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Tuesday, December 13, 2022


Forty-five years ago, a bizarre event occurred during a live television broadcast in the UK. The presentation was circumvented by a supposed alien intelligence named Vrillon.

On November 26, 1977, at around 5 PM local time, a regular news program on the Independent Broadcasting Authority on the Southern Television network, was interrupted by a computer-generated voice. While the news anchor Andrew Gardner was delivering the top news headlines, his voice became distorted, the TV picture wobbled, and people heard a strange, metallic buzzing. Then a deep somber, echoing voice, that seemed to have been electronically disguised, bellowed out from a person claiming to be an alien from another world. The voice called itself 'Vrillon' who represented a certain body known as “The Ashtar Galactic Command.” It delivered an enigmatic message, asking humans to give up warlike ways and embrace peace before it was too late.

Here is the original video & audio of the Vrillon intervention.

During the entire transmission, the video feed was tinged with just a slight distortion. The message ended during the programming of the Looney Tunes cartoon. Andrew Gardner remained silent during the incident and acted as if nothing had happened. However, the strange transmission was heard by thousands of people in the south of England who must have thought it was a joke.

The TV station apologized to its viewers for the inconvenience and publicly dismissed the whole matter as a hoax. Soon, all British media outlets published the news about this incident, and then it grabbed the attention of international media. The ITV company, whose broadcast was interrupted by this message, long and carefully searched for the culprit of the incident, a possible prankster or ingenious technician who managed to hack their equipment. Unfortunately, they failed to trace the culprit. They only managed to find out that the signal was sent to the Hannington transmitter antenna located on Connington Hill and broadcasting to Berkshire and North Hampshire. The signal source was quite small, located somewhere near the antenna.

This incident has been studied by various researchers of anomalous phenomena and ufologists. John Reppion, a collector of British bizarre tales and folklore, claimed that the person behind the mysterious message had thoroughly prepared for the interruption and specially chose the time of the late afternoon news for the broadcast so that the maximum number of people could hear it. Reppion went on to examine several subsequent cases in which pranksters tried to interfere with American TV broadcasts, and found that they were fundamentally different from the “message of Ashtar.” All American pranksters sent deliberately humorous messages on TV, while Vrillon’s voice was broadcast in all seriousness and never said anything that would indicate something funny. Vrillon’s voice was not exactly a human voice, but something strange, electronic, possibly extraterrestrial.

Many ufologists in recent years believe that Ashtar’s message was a real attempt by aliens to establish contact with Earthlings, trying to convince us not to start World War III. It is believed that in the late 1970s, the Cold War between the West and the USSR became especially tense, and many people believed that a nuclear war was about to begin. The message is still relevant today in 2022.

Do you believe that an otherworldly entity actually attempted to communicate a warning about nuclear destruction? Lon

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In this episode of 'V' host, Vincent Richardson welcomes humanoid & UFO researcher/author Albert S. Rosales to the show. We hope to see you in the chat. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Albert S. Rosales was born in Cuba where he experienced several strange events, some UFO-related. He migrated to Spain in 1966 and lived there for a year. He then migrated to the United States soon after. 

Albert joined the US Navy in 1976 after traveling to Europe. There he began collecting reports on UFOs/etc. In 1980 he went to work for his father until he became ill and passed away. Albert joined the Miami-Dade Police Department as a 911 dispatcher in 1984 and worked there for 35 years. While there, he heard it all, including UFO and humanoid reports!

In the early 1990’s he began to concentrate on summarizing only humanoid/entity encounters of all kinds. To date, he has summarized and collected over 24,000 reports, and the database is updated and corrected daily. 

Albert has written 16 books on entity and humanoid encounters chronologies, including a book about UFOs and humanoids over Florida. These can be obtained on both softcover and Kindle versions on Amazon.

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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, we welcome paranormal researcher, investigator, and author Steve Stockton. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Steve Stockton is a veteran outdoorsman and paranormal researcher, who puts together collections of terrifying, odd and strange encounters. He also references his own personal encounters with the unexplained. Steve studied English language at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and lives in Portland, Oregon. His books include 'Strange Things In The Woods: A Collection of Terrifying Tales' & 'My Strange World'. His most recent series is titled 'National Park Mysteries & Disappearances.'

From his early years, Steve has had what can be called strange and, often times, frightening experiences with the paranormal and unexplained. These encounters led him to search for the answers, only to discover the truth isn’t easy to find. His book 'My Strange World' is a collection of Steve’s encounters from his personal life, as well as his life as a renowned paranormal researcher. If you like scary stories and to take a trip down the road of the unexplained and bizarre, then buckle up and get ready to dive into the strange world of Steve Stockton.

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A Paranormal Life welcomes Tobias Wayland, who is a paranormal investigator/author at The Singular Fortean Society & Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Tobias Wayland is a passionate fortean who has been actively investigating the unusual for over a decade; the first several years of his investigative career were spent as a MUFON field investigator, and following that he investigated independently prior to becoming the head writer and editor for the Singular Fortean Society. Tobias is a frequent guest on various podcasts and radio shows, has contributed to several books and periodicals on the paranormal, and is often invited to speak at paranormal conferences and events. 

He was featured in the series premiere of Expedition X, and the Small Town Monsters documentaries Terror in the Skies and On the Trail of the Lake Michigan Mothman for his work investigating Mothman sightings around Lake Michigan. He and his wife Emily have been involved with the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation since its advent in the spring of 2017, and published a book chronicling the experience, The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest. His second book about unusual phenomena, Strange Tales of the Impossible, continues their work in investigating a variety of seemingly impossible events.

His years as an investigator have served him best by illustrating that when it comes to the anomalous, the preternatural, and the paranormal, any answers he's found are still hopelessly outnumbered by questions.

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Have you had a sighting of a winged humanoid or huge bat-like creature in the Chicago, Illinois metro area / Lake Michigan region? The entity has also been referred to as the 'Chicago Mothman', 'Chicago Owlman' & 'O'Hare Mothman.' - Chicago / Lake Michigan Winged Humanoid Regional Interactive Map - Please feel free to contact me at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com - your anonymity is guaranteed. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated.





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