intended to become a whistleblower. In fact, I still value my role as an “Advisor” to the reptilians. They wanted me to think and evaluate independently, and that is exactly what I am doing.


NOTE: I will not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been posted solely as the opinion of the author without any input by myself. I will state that I have concluded that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon