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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

'Gollum' Humanoid Kills Chickens at Rural Missouri Residence

A Missouri boy and his family deal with a 'Gollum-like' humanoid that continuously kills their chickens

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I grew up in rural Missouri. My family moved there in 1985 when I was young. About 15-20 minutes from the closest town, with the closest town being Wright City, MO about 15 minutes north. It really was in the middle of nowhere. You had a drive a mile or two down one gravel road, before you got to the gravel road I lived down that was about a mile and a half long that only my family and our neighbor lived on. There was about 3000-4000 acres north of us that no one lived on and about 1000 acres south of us that no one lived on. It was all owned by the same guy who only came out during deer season to hunt the property south of us and lived in a town about 20 miles west. The land north of us was mostly incredibly hilly forest with a few caves about a mile north of a house. The land south of us was about 50/50 woods to fields with an old 100+ year old abandoned cabin deep into the woods. The wagon road to it had grown up. The property owner had told us that no one had lived there since the 1800s.

I had a few sightings while growing up there. I had always told myself it was 'Momo, the Missouri Monster' (MO's version of Bigfoot). Wasn't until I saw a trail cam photo of what was said to be a forest ghoul several years later. This lead me to do a little more research.

First memorable sighting was when I was a teenager. Me, my brother, sister, and dad were playing a game I learned in Boy Scouts called 'Manhunt' that was basically a blend of hide and seek and tag. We'd set a boundary around a cedar thicket just north of the house. Me and my little brother were on a team against my dad and sister. Me and my brother would hide first, with my dad and sister eventually catching us. We then let my dad and sister hide and went to go find them. We ended up catching my sister, but couldn't find my dad so we started working together. The Cedars were thick and the sun was setting. We were probably in the last 10 minutes of daylight for the day. We want to catch our dad fast before we couldn't see anymore. We searched most of the area and didn't find him.

Eventually I spotted what looked like 2 feet about 20-30 feet in front of us. They were barefoot and pale, not thinking much of it, I told my brother I thought dad had taken his shoes off to be more stealthy. We spread out about 20 feet apart and tried to sneak up on him from opposite sides. Crouching the whole way so we could see under the cedar trees, because we couldn't see through the thicket. We got about 15 feet away before it realized we were coming up on it and it took off. We both took off running after it thinking it was my dad. We chased it to the edge of the thicket where there was a small open glade before the start of the large forest that spread back into the hills. We yelled that he was running out of bounds and as we got to the edge of the thicket we noticed what appeared to be a pale naked man jetting into the woods. This spooked the hell out of my brother and me, but we still wanted to believe it was just my dad playing with us. So we ran the opposite direction back south towards the house, only to see my dad sitting next to my sister by a pond easily 100 yards across the field from the thicket. We asked my dad how he got over there so fast and him and my sister told us he'd been sitting there with her for 20 minutes waiting for us to figure out he wasn't in the woods. My brother and I tried to explain what we saw to him, but he blew it off saying it was probably just a deer.

Meanwhile, we had chickens multiple times as I was growing up. Normally they'd be fine in the chicken coop for a few months, then something would start killing them. Tearing open the wire fencing to the caged yard, usually we'd find 1 or 2 chickens just tore up and laying in the yard. My mom and dad always said it was wild dogs, but the chickens never looked eaten, just slaughtered. He'd always repaired the fencing, yet it kept happening. Usually once it started most of our chickens would be dead and gone within a week or two. My mom would be upset since she's the one that wanted to have chickens and would normally give up on them until the next spring when she'd get a couple dozen more. Sometimes she'd skip a year, but I can think of at least 4-5 occasions of getting batches of chickens and them all dying. Eventually she gave up and took a few years off from trying to raise chickens.

During my senior year of high school, she decided to try having chickens again. It was good at first. Then a couple months later, they started getting killed again. This time though it was peeling off the wire roof of the caged yard. Cage was about 5-6 feet tall. My dad said it was dogs, but the opening would normally be a few feet off the ground. I remember questioning my dad at that point saying if it was dogs wouldn't they be trying to dig under the fence, not go in from the top? The slaughtering seemed to be worse than before with dead chickens being tossed all over the yard, yet just tore up, not eaten. My sister had gotten a pygmy goat the year before to raise for FFA. One day we found it dead and mutilated as well. It was in a stable yard on the side of our barn with a 6-7 foot fence around it, yet something had still gotten to it. Parents still claimed it was dogs.

Then one night my sister's boyfriend was having a bonfire party and I went over there with my sister, cause my parents wouldn't let her go to a party without me going with her to watch over her. My sister got really drunk, but I didn't drink much because I was too busy watching over her. I think I had maybe half a beer all night. We left late, maybe one or two o'clock in the morning. When I got home, I would park my truck in the yard next to the driveway usually facing the chicken coop. I pulled in and my sister just started screaming and pointing forward. I looked up and saw what at the time I could best describe as something that looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings on the roof on the chicken coop. It was staring right at us, crouched down just like Gollum normally was in the movies. It was a pale white, it had very very thin hair on top of its head, probably less than Gollum had in the movies. And it had 2 red eyes that glowed in the headlights. It appeared to be hissing at us. I locked the doors and quieted my sister down, then started honking the horn and flashing between my brights and regular headlights. Me and my sister were both freaking out. It jumped off the back of the chicken coop towards the direction of the woods north of the house and I lost sight of it. My parents had turned on the outside lights at that point and were looking out the door. I grabbed my sister and ran as fast as I could inside with her. When we tried to tell my parents what we saw, they refused to believe us. They told us we were just drunk and full of sh*t. I tried to tell them I wasn't drunk, but they wouldn't believe me. Sadly my sister was so drunk, she didn't even remember coming home the next day.

A few nights later, we were all gathered in the living room to watch a movie we had rented from the video store. As we were watching the previews, we heard the chickens screeching. My dad was still convinced it was dogs and had a loaded 30-30 rifle by the back door ready for when they showed up again. He ran and grabbed his rifle and a spotlight also near the door and ran out back. Few moments after he went outside we heard a gunshot followed by continuously firing until he emptied the whole clip. This was very unlike him, growing up he taught me and my brother that a good hunter only takes 1 shot at something. If you need 2 or more your not a good enough shot. He even made us get our first kill with single load muzzleloader black powder rifles before we could use a regular rifle with a magazine. Never in my entire life had I seen or heard my dad unload a full clip at something.

He charged back in and immediately told us kids to go lock all the doors and windows to the house. He was white as a ghost. Meanwhile he said he needed to talk to my mom. He took my mom into the back room and closed the door were they were at for 20 minutes. I already knew what it was. I was already scared before he even went outside. Me and my brother and sister waited in the living room until they got done talking. I asked him what he saw and he told me he didn't want to talk about it and not to bring it up again. The next day, him and my mom decided to slaughter all the chickens and that we wouldn't be getting more.

To this day my dad still won't talk about what he saw, and nowadays acts like it never happened and plays stupid.

I went off to college a couple months later, and I never saw it again after that." JN



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