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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Retired CIA Agent Claimed He Observed ROSWELL CRAFT & ALIEN BEINGS...ALIVE & DEAD

An anonymous man who allegedly worked for the CIA claims he saw both living aliens, retrieved parts, and remains of alien ships, as he feared his life was soon coming to an end.

A former CIA agent made a shocking claim about the infamous Area-51, allegedly catching a glimpse of an extraterrestrial spacecraft and a living alien. The film was produced by award-winning director Jeremy Corbell and titled 'The Anonymous Interview.' It discusses a controversial claim made by the agent.

The sightings came after the agent said his position as a member of the military and intelligence services gave him access. The 77-year-old man was speaking to UFO researcher Richard Dolan but, concerned about giving up his true identity, went by “The Anonymous.”

After the agent made his claim it was then shared at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club in Washington in 2013.

The agent is understood to have used a fake name throughout his career in the CIA, so the chances of his real name having been used in the account were never high. He worked for the CIA between 1957 and 1960, where he spent time in a military base in the southeast US where they analyzed physical evidence.*

In 2013, fearing he might soon pass away, 'The Anonymous' came forward for one more conversation, this time with Richard Dolan. He claimed that he was taken into Area 51 to look at items allegedly found and retrieved by the US government. He also claimed among them was a flying saucer that ‘crashed and landed in July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico’. He stated there were live aliens there and that he was taken to the S-4 facility Area-51.

In his statement, he says:

“It took us 13 or 15 miles south to S-4 and like different garage door openings okay and in these garage door openings they had like different saucer crafts.

“The very first one had Roswell craft and it was kind of crashed up but apparently, every alien that was in it died except for a couple. The Roswell craft was really strange because it looked like really heavy aluminum foil.

At S-4 we viewed the autopsy film and then the colonel said what we’ve got in here is we’re interviewing a grey alien. I thought we had no idea we were going to see the real thing all we saw was the film. It didn’t look human as far as the skin tone and basically the shape of it and the size how was its head size compared with a normal human."

NOTE: According to research done by author Richard Geldreich, 'Agent Kewper' was named (when he died) Oscar Wayne Wolff. He was born September 17, 1935, in Park Rapids, MN. He passed away on March 18, 2015, in Menahga, MN at the Green Pine Acres Nursing Home. Following the interview, he was allegedly warned by the CIA not to conduct any further interviews or disclosures. Lon

(*I believe, through my research, that the Roswell evidence and bodies were eventually taken to Eglin AFB in Florida where I feel it remains to this day. Lon)

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