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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Witness Recalls Possible Cryptid Canine Encounter & Other Unexplained Incidents

A young teen recalls seeing a possible cryptid canine one evening. They later witnesses a pair of yellow eyes in the direction of the garage. There was also a large piece of hair / hide found & rotting odor.

The following unusual account was recently found:

"I had this encounter when I was in my early teens, back in a time when I believed in werewolves. I wanted to believe I could 'become a werewolf.' I would even go as far as howling late at night. I'm saying all of this because I'm not sure if it's somehow related to my encounter but what I experienced I have no explanation for.

One night I was sitting outside on the porch. We lived out in the country, so I would star gaze. At first, it was the smell is what caught me off guard. It smelled like rotting flesh. Then I heard crunching leaves and saw a shadow on all fours walking towards me. I thought it was a deer at first but as I was looking at it I could determine that it was least 5-6 feet tall on all fours. All black and it had a white patch on its chest with white paws. It was sniffing the ground while walking towards me. I stared at it for what felt like minutes trying to figure out what it was, but it looked like a HUGE dog, bigger than it should be. I screamed and ran inside. After doing this I heard something scratching on the panel on the side of the house. I turned off all the lights and went to bed.

The next day I found a patch of hair about 4' x 4' near the area where I had seen this creature. It was strange and I tried to do research on what could shed like that, but couldn't find answers.

It didn't stop there. Not long after, I woke up one late night and had a sudden urge to go to the window. I moved the curtains and saw two bright yellow eyes staring at me from the garage. I felt depression, hopelessness, and dread. It felt like I was in a trance, where I lost all joy. I remember staring at this creature for a few moments before immediately turning around and going back to bed. I woke up the next morning not understanding why I did that and immediately ran out there with a flashlight. It was still dark. I tried to recreate the yellow eyes and figured it must have been a reflection, but I couldn't find a logical explanation.

Not long after that experience I found a shovel along with a six-foot hole dug under my garage. I went to my mother asking why the landlord was digging under the garage and she was clueless as to what I was talking about. I also found knives from our kitchen stabbed into the walls of this garage with no explanation.

We moved a year later, but I could smell the "rotten flesh" odor every morning before getting on the bus.

I'm 29 now and I've tried so hard to find answers for what I experienced, but I've got nothing. Does anybody have any insight as to what I experienced?" KR

NOTE: There was no location provided. The hair / hide patch is interesting, and suggests that someone was wearing a canine or wolf skin. What is with the hole dug under the garage. Really seems like somebody was trying to conceal something. Lon

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