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Saturday, December 03, 2022

MASSIVE BIGFOOT Encountered by Local Hiker in the Great Smoky Mountains

An Appalachian Trail enthusiast and Mitchell County, NC resident describes his encounter with a massive Bigfoot while he was hiking over the mountains and into Tennessee.

I frequent the Appalachian Trail and work at the Greasy Creek Friendly hostel in Mitchell County, North Carolina. The closest town is Irwin, Tennessee just about 20 to 30 miles south of the hostel.

So one day I headed out towards Irwin. I never thought I'd see what I saw on that hike. I end up turning a corner and about 10 feet in front of me I saw this hairy being around eight to nine feet tall and about four to five feet wide at the shoulders. This thing was buff. When I walked up on it, I stopped dead in my tracks. Frozen. Not from fear, but like what the 'F' is that?

It was looking away from me, so I never saw its face. It was looking down at something in its right hand. Its left hand and arm were so long that it reached its knees. I could see the lines in its palm and fingers. It had rust-brown hair with gray around the neck and wrists. I think it realized I was there and it lifted its head from looking down at its hand and froze. Then all sudden it just ran away and never looked back. It just bolted away and damn was it fas. This experience only lasted a few seconds. When it ran away I saw its muscles move. It had a giant V-like back strap that I could clearly see flex and move around. No way that thing was a man in a suit. This area doesn't really have many hikers this time of year.

I think the Bigfoot are used to being able to roam free this time of year because there is less pressure from hikers. Plus the gray hair made me think it was old and probably didn't hear me walk up on it.

I never told anyone on the trail about my encounter and those I've told who are close to me just laughed. I've heard several stories about this area and Bigfoot sightings, especially on Roan Mountain. The locals even put signs in the woods stating 'Bigfoot Sanctuary.' That area is hot. I also heard a roar there once that was so loud and sounded like a mountain lion mixed with a human scream. It woke me up out of a dead sleep and scared the hell out of me." Zeke 

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

NOTE: I find this account very interesting because part of my maternal grandmother's family originated in Mitchell County, NC not far from the location. I have spent time on Roan Mountain and am very aware of the 'Wildman' stories that have been told by the locals for many years. Lon

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