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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XIX - (Valiant Thor)


God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XIX

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

Dr. Frank E. Stranges opted for a theological approach in searching for answers to the flying saucer enigma.  Artwork source:  http://www.kepler-salon.at/en/Veranstaltungen/UFO-Religionen-und-Astronautengoetter-Neue-Religionsvorstellungen-im-Raumfahrtzeitalter.html.

Opting for the Revelation Modality

Of the three options given Dr. Frank E. Stranges in approaching the UFO phenomenon by the physicist and writer for Ray Palmer’s bevy of publications, i.e., the demonstration, revelation and comprehension modalities, it was the revelation modality that the esteemed Assembly of God reverend would ultimately turn to.  Writing in 1960, and looking back to the years prior to his meeting in the Pentagon with Valiant Thor, an emissary from Venus, Dr. Stranges emphatically declared that, “I have met men and women from all walks of life.  Many of these people are continually looking for truth, seeking for the very truths that will cause a better way of life to come up over the far horizon.  Nevertheless, if we can but place our trust in God, and lay hold on the blessings and provisions that are made for us through the Lord Jesus Christ, we might make the discovery that these great ‘revelations’ are within the grasp of every honest believer.”   In this, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was going back into his own background as an evangelist while trying to discover some theological explanation for the ever-multiplying presence of the flying saucers traversing our atmosphere.

As in the seeming “extraterrestrial” contact case of Elizabeth Klarer from South Africa, Dr. Frank had noted characteristics in the encounter that bordered on the supernatural, even the spiritual, so to speak.  With this aspect in mind, perhaps the whole matter of the flying saucers is one that should prompt theological reflection, much more so than a purely scientific approach.  Dr. Frank reasoned that above all else, he was a Christian; therefore, it was natural for him to interpret everything that took place in his world within the context of Christian theology.  And in such a context, the appearance of the elusive UFOs might be viewed more as a witness to his faith, rather than some purely anomalous and nondirected phenomenon.   

Yes, a well Bible-versed Christian could develop a theological response to almost any issue, to include UFOs.  The reverend learned that in order to engage his Christian theological views with the phenomenon, however, he would need to master the techniques of listening and questioning.  Listening is an activity that involves active waiting.  During the waiting period, the good listener allows for new information, will allow themselves to be surprised, yet, at the same time, remain open enough for further illumination emanating from the Holy Ghost.  As the process of questioning, this can be seen as a corrective to complacency.  One can subject the answers of yesterday that we had previously assimilated as open to new avenues of questioning.  In this manner, we can embrace new situations and gain new insights.  If the aim of listening is receptivity, then the aim of questioning must be honesty.  There is a saying among religious people that, “Theologians are like snowflakes.  No two are ever alike, no matter how much they agree.”

Preface to the Meeting with Valiant Thor

There have been many more reports of alleged encounters with Valiant Thor, the space commander from Venus and that cloudy planet’s ambassador to Earth, since Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ reported meeting with that exalted being in the Pentagon at the close of the decade of the 1950s.  The reverend, prior to relating his account of this historic meeting, noted that, “As you carefully study the questions and answers supplied me by this friend from outer space, you will find that, unlike many other ‘contact stories,’ Val does not minimize the fact that Jesus Christ is the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, and the Beginning and the End.” 

Recently, our attention has been directed to a young lady in France who purports to have met Valiant Thor, but acknowledges nothing of that Venusian’s testimony of Jesus Christ.  However, Dr. Frank explained that this testimony of Valiant Thor regarding Jesus Christ was the litmus test for believing in him (Val) and his profound mission of peace here on Earth.  Wrote Dr. Frank E. Stranges, “That is one great reason why I believe that Val has spoken the truth and nothing but the truth concerning his mission to this wayward planet.”

An Invitation

In the exceptionally cold month of December 1959, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was on a book tour for his now famous Flying Saucerama, in conjunction with conducting evangelical crusades in our nation’s capital and the surrounding suburban areas ringed around the District of Columbia in Maryland and Virginia.  At one of his crusades in the capital city itself, the reverend spoke of Adamski, Klarer, Menger and other of the more prominent contactees, and wishfully made it known that it was his fondest desire, and the focus of his prayers, to meet a being from another planet, whom he presumed would be an angel sent from the very throne of God.  It was at this revival meeting that just such an invitation was presented to Dr. Stranges by an individual who identified themself as a “born-again Christian with a sound mind and a good position at the Pentagon Building,” who offered to conduct the gospel minister into the esteemed presence of this extraterrestrial visitor, if he had the nerve to follow through with it.

Dr. Stranges had heard rumors while on tour in various states of the Union that such a being existed, an entity that looked pretty much like a typical male human being who was allegedly being entertained secretly by a few high officials.  Therefore, he accepted the invitation.  When he rendezvoused with his new contact a couple of days after their initial meeting, Dr. Stranges could hardly believe just how easy it was for him to follow his Christian friend, passing all of the security guards at the Pentagon and easily gaining admittance to a man hailing from another planet.  The evangelist, when pondering all the circumstances leading up to his interview with the extraterrestrial, and the meeting itself, noted that, “Since that time, I have pondered this event in my own mind, over and over again.  I thought how privileged I was to have had this interview.”

When the morning for the scheduled meeting arrived, his contact had made all of the necessary arrangements.  Of this, Dr. Stranges wrote that, “I was in a car on my way to meet and speak with a visitor from the other end of our telescope.  A man who gave me a feeling of perhaps being among those who, before me, have carried on similar conversations with men from outer space.  As the car drew closer, I began to formulate questions in my mind that I would place directly to him.  I was then ushered into the vast network of the world-famous Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C.  I cannot possibly express just how I felt when I followed the outlined plan for me to pass directly through the security guards.  The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a closed door.  My host instructed me to walk in and commence with my interview, then left me standing alone.”

Interview With an Extraterrestrial

In Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ own words, here is his account of the famous meeting with the Venusian Victor 1 spaceship commander and ambassador from Venus:

“Being a minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a student of the Bible for many years, coupled with the fact that I had been a special investigator, I felt as though my senses were functioning properly and that I knew exactly what I was about to do.  I have always been keenly aware of fakes and frauds, even in the ministry.  Of this, I was constantly on my guard.

“As I opened the door, to my left were three desks equipped with typewriters and other general office equipment.  At one desk, which was back-to-back with another desk, sat Army “brass” busily engaged in what appeared to be paper work.  The other man, a sergeant, was typing away.  None of these three men lifted so much as their eyes when I entered the room.  It was as though I did not exist, as far as they were concerned.

“I then saw one lone man standing with his back to me, looking out a window.  As I approached him, he turned slowly and looked at me.  It was as though he looked straight through me!  With a warm smile and outstretched hand, he slowly started toward me.  I felt strange all over.  He then raised his hand toward me in a gesture of friendliness.

His Appearance

“As I gripped his hand, I was somewhat surprised to feel the soft texture of his hand, like that of a baby.  However, his grip was that of a man, a firm grip that silently testified to strength and power.  His eyes were brown and his hair wavy brown.  His complexion was not out of the ordinary.  It appeared to be tan.  He was, to all appearances, like an Earth man, but he had no fingerprints. 

“Now, as a former special investigator, I have studied some concerning the proper value and classification of fingerprints in crime detection, as well as other reasons of identification.

His Voice

“The very first words that fell from his lips were, “Hello, Frank.”  His voice was very strong and mellow.  It was filled with character and purpose.  I then looked around the room again to see whether the other men would say or do anything.  They kept on about their business, as though I was not even there.  This is very difficult to understand; but there must be an answer somewhere.

His Clothing

“During our conversation, which lasted about one-half hour, I asked him many questions.  I took notice that he was wearing the same type of clothing as I.  When I asked if he possessed any clothing other than that which he was presently wearing, he stated that he had changed clothes in order to give the officials a chance to run exhaustive tests on his garment that glittered as he brought it toward the sunlight steaming through the window.  Just as a passing thought that flashed through my mind, it looked like liquid sunlight.

“I asked him of the material from which it was made.  He answered, ‘It is made of a material not of this Earth.’  I further questioned him as to the tests that the garment had undergone.  In sum, he stated the following:

1. They gave it the fire test.  Temperatures above that of the melting point of steel did not even warm the suit.

2. They gave it the acid test.  The acid rolled off it like water from the back of a duck.

3. They also tried to pierce it with a diamond-point drill.  As a result, the drill overheated and the diamond point snapped when it came in contact with the garment.

“The general appearance of the suit was all one piece, even down to the boots.  It contained no buttons, zippers or snaps.  I asked him how it held together.  He demonstrated by holding the front together, passing his hand as though to smooth it out, and I could not even locate the opening.  It was held together by an invisible force.

His Purpose in Coming

“He stated that he came in order to help humankind return to the Lord.  He spoke in positive terms, always with a smile on his face.  He said God was displeased with the fact that humankind is farther away from Him than ever before; but there is still a good chance for humankind to find salvation if the people look for it in the right place.  He also stated that he had been here for three years and is due to depart on 16 March 1960.  He was claiming that he would not use force to speak with men in authority in America, but would be happy to consult with them at their invitation.  He further stated that thus far only a few men in Washington knew of his existence in the Pentagon and few leaders have availed themselves of his help and advice during the past three years.

“The time of his departure was getting near at hand.  As yet he felt there was still so much to do.  But his purpose would not be fulfilled by force.  He said that Jesus Christ would not force men to be saved from their sin, even though He made a way for mankind to be redeemed through His shed blood when they crucified Him on the cross.

He Had No Fingerprints

“After I questioned him on having no fingerprints, he replied to me in this manner: ‘Fingerprints are a sign of fallen humankind.  Fingerprints mark an individual throughout their life.’  He also said, ‘Frank, you ought to know, being a former investigator, that the first thing the authorities look for at the scene of a crime is fingerprints.” 

From Dr. Raymond A. Keller’s travel journal comes this sketch of what Venusian Ambassador to Earth Valiant Thor looked like in December 2012 as sighted at a monastery along a lakeshore on the Tibetan Plateau in the People’s Republic of China.