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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Slithering 'Red-Eyed Entity' Still Confronts North Carolina Woman

A woman is still haunted by a dark red-eyed entity that slithered into her bedroom one morning when she was a child. Her parents refuse to discuss it, even though she still encounters it occasionally.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"One Saturday morning in 1990, when I was young in coastal North Carolina, my dad had gone grocery shopping. I snuck into the kitchen, found my favorite box of cereal, and brought it back to my room. I climbed back into bed where my momma was still sleeping. I was eating my cereal when I saw finger tips touch the bottom of my window, slide it up and opened.

As the window was sliding up I threw my cereal up and it rained down on top of me I tossed the box under the bed, and covered my head up. I got as close to my mom as I could.

After several minutes, I finally got the nerve to look out of the covers. I was in time to see it slither down my wall from below the window, like a shadow would slink. I watched it, scared but unable to move. It stretched out in my floor facing the bed and put one hand under its pitch black chin. The thing's whole body was shaped like a man, pitch black in color. But its eyes were red as crimson. I screamed and yelled out, 'Momma!'

My mom suddenly sat up, saw the thing and noticed that it was looking only at me. She pushed me down in the bed and covered me all up head to toe and told me do not move or make a sound or look out of the covers. She had to go right across the hall to get my dad and the Bible. I was so scared laying there, and took a small peek out from under the covers. The thing slid so fast up to where I was peeking out of the covers and smiled this scary spiked toothy grin at me.

Momma ran back into the room and grabbed me up as fast as she could. It slinked back and laid there again with its left hand under its chin and it's right arm stretched out to me palm up. It then spoke to me saying, "Leora, it's time to come home."

My Dad, who was a preacher, pushed my mom and me out of my room, slamming the door behind us. The next thing that I heard was my dad praying and repeating something from the Bible. Then I heard this unnatural blood curdling screeching scream. The door to my room was shaking and you could hear things hitting the walls and falling.

When my dad came out of my room he anointed me with blessed oils and I don't remember anything else from that day after that.

The next morning, I wake up to screens being nailed onto all the windows in the house and crosses on each side of each window. When I asked my mom if dad had gotten rid of 'it' out of my room, she told me to hush. She said, "We don't talk about that stuff. It never happened. You just had a bad dream." If it was a dream, why was the cereal still in the covers and the box under my bed? Why did they nail screens on the windows? Why did they put crosses up? What was that thing? How did it know my name?

He would never talk about it. Every time I have attempted to ask questions about that morning, all he says is that was a dream. Now leave it be. So I've stopped trying to talk to him and my mom about it. I'm 36 and this thing still scares the living daylights out of me. Why? Because I still occasionally see it." L

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