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Thursday, December 22, 2022


A frequent Appalachian Trail hiker describes the variety of supposed Bigfoot howls that he has heard while on the trail. He also recalls some of the past unexplained incidents on the AT.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I'm a frequent hiker on the Appalachian Trail near my home in southwestern Virginia. I love being outdoors. I've also been a Bigfoot enthusiast for most of my life but my obsession with the subject is relatively recent. But I never thought I'd have any confirmation of their existence for myself. The following incident is true and can be corroborated by multiple witnesses.

I and a small crew of friends section hike the Appalachian Trail. The first time I heard a Bigfoot call happened when the three of us were hiking together. We decided to stay the night in one of the AT shelters for the first evening. I'm not fond of staying in shelters. The hard wooden shelter floors are rough on my back and I needed to get a good sleep if I'm going to have an enjoyable day of hiking.

The next night I pitched my tent behind the shelter and immediately made my bed and laid down. I was very tired. I had a snack and I was soon dozing off. There were two other groups of section hikers staying at and around the shelter that night. One was a group of three guys who all stayed in the shelter and the other was a couple of middle-aged women. Everyone was fixing dinner and chatting while I lay quietly in my tent. Down the hill from the shelter was a creek. So between the conversations, the camp stoves loudly boiling water for dinners, and the creek it was kind of noisy in front of the shelter. I was behind it so it was easier for me to hear the sounds of the vast woods in the distance.

Out toward the ridge, I hear this call. It's a howl, but I don't know how to describe it but it was unusual. There was a dramatic tone change that lasted for a long duration. I had never heard anything like it before. It was far enough away, that I couldn't hear it very well. After a while, I did hear it again. This time, there were other calls along with it. I listened closely, but I was so tired that I dozed off.

I was sleeping lightly and the next howl woke me up. It had moved. It was across the creek in front of the shelter and down the trail coming from where we had been earlier in the day. The howl was too long and too loud to be a man. A pack of coyotes joined in from the distance. After that all was quiet and I fell asleep. I didn't dare get out of my tent. I wasn't scared but I was cautious.

The next morning we all got up as usual and started making breakfast. I brought up the subject from the previous night's howls. Immediately one of the guys with the other group said that they'd been backpacking for 20 years and they had never heard anything like that. Then one of the ladies in the third group walked up and she said that she and her friends had been talking about it. She was sure that it was a Bigfoot. I'm glad that she said it and not me.

Later on, before we all got back on the trail, the same woman told me that the subject of Bigfoot is not usually discussed by AT hikers. There have been a few harrowing encounters not far from where we were, mainly in the George Washington National Forest. One hiker was supposedly attacked and killed by an unknown beast. Also, there had been rumors of Men in Black or government agents harassing hikers in the past.

I'm not sure about what she told me, but I later read about many unexplained incidents occurring on the Appalachian Trail. I'm much more cautious from here on out. M"

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