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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Large Black 'Fallen Angel' Encountered in North Georgia

The witness has an encounter in north Georgia with a large black winged being that he describes as a 'fallen angel'...a true demon

Bruce in Georgia called to tell of his winged creature sighting in 2018:

“Let me get to the point, I've seen one of these creatures actually while driving down Interstate 75 in Georgia. This was an incident that happened about two years ago. I was about a half hour south of Chattanooga driving back towards Atlanta.

It was about 1:00 o'clock in the morning and driving down the interstate. All of a sudden I look about a quarter mile down the road and I noticed that there was one of those green DOT signs. Suddenly it just went black. I thought, that's kinda strange. I didn't really understand what was happening there. It looked almost like a giant cloak had fallen on it - like the sign was invisible, almost like it absorbed all the light, only it was kind of a reflective. I think this was the creature actually it was just kinda hovering.

What happened was, it made a beeline straight down the side of the road and when it came to my car, it made about a 90 degree turn. It was low to the ground, the 90 degree turn, then it cut right in front of my vehicle. It was about 5 feet in front of my car when I was going about 70 miles an hour down the road and it was running real low and it cut across and I thought it was gonna hit me and when it went over in the median then it made another 90 degree turn and then it shot straight up in the air and it disappeared.

That was my story. When I looked at it, my first thought was that it might be some kind of pterodactyl or something like that but my wife was with me and I asked her and she said that it had little legs – that thing had little legs and if I had to guess, I'd say it was probably a 6 to 8 foot long length. It had little legs and the wingspan had to be huge because it originally covered up that DOT sign which, I mean, it's 15 to 20 foot wide and it completely blacked it out and it was something. And I never got a chance to see its face. I couldn’t see the eyes, nothing like that. All I could see when it cut in front of me was, it was too close and too high, I saw the underside, the underbelly of it. I saw the legs but I never got a good look at them but, basically, the skin was like, it was almost like it absorbed light. It was that dark.”

Source: I was the guest when the caller dialed into Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis – April 15, 2020

The witness contacted me after the show and forwarded a written version:

"The incident happened a couple years ago while traveling back to Atlanta. It occurred on I75, about 30 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN. It was 1:00 am, driving 70 mph when I noticed a DOT exit sign, maybe a 1/2 mile or so down the road, go completely black. (as if the a giant cloak was draped over it) This creature made a B-line down the berm and directly towards my car. It made a 90 degree right turn and cut right across my car. I thought it was going to hit me. It flew about 5' in front of me at the roof-line level. It cut across to the median and made another right turn going straight up vertically and then out of sight. My first thought was a pterodactyl, but the wife said that it had human legs. I was able to see the underside of this creature but never got a good look at its face. I know many Mothman sightings claim those beasts have burning red eyes, but if this creature had red eyes, I would have noticed something when it was hovering in front of the DOT sign. The skin was black...and appeared to absorb light. This creature had to be between 6' - 8' tall with a wingspan that had to be 15'-20' wide. I feel Ephesians 6:12 best describes this creature...I feel it was a fallen angel. A true demon, as described in the Bible is a disembodied spirit.

Georgia doesn't get talked about as much as other hot spots for paranormal/demonic/spiritual creatures, but I have had a few incidents on the interstates of Georgia. I saw a UFO while driving on I16 heading west coming into Macon, GA. It was a silver metallic ball just floating in the air. Made no noise. It floated into a cloud and just disappeared. Then literally in 60 seconds 3 fighter jets, I believe F16s, come into view and fly right through the very cloud where the UFO disappeared. They were obviously scrambled to intercept this UFO. Those 3 fighter jets criss-crossed the skies in a checkerboard pattern of contrails searching for this UFO. I believe this UFO was interdimensional, because it disappeared in a wink of an eye. And once again I was driving with my wife down the interstate.

There are many weird things happening in Georgia." BN



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