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Friday, December 24, 2021

Possible Bigfoot Warning Along the Meherrin River, Virginia

A group of friends is camping along the Meherrin River in Mecklenburg County, Virginia when one of the group encounters a huge unknown bipedal creature while gathering firewood. Was it a Bigfoot?

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I live near the Meherrin River in Mecklenburg County in southern Virginia. It is a tiny river, barely accessible, but full of wildlife, especially in the spring. In its first 60 miles, there is just 1 public access point and just a couple bridges. The fishing and scenery are great, but loading your boats in and out is a nightmare. If you can imagine getting yourself and a boatload of crap up a steep muddy embankment. Someone always takes an accidental swim.

It was in October 2014 when I decided to take my first overnight trip, and introduce a few friends to the river. We waited for one guy to get off work, so it was after dark by the time we finally hit the water. I knew there was a sandbar about 3 hours downstream that we could use for a campsite. It was the only place that would allow us easy access to the woods to get firewood. We navigated with a flashlight until we found the spot.

We sent one guy up the wooded hillside for firewood. It was about 200 yards up to the crest. I could see his cheap flashlight flickering on and off as he wandered up to the top. Then we heard a scream and saw his light coming back. He fell a few times but finally got back to us. I don't know how he ran so fast without wrapping himself around a tree, his flashlight had given out halfway down. All he said it was something big and bipedal. It had gotten up in front of him and it wasn't a deer or a bear. The being was at least 7 feet in height and had a massive upper body. The guy was really shook up and didn't sleep the entire night.

We then “armed up” and got what firewood we could that was closer to us, like up and down the bank instead of up the hill. After we got a good fire going, I realized that the tent was left back at the starting point. Three of us just dug our sleeping bags into the sand around the fire. We felt a little safer with a fire. The last guy insisted on standing watch. I didn't argue. I loaned him my old Commando Mark III, and a cube of .45 rounds.

After about 4 am, the last flashlight, the fire and all 4 of us were dead to the world.

We woke when the sun began to melt the frost from the sleeping bags. We had left our boats anchored at the lower end of the sandbar. The current would hold them in a small pool to our right, where the woods started and the sandbar ends. Just outside of our camp, we spotted a broken tree. It was about 6” in diameter at the base. About 6 feet up, it was twisted, or shredded, then folded over. The remaining 20 feet of the tree was jammed down the bank and into our boat. We waded out and freed the boat which was partially sunk.

Assuming we had received a warning from something, we left as quickly as we could. I'm the only one of us that still rides the rivers, but I haven't camped there since. I would if I could get someone else to go." K

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