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Saturday, December 10, 2022

'US AIR FORCE' Emblazoned on UFOs: President Carter's Disclosure Attempt?

The witness recalls observing a UFO hovering over a freeway in Santa Monica, CA while stuck in traffic. He, his mother, and others recognized 'US Air Force' emblazoned on the craft.

I recently received the following account:

"I had a sighting in broad daylight in 1980 at around 9AM in early December. My mom and hundreds of other motorists witnessed it as well. We were driving to visit my father at his work in Beverly Hills and were waiting to hop on the freeway in Santa Monica when we saw your classic silver disk. It hovered completely still at about 150 feet or so, for ten solid minutes. Remember, we were crawling, slow as molasses traffic.

We got a very good look at this thing. On the underside was stenciled 'US Air Force.' It looked very official, and we assumed it had to be one of ours. Then, after hovering for ten minutes, it shot off toward the southwest like a bullet. I've never seen anything move so fast in my life. It was shocking. But I have a theory as to what the craft was doing there and why we witnessed it.

I don't know how familiar you are with Jimmy Carter on the issue of UFOs, but he is on record as having had a sighting of his own in 1973. Carter was no flake. He had a degree in nuclear physics and is a former Naval officer, retired at the rank of Lieutenant, which in the Navy is like the Army equivalent of a Major. Rank promotions are much harder and time-consuming in the Navy. Anyhow, Carter tried like hell to get disclosure during his presidency but was stonewalled. He knew he was being stonewalled. When you think about that, it's unacceptable that the nation's most powerful elected leader cannot declassify something that the public, the world, has a right to know about.

But what I've come to believe is that Carter ordered a captured or back-engineered UFO, with official Air Force insignia, to fly over a populated area, where thousands were waiting in traffic to get on the freeway, so people would ask the questions he couldn't find answers to.

Here's another thing, and if you haven't heard this, it's mind-blowing. Back in 1982 when E.T. was all the rage, President Reagan invited Steven Spielberg to the White House to give him a showing of the film. After the film, Reagan addressed the audience, made up of Spielberg and Reagan's closest advisors, and he was crying. He said, "Steven, you don't know how true this is. But my advisors here in this room do." AO

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