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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Crawling Humanoid Roams Near Home in Rural Quebec, Canada

A young rural Quebec resident describes a crawling humanoid that would roam the forest near his home

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"These incidents occurred during my teenage years, at 16 years old. I lived in a small town of 2000 people, mainly surrounded by boreal forest, in a region of Québec, Canada. This place was great, as we often saw deer and it was usually a quiet and safe place. To put this in a bit of context, my house was located at the side of a dead end and the only light source at night was from house. There was a single street light at the end of the road, but it only lit a part of the street and the forest behind it.

We were a dog family. I only had small dogs when I lived there. Everyday we needed to let them out, as all dogs do. But at night they were almost impossible to see because of the darkness. Our terrain was kind of big and the light sources were weak.

I was a gamer at that time and I was often up late. So I was the one who needed to take out the dog at 2 am, because it stayed with me while I was playing. One night I opened the door and waited for my dog to do his thing while trying to look at it. I only was able to saw the reflection on the light in its eyes when it looked at me. I started to look around, because there were sometime deer roaming in the woods under the street light or wild turkeys moving around, when a little dark spot catched my attention. It looked like a human head coming out of the bushes, but I wasn't able to see it because it was a bit in the dark. I didn't want my dog to run after whatever it was (it had a tendency to run away after wild animals), so I called it. It didn't listen to me but the thing in the bushes started to crawl towards the street slowly. It looked like a human, with thin limbs but a normal body and a slightly long neck. I started to freak out a bit and shook the treats cup so my dog would hurry. It came inside running and I shut the door as fast as I could. I turned off the lights in my house so I could have a view of what was outside. The strange being crawled fast, almost running like a dog with every limbs broken, as a improvised crawling movement. The being passed under the light, where I saw it had no fur, like a shaved animal. It was disgusting. I was afraid and standing in the dark. The being ran towards the light and continued on the street, where I wasn't able to see it because the houses in my neighborhood were delimited by trees. I locked the door and went to sleep with my dog. I talked to nobody about it.

A couple months later I went to bed kind of early one night (11:00 pm) and went to watch some videos on my phone. These were gaming videos and I had earphones on. A sound on the video was recurring and I thought it was annoying, like a distant weird scream. After a couple minutes the video finished and I went to see another, but during the loading the sound occurred again. I took off my earphones and waited for the sound. I heard it and immediately had tears in my eyes. It was coming from my window. My room was at the second floor, so I looked down in the forest if there was some movement. The only light near the forest entrance was the moonlight and an underwater light in our pool that emitted a small halo around it. I wasn't able to see anything, but the sound occurred again. It was like a mix between a distorted scream and a pig having his throat slit, or a strong pain whining from a dog. I looked down and saw something that passed so fast it was really hard to see it but I barely saw a human-sized being with thin limbs crawling like a spider. It wasn't running after anything, but the sound occured another time. It was the most horrible thing I ever heard. I closed my window quickly. I heard it again three other times, and it stopped after that.

I talked to my dad about the sound and he told me it was probably a deer being attacked by a wild animal. I was so scared of it I barely walked in the woods at night the following 3 years, before moving in a city to go at a university.

Even this day I have never heard of an animal or being like that. There were barely any reports of wolves, coyotes or bears in my area, and believe me I made a lot of discoveries exploring the forest in this town." AB



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