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Thursday, December 01, 2022

GRAY-HAIRED BIGFOOT Encounter Near Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

The witness, who was living at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds when she was younger, describes her encounter and later sighting of a gray-haired Bigfoot near the base.

"In 1977 I was 11 years old and I lived on the US military base at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland we lived at the end of the post. There was about half a mile of woods behind our houses that emptied into the Chesapeake Bay tidal inlets. Behind my house was a lane then 30 feet of grass where our garage was.

It was the Fall and dark after dinner. I had to put my bike away in the garage. After I put my bike in I closed the doors and as I was closing the padlock I kind of felt like something had crept up behind me. I walked across the lane to our back sidewalk when I saw something moving behind an old wood pile on the wood's edge to the right of the garage about 40 feet or so away. Our back porch light was on but I couldn't see clearly, but it looked like a tall person was hunched over looking at me from the corner of the woodpile. It was about as tall as me, around five feet. I thought it was this eighth-grade boy from down the street who always teased everyone. He was pretty tall. This whole family was super tall and of Nordic descent. I yelled, "Hey Fungi!" (I won't explain that nickname). "I see you. Stop trying to scare me." The figure then withdrew into the woods without making a sound which I thought was weird. I then ran into the house and told my brother that someone was behind the wood pile and went in the woods.

The next morning we caught the bus at 6AM. We went to private Catholic schools that were about an hour away. The bus pulled out of our loop road onto the main road and had to stop as they were doing some kind of road work. Sitting on the right side of the bus and looking out the window I could see through an opening in the woods down into a tidal Inlet. The inlet sits about 50 feet or so below. The inlet is shaped like an arrowhead. I was viewing it from the tip of the arrowhead. This Inlet was probably as large as four or five football fields.

I saw a large upright creature walking down the center of the inlet with its back to me. It was walking along in the direction of the open bay. I had no doubt about what I was seeing. It looked dark brown, but there was gray-tipped hair all over.  I viewed the creature for probably 10 seconds. Then the bus again began to pull away. I went up to my brother in front and told him what I saw. I believe the wood pile event that night before was related. I saw Fungi the next day and he swore he wasn't out the previous evening. For those who think I may have seen someone in a Ghillie suit, that's not possible. Aberdeen Proving Grounds is just that, a proving ground for ballistics and munitions. Heaven only knows what else people aren't out hunting especially around officer's row or anywhere on that post over the years.'

I have heard a few stories of people's Bigfoot encounters in Maryland, specifically in Harford County which borders York County, Pennsylvania. I have absolutely no interest in searching for these creatures although I cannot help but see their signs. I'm a Christian. I've had a few supernatural events in my life since age three."

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

NOTE: There has been a multitude of Bigfoot sightings in Hartford County, MD north into York County, PA. Most of the sightings have been along the Chesapeake Bay and the Susquehanna River. I have talked to several former military personnel at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and the Edgewood Arsenal & Base who have had sightings and encounters. For those who would like more information, this link may be of interest - How Far Will They Go? Lon

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