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Friday, April 10, 2020

Tall Skinny Humanoid Seen Creeping Through Minnesota Forest

2 weird humanoid encounters, in particular the witness observes a tall being creeping through a Minnesota forest while camping with his family

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"So my first sighting story is actually from an old friend of mine who I haven't seen or spoken to in years, but I still remember this very vividly to this day. It must have been about 1996 and I had just turned 22. I was at a party with a few friends and the host of the party was a daughter of some wealthy family. She was a bit of a spoiled girl from what I can remember and her parents had this really amazing house which I remember having this pretty awesome chandelier at the entrance and one of the highest ceilings I've ever seen. Anyway, the house was in solitude and was the only house around for some distance. In order to get to it you had to drive a minute or two along this really long road that wasn't lit at all. The house was surrounded by a lot of forest but had a small lake near by.

Now the party had been going on for a good few hours and a buddy of mine was showing up pretty late because of working late or something? I have no idea why because it was years ago but I know he showed up fairly late. I remember being in the kitchen talking to someone and in he comes bursting into the room fully out of breathe and immediately comes to me and interrupts my conversation. He was extremely hysterical and I remember telling him to calm down and breathe. He then began to say that his dad dropped him off on the start of the where the longish road began as his dad was in a hurry. I remember thinking why the hell his dad would let him walk across a dark forest road to a secluded house at night on his own was sensible but hey who am I to judge someone else's family.

My friend was saying he was walking up the road about halfway, drinking his cans when he heard a sort of growl behind him. Thinking he was about to get attacked by a wolf or whatever he began to walk at a much faster pace and it wasn't until he turned around and about 10ft from him at a tree was this hunched over creature. I remember him constantly calling it this tall white thing. He said it had a huge head and gaping mouth. He let out a scream and then ran as quick as he could to the house. He made it to the house and busted in without looking back, which he then immediately found me. Now at the time and for years after I personally just thought he saw an animal and his imagination went wild. I think people for years would just go "Yeah dude, whatever" when he would bring it up, but he never let anyone get to his head and he was always defensive over what he saw.

Now to my story and why I now believe my friend. I was camping with my wife and daughter in Minnesota last year at the beginning of July. For summer, the campsite we were at was pretty quiet but there was few families near our tents. It's next to a river and is covered by thick forest. Now the opening of our tent faced north towards the river, it was a truly awesome view coming out of your tent. It was close to sunset but was still fairly lit enough to see across the river clearly. I remember specifically saying to my wife that I needed the lighter to start the stove to boil some water for dinner. Now I remember setting up the stove and as I looked up to get a glimpse of the river something caught my eye. There was this thing, walking through the forest on the other side of the river. It was incredibly tall and its limbs were so skinny. It didn't seem to look in my direction until someone from another family at our campsite shouted (not about the thing across the river just about something else). That shout made it look over in my direction and I still remember it's pale bulbous head looking straight at me across the river. It then hunched over on all fours and began to crawl away at an incredible speed into the opposite direction.

I didn't sleep AT ALL that night. I didn't tell my wife or daughter because I didn't want to terrify my daughter because I know it would freak her out. The next day we were supposed to stay another night but I didn't let that happen. My wife asked why and I let her know what I saw. She knew I wasn't lying. Trust me she would know if I was.

That creature still gives me the creeps to this day. It's actually giving me a few sleepless nights but finding out how many people have seen exactly what I've seen has helped me a bit." G



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