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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just the Facts?: Bear City, CA / Muscle Shoals, AL UFOs -- World's Largest Albino Family

Big Bear City, California UFO Sighting

Case Number 36298
Log Number US-03072012-0003
Date Submitted 03/07/2012 02:06 UTC
Date of the Event 03/01/2012 09:30 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary going up mountain took 12 pics 1 showed alien in ship
Tags ufo photo

Sighting Location

City Big Bear City
Region California
Country United States
Latitude 34.2505709
Longitude -116.8029174
Location Resolution Geometric Center

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Patterned Surface, Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary
Object Shape Circle, Fireball, Star-like
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

took 12 pics at nite saw what looked to be a star very brite but it was to low.i asked my girlfriend what she thought it could be she did not no so i asked her to pull over i always carry my camera with me so she pulled over and i took the pictures we talked about it all the way home when i got home i put the chip in my computor and i have microsoft picture it premium 9 so i tried to focus in on each photo and one photo 2689 i zoomed in on and if you look closely you could see a alien or what ever it is sitting in a chair with its arm up in the air the ufo looked to be green red and white its been in big bear now for 5 days at nite when you see it at nite it is very bright.would like to no if what i saw is real darren


Scary UFO Encounter in Alabama

Muscle Shoals, Alabama - 1/2/12 - unedited: Just came on duty, [profession and place of business removed/CMS/dr]. still dark. Work gate by myself. plant is out in the country. eating some mcdonalds standing outside guard shack and noticed off in the distance over a stretch of pasture what looked at first to be a helicopter slowly traversing field. about a mile away or less. watched it for a min or two as it came closer to plant. realized that I did not hear any rotor noise. looked closer as it came toward new construction( new smelter building) it disappeared behind building for a min then came right over the top and it was then I realized that I had no Idea what it was. took out my cell phone and tried to get camera on, my hands where shaking pretty bad. got it on looked up and it was almost directly over me at I would guess about fifty feet. I took a couple of shots as it began to ascend. it got up pretty high Im not sure maybe a thousand feet and then it just vanished. after the fact I remembered that it did not make noise but it did vibrate my chest and head. very strange feeling and hard to explain. it had three distinct lights on the underside that changed in intensity as it took off... very blue and slightly violet. no heat. the top side was very dark and I could not see any detail. not a saucer sape but a circle cut in half. flat side down. no lights on top. My air force buddy tried to tell me its one of ours but he is wrong. I am familiar with most aircraft and this was not one of ours. - MUFON CMS


Man dies after failed attempt at setting new 'buried alive' world record

A Sri Lankan man has died while trying to break an informal local record for the longest time spent being buried alive, police say. Janaka Basnayake, 24, allegedly buried himself with the help of family and friends in a trench sealed with wood and soil in the town of Kantale.

The government has urged the public not to attempt similar "high risk events". Mr Basnayake went underground on Saturday morning, and was pronounced dead the same afternoon, police say.

Doctors say that a post-mortem examination has not determined the cause of death and further medical investigations are being conducted. The trench in which Mr Basnayake was buried was 10ft (3m) deep.

His family say he was buried alive on two previous occasions - for two and a half hours and six hours respectively. It is unclear whether there is an official world record for the longest time buried alive.

Click for video - Warning: Graphic


Titanic disaster blamed on freak Moon event

Although a collision with a vast tower of ice ultimately brought the passenger liner to its sticky end, it was a freak lunar event three months earlier that put the obstacle in its path, a new study claims.

An incredibly rare combination of astronomical factors including the closest approach of the moon to Earth in 1,400 years caused an unusually high tide in January 1912, researchers found.

This once-in-a-lifetime swell would have swept a vast field of icebergs from their normal resting place off the coast of Canada and caused them to drift further south.

It would have taken them almost exactly three months to reach the shipping lanes where the Titanic sank on April 14 at a cost of 1,500 lives, the scientists reported in Sky & Telescope magazine.

Prof Donald Olson of Texas State University, who led the study, said: “They went full speed into a region with icebergs, that’s really what sank the ship, but the lunar connection may explain how an unusually large number of icebergs got into the path of the Titanic.”

Unusually high tides known as spring tides are caused when the moon and sun line up in a way that means their gravitational pulls are enhanced.

On January 4, 1912 the Moon came closer to Earth than at any point in the previous 1,400 years, and reached its nearest point within just six minutes of a full moon.

This rare coincidence happened just a day after the Earth made its closest annual approach to the sun, and the freak combination of factors against overwhelming odds caused a record spring tide.

This would have been enough to dislodge huge numbers of icebergs from the shallow waters around Labrador and Newfoundland and sweep them into southward currents, leaving them just enough time to reach the Titanic’s path by April, the researchers said.

Prof Olson added: “We don’t claim to know exactly where the Titanic iceberg was in January 1912 – nobody can know that – but this is a plausible scenario intended to be scientifically reasonable.” - telegraph


World's largest albino family

A white-skinned Indian couple are set to enter the record books along with their offspring, after becoming the world's biggest albino family.

The ten members of the Pullan family, headed by Rosetauri, 50, and his wife Mani, 45, all have the extremely pale skin and near-white hair of albinos.

But despite years of prejudice and suffering the poor vision which is a side effect of the condition, the Pullans and their eight other family members are set to land a Guinness World Record.

The Pullan's sons Shankar, 24, Vijay, 25 and Ramkishan, 19, and daughters Renu, 23, Deepa, 21 and Pooja, 18, inherited their albinism, according to The Sun.

Renu married a man who also had albinism, Rosheh, 27, and the couple's son Dharamraj, 2, also inherited the condition from his parents.

The family live in a one-bedroom flat in Delhi, and say many fellow Indians find it hard to believe they were born and bred in the country.

Roseturai Pullan told The Sun: 'I've heard people call us 'angrez', which means 'English'.

'All we know is that we can't see properly, and we can't sit under the sun for long, but we live the best we can.

'People in Delhi are a little more open-minded, but many think we're foreigners.'

Albinism affects around one in 17,000 people.

Those with the condition do not produce enough melanin pigment, which gives colour to the skin, hair and eyes and protects the body from the sun's rays.

Albinos such as the Pullans often suffer from extreme short-sightedness and a severe sensitivity to light.

After marrying in 1983, Rosetauri and Mani moved from southern India to Delhi.

The couple say they have had a 'tough life' and often been treated as outsiders, but mother Mani says despite the family's setbacks she sees the condition as a 'gift from God'.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said they would be contacting the Pullans to verify the record of them being the world's biggest albino family.

It is thought the current record is held by a six-strong family who live in the U.S. and Canada. - dailymail