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Monday, April 20, 2020

Chased and Stalked by 'Rake' Humanoids

2 frightening Rake encounter reports in Mississippi and Florida. One chased 3 young people and the other seems to be following the witness

I live in a very rural town in Mississippi where majority of everything is forests or farms. My home happens very deep in the woodland area, it’s almost like something out of a horror movie. The ole “creepy old house in the middle of the woods?” Yep, that’s my place.

Back when I first moved here, everything was normal. It was a quiet, peaceful house in the woods, the closest neighbors being 10 minutes or so down the road. Nothing out of the ordinary or weird. Until, one night.

I was driving home from work, it being nearly midnight so it was almost pitch black. I was tiredly driving, ready to finally get home to sleep. I had let out a hardy yawn, closing my eyes for a split second, but that was all it took for me to almost hit something. Not even 10 feet in front of me sat this hairless man-dog looking creature, the thing bloody and pale, hovering over the mutilated corpse of some animal. I hope it was an animal at the very least. The thing slowly looked up at me, staring me directly in the face with its beady, neon green eyes, the shining due to my head lights reflecting off them. It’s jaw looked almost unhinged, flaunting its many, many blood covered teeth.

I was frozen with fear. WTF was that thing? I honked my horn, trying to scare it off, but it doesn’t budge. It simply sat there. After what feels like a 30 minute staring contest, though it couldn’t of been more than 2 minutes, the thing scurried away, walking on all fours. I watched it disappear into the thick mass of trees that matched the rest of the forest. My eyes shifted back and forth from the forest to the carcass. I rubbed my hands over my eyes before continuing to drive. I still had a few minutes to my house so I didn’t worry about that thing appearing in my yard.

I haven’t seen it plainly in front of me since, (that was about 8 months ago) but I constantly feel as if I’m being watched or followed. I did my own research, apparently this thing is called the Rake? It’s taken a liking to me, which scares me sh*tless. I’m constantly seeing it from a distance out of the corner of my eyes, sometimes I see it for seconds at a time before it disappears into the woods again.

I know it watches me when I sleep. I had setup a camera, waiting for the unfortunate day where I wake up and see it. That’ll be the day when it finally strikes. BC


"This happened in 2018 while my boyfriend at the time, myself and a friend were walking round near the river in our town. We live in a small town in Florida right on the St.Johns River. So unless you're into fishing, there's not much to do. It was getting late, around 10 pm when we decided to go check out this abandoned furniture factory a few streets over. When we got there, we checked the doors in the front to see if they were unlocked by any chance (they were locked of course). We walked to the side of it where it had been partially demolished a few years ago. The lower part of the walls that had been there was still standing making a fence like barrier we'd have to climb over. I leaned over the wall to see if we'd be able to walk through there, but there was too much rubble and weeds in the way. We decided to leave and head back to our cars.

I was halfway to the sidewalk when from the weed-filled area came a deep growly 'Hey.' I stopped and looked behind me as I felt the color drained from my face. As I watched, I saw some of the weeds move. That's when I ran leaving behind my boyfriend and friend. We ran almost two blocks before we stopped and started walking through the neighborhoods back to the cars. The entire way back, we heard something climbing across roofs, had rocks flung at us from tops of trees, and a pale figure run quickly past us. The entire time this was happening I had a strong feeling of dread.

We got back to our cars safely, but stood there for a few minutes trying to calm down some before we drove. It was all calm for a minute before we heard the creature climb up on to the roof of a converted bank. It paced back and forth just out of the reach of the light, throwing things at us and into a tree a few times. It was so scary being followed like that through an area I use to feel so safe in.

I did some research when I got home and the growl, the paleness, and the speed at which it ran matches the description I found in Rake encounters. I think it only followed us and threw things because there was three of us there staying close together. Hopefully I won't encounter it again, at least not alone." AS



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