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Saturday, April 25, 2020

'Faceless' Beings: What Are They?

3 separate accounts describing 'faceless' people or humanoids. Are these actual corporeal entities or a manifestation?

"This is one of the two encounters I have had with paranormal entities in my life. About 4 or 5 times I saw something that I could not even come close to explaining. When I was walking with my mother going from place to place I would see people without faces. They looked totally normal otherwise with clothing just like you and me the only weird thing was the fact they had no face. Like fabric stretched over a softball would be the best description. I always dismissed them as my mind playing tricks on me but as I grew older and became aware of what exists in our world I realized that I had a encounter with a cryptid.

What was especially strange is no one around me even noticed these things existed. They were totally oblivious. It was like they weren’t even there. Another odd thing was I could always tell they were looking at me to. Even though they had no eyes to look at me in the first place. I was always extremely scared whenever I saw one a feeling of fear and dread always accompanied a sighting. But my mind filed it away as a figment of my imagination to avoid me becoming psychologically damaged I think. Does anyone have any idea what the hell those things were? I am at a loss here." AP


"My friend D and I were both insomniacs so we would spend a lot of time driving around at night listening to radio shows like Art Bell. We liked to go up into the forest roads around our town (Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada). One night we were up in the hills, probably 5 miles from the nearest house. We come around a blind corner and there is an old lady walking on the side of the road. She was wearing a long coat and a hood or shawl. We both muttered something like "what the...." D laughed and said, "Should we stop?" He slowed down the car, about to ask if she was OK, lost, needed a lift, etc. But as we got close, we noticed she had no face. It looked like she had a big grey hole were her face should be. No details of features. Just a grey void. We were basically speechless and just slowly rolled by her. I watched her in the rear view mirror as we turn a corner. We couldn't think of any explanation why someone would be out there at 2-3 am. We both saw the same lack of facial features." MX


"This happened recently around 2:00 pm. So, I'm on my way to pick up my kiddo from school but I get there a little early and didn't want to be the first person in the pick up line (social anxiety). I pass the school to kill some time and decide to check out this little park that I've always wanted to visit. It's a small historical park with a river and a 19th century gristmill. There's a paved walking trail and one bathroom, nothing fancy.

So, I pull into the parking lot and there are only two cars there; a new, white BMW sedan and an older gold Honda. I park in front of the Honda on the other side of the lot and our cars are facing the same direction. Anyways, I am a real paranoid Patty and glance into the cars and they are both empty. So I go about my way and check out the park. I walk along the path and there is a small waterfall and then after that you get to the gristmill. Really cool building.

So I kill enough time and head back to my car. I get about 15 feet from my car and smell an intense dead animal smell. I've had a hefty handful of paranormal experiences and instantly feel uneasy. I quickly get into my car and look into my rearview mirror to start reversing. In the rearview I see inside the Honda and I instantly freaked because in the backseat I see a faceless "woman" with long brown, disheveled hair. Faceless as in hollow and all black with no features. And her hair looked like it had mattes with twigs.

I'm spooked and keep my eyes on the figure as I head out. Then its head turned and its gaze followed me the whole ride out." HS

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