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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Reader Submissions: Phone Calls From Beyond -- Night Entities -- UFO Encounters -- Phantom Children

I received the following anecdote from a reader:

Hi Lon - my wife had something weird happen to her this week. Last year her mother passed away. She had a long illness and had fallen and the combination of the two proved too much, so she passed away a few days after her fall. My wife went back up a couple of weeks after the funeral to help her father with her mother's affairs and on a Sunday night, while my wife was staying there, he passed away in his sleep.

The family had not yet gotten over my mother-in-law passing when stricken with grief again. This all happened last fall, right before Thanksgiving. This past week my wife was at work, in a meeting and got not one, but two phone calls...from her father's cell phone number. She showed me the call log on her iPhone, 2 calls from "Dad". When he had passed away, the phone company was notified and they cancelled the number. When my wife got out of the meeting, she called her father's old number. It was now a company number on a Blackberry a woman had recently been given to use as her work phone. She was stunned when she heard the story, "Hi, you don't know me, but this used to be my deceased father's phone number and I got two calls from this number today". And it, of course, wasn't the lady calling my wife, she doesn't know her number. And about the same time of these two calls, a relative calls, almost immediately after, just to say hello. That was weird too of her to call right after the two phantom calls.

My wife's father was always having fun and had an engineering degree from Villanova and was an Air Force officer. One relative said they could just see it now, up in heaven, my wife's father telling her mother he figured out a way to call their daughter. BTW, we'd often get calls from him because he would sit on his phone and hit the button and not realize he called us. May he sat on his phone in heaven?



I received this email in response to A Tale of the Clurichaun:

A few months back I woke up in my bed to the smell of fruits and stale earth. As I lay there trying to understand where these smells came from I heard a noise. Drawers where being leaned on or touched. I turned to look and saw nothing. I then decided something must be here in my room so I thought about getting up. As I do this I feel a stream of cold air rush by my right side near the door. I cover my arm and look back to the area of the noise. What scared me was that the smells left with whatever it was as it fled.

In my early teens I also recall waking up and seeing a thing at the end of the bed. I woke up and as I turned over I caught sight of something. It must have been 2 feet in height and was leaning upon the edge of my bed. Behind its messy hair where pointed ears that where tall. It looked at me and looked shocked. I was shocked too, for it carried a face best described as disfigured. I watched it and it did the same back to me. It moved a little and broke away before my eyes.

Years before this, my Aunt had met such a thing and I only learned of it after my experience.

My grandmother always spoke of such things coming to dance and take interest in man's things when it was dark.


Albert Rosales forwarded a rare abduction scenario from Israel:

Location: Al Sarafand, Israel - 1967 - night

A local resident watched a luminous egg-shaped object land nearby. As he watched he heard a telepathic message inviting him very amicably to enter. He accepted the invitation and entered the object through an opened hatch. Inside he was met by several short gray creatures with large hairless heads and huge black eyes. He then noticed what appeared to be several ‘operating tables’, and begged the aliens not to examine him. He exited the object and walked backwards keeping his eyes on the object when suddenly a bright beam of light struck him on his stomach and sent him flying a distance of several meters. When he was able to move again the object had vanished. That same night other local residents reported seeing a bright UFO in the sky.

Source: Gil Bar, UFOs in Israel Timeline

Type: G
Translation by Albert Rosales


A reader forwarded descriptions of several UFO encounters:

I have seen a few vehicles in the air. The last one I recall was about two years ago, in 2010, summer. I was driving on the 210 freeway heading north to catch the 110 home in the San Fernando Valley. I was in the basin passing by the Hansen Dam area when I noticed at about 45 degrees above and in front of me, a freaking huge red orb with red sparks trailing it like a comet's tail. I was driving so my view was alternating from freeway to sky, but I there is no question about what I saw. From my vantage point, the thing was about the size of a pea held up to my eye, so given the obvious altitude, the thing had to be like 50 feet in diameter. From the time I initially spotted it, it began to slow. This was obvious not only because it rapidly decreased in speed, but because it trail of sparks began rapidly to shorten, and the orb began rapidly to change color, like the red was fading to white. Indeed, the thing came to a stop way up there in the sky, and by the time it did, it was as white as a frosted light bulb. There it hung, an unmistakable bright white orb, sitting still about 10,000 feet -- maybe more -- in the sky. It was headed south-east and I was headed due north-west at the time, so the whole event from my driving point of view lasted maybe 45 to 60 seconds until I passed under it. So, I have no idea how much longer it remained there or what it did after coming to a complete, hovering stop. It was awesome, unmistakably nothing we have at least been permitted to see here on Earth, and it gave me an odd feeling of having received a message; namely, "We're here!" The next day, I said to my sons, "I saw a UFO last night," and my 16 year old (now 18) son jumped in: "My friend and his family were eating outdoors at a restaurant in Westlake Village last night and he told me they saw a UFO that was a big red ball flying through the sky with sparks trailing way behind it!" Westlake Village is due Southwest of where I was when I saw it, about 20 miles away. That puts my son's friend's sighting right in line with where it was coming when I saw it.

The next most recent I recall was over the backyard of my home (at the time) in West Hills in the west San Fernando Valley. I had seen anomalous lights in the sky at night from my back yard, and some really weird daytime stuff, among which was the sighting I will now discuss. It was early morning, around 7:30. Our maid had arrived and was cleaning when I went into the back yard. My gaze was immediately drawn to what appeared to be a smallish, about eight feet high, round cylinder floating about 500 to 1000 feet up I guess. It looked like it was made of rusted iron, with the red and black colors of rusted iron. It had some protrusions but small, which I could not make out. I thought at first, "that is a big balloon!, but it was not a balloon. The wind was blowing lightly, about 15 knots, and swirling, but that thing did not budge. I went in and asked Tina, our housekeeper, if she would like to see a UFO. She did, of course, and so she came out and witnessed the thing sitting there in the sky too. She had no idea what it might be as well, but we agreed it was not a balloon or any aircraft we had ever seen. She went back to her tasks, and I continued to watch it. After about 15 minutes after I first spotted it, I heard a helicopter coming and the thing began to rise up at a steady, but observable rapid clip. By the time the police helicopter passed over, the cylinder was almost too high to see, and soon it was gone. The thing reminded me of some sort of iron deep sea diving bell, suitable in size for one or two men to stand up inside.

I have seen other odd things in the sky, such as what appear to be pure white giant birds which just soar overhead, never flapping, but popping in and out of this dimension at will as they circled. I saw those in the same backyard as the above sighting, also about two or three years ago, and then two weeks ago also in the west Valley as I drove. I pulled over to watch the familiar odd scene. They must be where man got the idea of angels being white and flying. These were far too high to be sea gulls or the like, and far too discernibly large even at their great height. I keep my eyes on the skies because I have witnessed other ships up there, most certainly not from here. Keep your eyes up there, but watch where you are going as well, and you will see some amazing things too, I am pretty sure. "They" are unquestionably here.

Very truly yours, Mark


This is a followup to an email I received over a year ago:

Hi Lon - I wrote you a year or so ago about my son seeing a apparition in our basement. He was in the basement playing on a Xbox. He heard a noise in a close corner and looked over and saw a women. He thought it may have been his mom and called over to see if she needed help. He received no response. He then got up and walked in the direction the women headed to. He saw a women that seemed to be pretty solid in appearance. He followed her only to see her vanish.

It has now been some time and we have had a few new occurrences. My son and I were in out laundry room feeding the dogs. The dogs were outside at the time. My son said dad, look. We observed a heavy leather coat move on a deer antler hook. There was no wind or either of us were close enough to make enough air motion to make that coat move.

A few evenings ago we were watching television. My wife and granddaughter had gone to bed a few hours earlier. My son turned around and said there was a little girl almost the size of my granddaughter sitting in a chair right behind us. My son thinking it was his daughter asked what she was doing up. The girl said nothing and vanished!!. He said it was his daughters size but had different appearance.

I built this house about three years ago. There hadn't been a home on this site before. We live in the woods with only two other newer homes built around or just before ours was and we were the builders. Some years ago there was a accident on a train track that borders our property on a corner. It's a old logging train that passes every once in a while. A couple was killed on the tracks when hit by a train. There was no little girl in that wreck.

Lon, we all have our right minds and aren't subject to fantasy. I do have a interest in UFO'S. My grandfather worked for the government at Bell Labs. He helped developed our first radar. He told me that to his knowledge UFO'S are a real phenomena. My uncle was a retired full bird colonel in the Army. He told me that he had heard from top brass that there is fact to UFO cases.

Lon, I'll keep you posted about our house. If we have any new experiences, I'll let you know. Thanks, and keep up the great work you do. DB - Michigan

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