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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

'Red-Eyed Winged Humanoids' (Trio) Observed Along Creek in Lincoln, California

A witness describes a trio of human-like adult-sized winged beings in an oak tree along a creek in Lincoln, California. The 3 winged humanoids flew off, flapping their wings in-sync with the others.

I recently received the following account:

"This sighting occurred in the late summer / early fall of 2015 in Placer County, California in the city of Lincoln. At the Auburn Ravine Creek directly behind McBean Park. 

I and two of the guys I worked with had been at the creek to test out their new RE boats. As the sun was setting one of the boats got stuck on opposite side of the creek, so I volunteer to try and retrieve it. I cross the fallen log and up the hill and begin walking to the area where the boat was stuck.

As I entered the oak tree canopy I caught glimpse of glowing red slanted diamond shaped eyes from the branches overhead. perched in a somewhat circle each one facing the others were were three large human-like creatures with black bat like wings and these fierce red eyes. Making no noise at all, I witnessed them open wings and fly out from under the canopy effortlessly in sync with one another. They had to of been at least the size of an adult man with wingspan of at least same size but seemed greater. 

I was too afraid to continue and ran back to the guys and asked them if they saw what I did. Neither had been paying attention to that side of creek. They said as they were playing with the remaining boat still. Of course, they laughed at me and tried to come up with a reasonable explanation to ease my mind but no bird exists that could do what I saw them do silent flight with such great size. 

I do not live far from there but have not been back since. I do think about it often and wonder if anyone else has witnessed them in the area? Or even any where in world sitting in group?" AG

NOTE: I have received another winged humanoid sighting in Placer County, California. Not sure if related. Lon

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