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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Red Eyed 'Upright Wolf' Encountered in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

A military family is hounded by the presence of a terrifying red eyed upright canine in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Hopkinsville, Kentucky: “Nadine Smith and her husband and their son, Shane, moved into a trailer park, as they waited for housing on the base. Nadine's husband was in the military and they moved around a lot.

One day, Nadine and Shane were out playing in the yard when they found a dead dog. They quickly determined that it was the neighbor's dog. Sadly, the neighbors weren't around, and so they ended up burying the pooch in the woods, near the tree-line. The next day, they went out to check on the grave and the animal was gone.

Soon after, Nadine began seeing a creature out by the tree-line. It had blood red eyes and stood, she guessed, 8 feet tall. It appeared to be a bipedal animal of some sort. She began seeing it quite frequently. Her husband assumed that she was exaggerating but two or three weeks later, he saw it too. He saw the red eyes and also heard it grunting and groaning. He went outside with a shotgun to confront it but the creature was gone.

Nadine decided to ask some neighbors around the trailer park if they ever saw anything weird around the area. Her neighbors seemed uninterested in speaking to her about it and a few shunned her entirely. As she walked around the park one day, she spotted, inside one of the abandoned and locked trailers, red eyes staring back at her from the window. Whatever it was, was inside the trailer. Around this time, Shane began having recurring nightmares and would wake in a panic. He claimed that a creature was looking at him in the window at night. They would attempt to calm him down by telling him that it was just a nightmare and nothing more.

One night, they ran into the room during one of these night terror instances and both Nadine and her husband saw the red eyed creature in the window, looking in. Nadine described that it had black / brown fur, was standing upright and had red eyes. She noted that, to her, it looked like an “upright walking wolf.” She decided to do some research and found out about skin-walkers and came to believe that the creature might be one. While her husband was away at work, Nadine, too scared to stay alone, asked a friend to stay over.

One night, during this time, they heard guttural growls coming from outside as well as noises. Both women looked out the door and observed the upright walking black wolf with red eyes looking back at them. Nadine noted that it appeared angry and bolted in their direction. They went inside. Just then, their 14 x 8 foot trailer began to shake violently. As they were preparing to call the police, everything stopped. They opened the door and the creature was now gone.

Nadine and her husband decided that it was probably best just to move and they packed their things and drove off. They were such a haste to get away from the area, that they ended up leaving some of their furniture behind. Nadine's husband claims that even on the last day, while packing the car, he could see the red eyes watching him from the tree-line.”

Source: Paranormal Survivor: Season 4, Episode 5, 'Animal Nightmares' Air date: April 6, 2018



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