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Monday, April 13, 2020

Bizarre White Humanoid Observed in Potter County, Pennsylvania

The witness recalls a yearly summer trip to the mountains in Potter County, Pennsylvania when they saw a bizarre white humanoid walking around the trailer at night

I recently found the following account:

"I’m recounting something from when I was 14 years old. This was around 2013 or 2014. My family took a yearly summer trip up towards Ulysses, Pennsylvania in Potter County (north central PA) where there’s nothing but woods, mountain, and forests. My family owned lots of land there, a part of a mountain where there were trails, fields, ponds, lots of animals and the obvious dense shrubs. We stayed there for a week or more each year. We were all in a few different trailers spread out on this giant property, and showered under spring water whenever we needed to.

I actually remember the entire day vividly. A few extra family members joined us. I remember one of my cousin’s friends coming up and having a crush on me even though she was like 17. All the other kids and I played hide and seek in the field across from the main trailer where we ate and slept. It was a fun day. We saw some animals and got some scrapes and our legs hurt from running around so much. Ended up getting to be night pretty quickly and there was a fire pit directly by the pond, so we gathered around and threw trash into the fire from our food boxes, plastic, etc. I think a few people left in the middle to go smoke a joint. So it was me, another kid, and all of the adults. After an hour or so I ended up saying that I was going back to my trailer because I was tired. I shared a room with a cousin and I slept next to the window and he was on a cot on the floor. I kept the window cracked because it was very hot in the trailer and even that slight breeze made me feel a little bit better.

I do really wish I had never opened the window and actually went to bed. I was finally dozing off around 2:30 but I heard footsteps outside of the window. They were close. I assumed it was the other kids that went to smoke a joint getting back, so I ignored the footprints. But they were strange because I remember it was as if someone was sneaking around and was slowly putting one foot in front of the other. It sounded like that except loud steps, not sneaky at all, just slow and unnerving. Twenty seconds later, I heard them again. As if whoever it was had circled the trailer. They stopped again. I heard a weird scratching noise as if was coming from the far end of the trailer and twigs snapping farther up the hill outside the window. My heart was literally pounding from the sound of my cousin snoring and the third time this thing's footprints were outside the window and somehow seemingly like it was getting closer to the trailer each time. I expected this thing to come by the window again in its 20 second intervals and consistent movement since it’s already done it a few times.

I finally ended up peeping my head up from bed and pushed my eyes against the screen of the window. I remember looking in the direction it would come, I waited for it seemed like a whole minute but there were no more footprint sounds. Absolute dead silence. Even my cousin turned and stopped snoring. No wind. Nothing. I laid back down, my heart was still beating. Then I heard it again. The same slow, heavy two foot walk. This thing stopped right in front of my window. I moved as quietly as possible back up and pushed my head against the screen again. I saw this thing, it was all white, it had all facial features we have but it’s head was a strange cylinder shape, with a large bump on it head and no ears at all. It faced the way it would’ve gone if I had continued listening. This thing I can’t f*cking forget it. It never looked at me so I didn’t see it’s eyes. It just stood there facing that direction for a solid minute and I was watching it from behind the screen the whole time. This thing was frozen in place for a whole minute. No movement until I watched it bend its neck away from me and it started walking up the hill away from the trailer. The way it walked away was terrifying. The same bizarre walk, and its arms opened up and were so long they reached its knees.

That whole entire night ended with me falling asleep at 4:30 am with the window shut and sleeping next to my parents in another room. I went out the next day to check for footprints but there were none on that side of the trailer which made the experience even more terrifying for me.

My family asks me to go up there again, but it’s 6 years later and I’m never going there ever again. I just say that I’m busy with work and school." ET



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