Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rake in Cemetery Follows Witness Home / Pale White Humanoid Digging Under Bridge

2 bizarre witness accounts describing pale white humanoid encounters from Binghamton, NY and Corydon, Indiana

I recently came across these creepy accounts:

"We live in New York, specifically around the Binghamton area. We would go to the Evergreen Cemetery in Owego a lot. We would go to take pictures during the day because it was a beautiful. The highest peak of the cemetery looked out over the main downtown area and once night set it was an incredible sight.

Anyway, before this experience I have had previous encounters after dark with my fiancĂ© and his friends. But this was nothing like the others. After dark this cemetery’s entire ambiance changes in an instant. I am hyper aware of every corner of my vision, my hearing and I just feel incredibly uneasy. My adrenaline starts to rise. So this one night my younger sister wanted to go see what I was talking about. So I'm like sure, but we need to stay in the car.

We enter the cemetery, which is a hill that evens out past the old grounds keepers house, then around a tight right turn. This then turns into a straight hill with a open area of graves to the left and to the right. Then another branch of road to the right a little ways up. We take that turn which you can keep following or you can turn off to leave. I stop at the small “intersection” and we sit in silence, taking in what we can see. The feeling of being watched creeps in after a while.

My sister then starts to frantically pull my arm and as I look at her I notice her gaze is fixated near a grave stone. The best way I can describe what I saw is this. It looked like I was looking at the back of Gollum from 'The Lord of the Rings,' but bigger. It was long, emaciated looking and hairless. Then its head whipped around and locked eyes with my sister. She froze and stopped shaking my arm, so I all but slammed the car into drive and sped down the hill out of the cemetery. It all happened so fast that I wasn’t able to get a good look at this things face and I'm not sure I really wanted to at the time.

Months passed by and my sister starting experiencing strange things at her house. Waking up with unknown bruises, feeling watched every night and just fear of being alone in her room. So I stayed over one night with her and as we lay down for bed, she rolls towards the wall “If you feel like something is staring at you, don't turn around..” And let me tell you. She wasn’t wrong. I had a hard time falling asleep, which was weird for me because we both grew up in the house we were in, so this shouldn’t have been a problem. So I'm laying on my back, eyes closed, listening to the dog chew on his bone near the closet. Then I feel this tall presence at the foot of the bed. I trying not to move, thinking I'm just scaring myself because of what she said. But I was wrong.

My sister, who I assumed was asleep, slowly reaches over and holds my hand under the blanket and squeezes. The blanket rips of my feet and the feeling of cold hands on my ankles sends goosebumps throughout my body. I squeeze her hand back waiting for it to be over. Now I never fell asleep up to this point in the night. I had been wide awake just laying there. So this happened all while being awake. The feeling and presence vanished soon after and I curled up further on the bed and called for the dog.

The next morning I had bruises covering my ankles. Needless to say, I don't spend the night over there anymore. This was a crazy experience and I have seen this thing on other occasions while at Evergreen Cemetery and my sister eventually was able to get this thing out of her house. Its still pretty scary to think about, and sometimes I feel a bit weird when I visit her." GD


"It was in Corydon, Indiana and the summer of 2017. My wife (now ex) and I had heard stories of the legend of Lickford Bridge and decided to check it out for ourselves. Story goes that back in the day the man who used to own the land would take his workers to the bridge and slit their throats and then dump their bodies into the river below. In more modern times after the house was renovated along with the bridge, a father killed his young family and buried them under the porch before killing himself on the bridge. There’s apparently police records from the time and you can see where it appears the porch of the house has been dug up.

So it was around 1 am when we decided to go. It was a humid and rather hot summer night, and we were driving with the windows down in a black car. As we turned down Lickford Road to go to the bridge which was pretty far back in the boonies, it began to get colder. By the time we arrived at the bridge, it was cold enough to see your breath. After crossing the bridge we noticed what had to have been thousands of fireflies in the trees looking like Christmas lights. Even after going to the house, we never felt any sense of dread or fear, just a general spooky vibe from an abandoned building.

On the way back towards the bridge, as we were about to cross, we heard a noise off to our left down by the bank. I figured it sounded like a deer hoofing the ground or something along those lines. As we went closer to investigate it became more clear it was the sound of digging and the dirt was occasionally being thrown into the water. When I shined my flashlight down the bank we saw what appeared to be a person in a squatting position and rapidly throwing dirt over their shoulder while digging. Upon closer inspection the figure was pale white and seemingly emaciated. As my light traveled up it’s back and came closer to its head it stopped digging and it’s head shot up quickly as it briefly turned around to face us. All I remember seeing were sunken, black eyes. We made a break for the car. Now the black car was covered in dust from the dirt road leading to the bridge, and when I shined my light on my car I saw several hand prints with elongated fingers. We drove away and vowed to never come back." BO



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