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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Bizarre 'Bloody Man' Incident in Wayne County, Pennsylvania

A Wayne County, Pennsylvania man is leaving his friend's house in Ariel Lake and heads for home. On the way, he encountered an abandoned van and later a man covered in blood who tries to flag him down.

I recently came across the following bizarre incident account:

"Back around 2005, I was leaving a friend's house and headed home. He lived in Lake Ariel, in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. I was a good 15 miles away, so I decided to take the back roads to save time, and avoid cops.

As I crest this mountain road, I see a van off the side, doors open, lights on. It’s well after midnight, and no one is on the road. I slowed my car, a 1989 VW ragtop, down to first gear, looking for a person or persons that may be hurt. Not a soul is around and the woods are quiet. The van off the road is not running, but all lights are on, and the drivers door is open. I remember thinking that I didn’t have cell service until the top of the mountain. I need call the cops.

So I proceeded to go towards where I knew I had cell service. Maybe going 30 mph, tops. I knew this situation was bizarre, but then it got worse.

No more than 3 or so miles away the brush thinned on the roadside, so you had a better view of what’s in the woods. I see movement, so I let off the gas, thinking I don’t want to hit a deer. As I let off, this man, SOAKING in fresh blood, comes running from the tree line and into the road. He’s so covered in gore I couldn’t tell it was a man, at first.

He stumbled out in front of the car and waved me down. I was in my ragtop with the top down. He was yelling and grabbing at my door. I dropped into first and took off.

Another mile or so I had cell service and called the cops. Dude was obviously hurt, and him grabbing for my door scared me. There was a wide space on the mountain where I agreed to wait for the cops. They were there in under 10 minutes. While I waited, I put the top up, then locked the doors.

An officer took my statement and he looked over my car with a flashlight. The guy from the woods left a bloody smear down my door. Another officer found the van, but couldn’t locate the guy who came out of the woods.

The cops let me go home, and said they’d call if they needed anything further. Within a few days I did get a call, saying the van was located and they asked if I could describe the man. They never found him that night, and as far as I know, they never did.

Apparently the van was stolen, and the cops surmised this guy banged himself up and took off in a panic. As far as I know, they never did track him down.

To this day, I keep a lookout for a bloody man running out of the woods. This experience has stuck with me, and is 100% true." BB

NOTE: For some reason, I believe that there is more to this story. Was this guy, who was covered in blood, attacked at some point? The northeastern Pennsylvania / Poconos area is well-known for cryptid canine activity. Lon

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